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October 27, 2017 5:05 pm

Canfor Pulp Workers Ratify Deal

Thursday, June 15, 2017 @ 1:17 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Mmbers of three unions covering  900 workers at  P.G. Pulp, Intercon and Northwood Pulp in Prince George, have voted in favour of a new  contract.

The vote, completed last night,  was 68% in favour of the 4 year deal.

Under the  agreements,  workers will get a 2%  wage increase in each of the four years,   a trdes adjustment in years one and three,   and  improvements to  health benefits.

“Negotiations are a long process” says PPWC Local 9 President  Chuck LeBlanc “Both sides  conducted respectful discussions and worked together to achieve an agreement that would  be ratified  by  the membership.”

This agreement will no be the  basis for negotiations at other  mills in the province.


Yea I hear the trades get an extra dollar increase in the first year, and another 50 cents in year 3 as well as 2 % each year. Production workers get 2% for each year.
Thought unions were supposed to represent everyone equally.

    Maybe the trades were underpaid to start with and are just catching up. Unless the rates are known it is just guessing.

      Or maybe because it’s different…. shift workers and trades are different.. can’t be exactly the same..

      Just nice to have it done…

    Production workers aren’t tradespeople.

      Tradespeople aren’t production workers!

Unless it is a maintenance run union.

Its nice to see that Canfor (51% Jimmy P owned)is taking care of their union employees! Unlike the manner in which they don’t take care of their retired staff who ran their mills for an entire lifetime… Yea Canfor

    Try being the guys from Mackenzie who retired under Pope and Talbots’s.. since pope went under they have slowly cut back what they pay out to the retirees… they have lost over %40 of what they planned to retire on plus losing medical.. and no recourse for them either..

Take notice all you CLACers out there. This is how it’s done in a real union. The membership gets to vote on their contracts.

Wow…you are all so misinformed and so full bull..I normally at not lost for words but reading these posts just blows me away at how people want to speak on stuff they have no idea about

    Well if your comment is about my post You are the misinformed one…

trades are getting the additional bump up to prevent them from going to the patch or mines. same deal was reached for us in last contract. trades are still in demand. my trade has a huge shortage of people.

Trades people are always paid more than production and they should be. They went back to school got a trade, did their apprenticeship and now they’re getting paid for it. Also, they don’t want to lose the tradespeople either because they are hard to find, especially good ones so naturally they’re going to be paid more. Production workers are easier to replace. Those of you who think they should all be paid the same are wrong. Go back to school, get a trade and you’ll be making more money too.

Not all trades are getting increases I hear hospital kitchen trades were down graded, wage loss.

My beef today is those foriegn drivers who think they can hog the left lane all the way to town then as a afterthought, turn their signls on just as they are turning.. No idea HOW they passed their road test

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