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October 27, 2017 5:01 pm

Swinging Time at Springwood

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 5:49 AM

Future Springwood students take to the swings at bar-b-q – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  It  may seem like an odd time of the year to be celebrating the start of a new school year,  but that’s exactly what was happening at Springwood Elementary last evening as parents, students and staff gathered at the  school in the north end of Prince George for a  community  bar-b-q  last evening.“Children are looking forward to June 30th perhaps teachers are looking forward to June 30th” says  School District 57  Superintendent Marilyn Marquis Forster “But even  as we bring to conclusion one academic year,  the planning has been place for a good long time  for the start up in September.  So I do think children like to leave school at the end of a year, knowing where they’re going,  who they’re going to be with, and what it’s  going to look like in the fall, and this is a chance for our Springwood  children to have that same experience.”

Renovations have been underway to make the former  elementary school ready to  welcome  students once again, as its doors have been closed  to all  for 7 years now.

“Generally speaking parents are excited”  says  Marquis-Forster  who notes  enrolment  for the reopening of Springwood is now  at 174,  up from the 160 initially expected.

All  staff members have now been hired,  the Principal, Kelly Johansen  was named  to that position  in mid May.  She moves  from  Heather Park  to  Springwood, and is looking forward to the move “My experience at Heather Park  was phenomenal, I am going to really miss that building, but at the same time,  I’m really excited  about this opportunity and  a unique one it is to open a school.”

While welcoming the  smaller classes,  some parents are  expressing concern  about their children having to  walk along  the busy North Kelly Road to get to class.  “There is no  sidewalk,  the crosswalk is not well marked  and  traffic  really  barrels down this road” said one parent to 250News.

There is work to be  done  on the transportation piece,  ensuring the school zone speed limits have been re-posted,  the cross walk paint  freshened up,  and the neighbourhood reminded  children  will be  heading back to the  school.

Superintendent  Marquis Forster says the School District is planning an open house for parents and students  in the last week of August.




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