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October 27, 2017 4:54 pm

B.C. Government Could Fall Today

Thursday, June 29, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Victoria, B.C. – Today could be Christy Clark’s final day as premier of British Columbia.

This as a confidence vote on the government’s throne speech is expected to be defeated in the legislature this afternoon.

What happens next will be up to Lt.-Gov Judith Guichon as it will be her decision to either allow a Green backed NDP alliance the chance to govern or to simply send British Columbians back to the polls.

The current party standings in the legislature are as follows: BC Liberals 43 MLAs, BC NDP 41 and BC Greens 3.


My guess is, is that the Lt Gov will give the NDP/Greens a chance to govern.

    Better make sure the paramedics are standing by.

The snowflakes new trend is to vote anyone one in who will spend money like drunken sailors. Money grows on trees, you just need to invest in money tree harvesters. Then everyone can have the life they are entitled to..

Horag doesn’t care about BC he is only interested in his own selfish want which it the POWER and since he has bought off the Green party…BC shall pay the price.

    sorry that should have been HORGAN

      Ho rag sounds more fitting.

    What price is there to pay? Just call anther election and we are on our way. Christy has had her fun give someone else a chance to play.

Let’s see. It only took Christy 6 years to get on with the Family’s first campaign slogan and that was evident in the throne speech where she had to borrow from the NDP’s campaign promises as there was no mention of her new found generosity in the Liberal election campaign.

Christy is building the site C dam just about no one wants and for which there is no market for the power all at the expense of rising hydro rates for the consumer.

We all remember the campaign promoting LNG, the heritage fund, and the elimination of the provincial sales tax. Everyone know how far that went.

Pretty soon CC will realize her smile and B.S. has run the course.

    Have been watching the throne speech and it is enough to make you throw up. Just amazing how many things the BC Liberals are going to do now. Nothing more than BS and lies.

    “Christy is building the site C dam just about no one wants” .. where are you from, the coast? In case you haven’t noticed, the majority in the north is for the dam, just because the yuppies on the coast have no clue as to what goes on up here doesn’t make their assumptions correct.

      well its us at the coast that will end up paying for a red herring.

    Good one.

All we can say to the Liberals and their supporters is *Sayonara*

    I wouldn’t be so sure, Horgan may well have sealed his own fate as well.

      98% of the people will vote for Green the next time….. except they do not have the money to run greens everywhere. Pitty … ;-=)

We’re going back election. The NDP/Greens simply do not have enough seats to create a stable government.

    They are entitled to give it their best shot. If it falls apart then we have the election later rather than sooner.

      “Entitled” pretty much sums up the NDP and their core supporters.

While we all pretty much expect the Government to fall, wouldn’t you all just crap your pants if one of the Green’s or even an NDP member crossed the floor for the non-confidence vote!

What if it was Weaver, haha!

Stranger things have happened! ;-)

Call an election, let’s just git ‘er dun!

Lots of possible outcomes here and I don’t think it will be all said and done by the end of the day. In the long run it will boil down to party with the biggest war chest that can fight it out the longest.

NO ONE….. voted for a Green/NDP Government. As much as the dollars that would be spent on a new election would be disgusting
, I say another vote is needed.

    I say they should test the system by forming a real coalition and do it BEFORE the election, then see how the vote goes. That is the way it is generally done in many other countries in the world that have multiple parties.

    Angelika Merkel of Germany, for instance, heads a coalition of three right of centre parties.

    On top of that, the German parliament is made up of half local riding representatives and half party representatives mad up of proportionate votes from the population at large. Voters have one vote for each.

    New Zealand works the same way. It is the system that is the least complicated and provides the voter with two votes that are not changed by some other ridiculous rules which end up manipulating the voter’s intentions.

There is not 1 party that gives a Sh&* about the people in this province…and all you hear right now is this party and that party are going to do this that and the other thing ( as the stomach turns)….maybe try listening to the people of the province instead of parties acting on their own interests. God help us if any of the so called qualified idiots get to be our BC Government.

There is sure a lot of sour grapes on here.
anyone got a crying towel.

    Sour grapes make the the best dry whines.

    doneright, many of you now offering crying towels were rather gleeful when Trudeau won, when Notley won and when Wynne won!

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but things are not good in Ontario with Wynne’s Liberal Government!

    Things are not good in Alberta with Notley’s NDP Government!

    Things are definitely not good in Canada and are going to get a lot worse with Trueau in Ottawa!

    Now things in BC are poised to go down that same garden path!

    A word of advice doneright, don’t give away all of your crying towels! I suspect that you might need one yourself in good order!

I was watching about 10 minutes of the Legislature…

What a pathetic sight!!!

NDP/Greens all reading from prepared speeches about poor this and poor that, then adding that the BCLibs are forcing an election, and that they should all work together.

The BCLibs respond with they have a chance to work together, but are preventing that, then facts responding to the questions, all without reading from prepared statements.

Unbelievable!! They have the chance to work together. Get the important bills to support the poor, the sick, the mentally and physically challenged out of the way, even adjust them in debate. Then after those are out of the way, deal with the others where they really cannot agree.

To say that the BCLibs are the ones forcing the debate is totally ridiculous.

The house is none other than a theatre of the absurd. I do not know why the taxpayers of this province have to pay for this theatre that hardly anyone watches anyway.

Sesame Street is a more intellectual program than that.

Finally, some Girls in here ….. welcome!!!! Pull up a chair and stay a while. :-)

Carefull gopg! Have you ever heard the term “Black cars look better in the dark”?

All I can say is take heed! LOL

As for the Legislature, Horgan keeps blabbing and whining about the fact that fully 57% of the voters did not vote for the Liberals.
Well here’s a news flash! A slightly larger majority did not vote for the NDP either. And NOBODY voted for a slippery dick, backroom, Frankenstein coalition between Beavis and Butthead.
If the NDP and the Greens had told the electorate prior to the election that they intended to form a coalition, if together they could muster a majority then they could call themselves legitimate. Doing it after the fact simply proves both Beavis and Butthead to be nothing but power hungry carpetbaggers out for their own benefit and not the good of the Province.

call an election right away. these two jerks are just like the clown down south
tweety pie twump.

    And what do you think of the jerks that have run this province for the last 16 years?

    A tweety with a siling face ia all we ever got.

should be “smiling”

    Are you going to vote Mike deJong the spineless in the next election now that he’s all about the people and bridge crossing for freeish . I think , if an election is called it should be best out of three , elections that is . If you thought you couldn’t stand another ” christy is great commercial ” just wait . And let’s have it in the summer when we’ve all got nothing better to do . Sarc off , over .

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