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October 27, 2017 4:54 pm

de Jong Delivers Final Fiscal Update

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 @ 11:34 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Finance Minister Mike de Jong  has delivered, what may well be his  last fiscal update  as the  Clark government is expected to fall  tomorrow following a  confidence  vote.

de Jong says   the anticipated surplus for the  year 2016/17  fiscal  year is expected to be about  $2.8 billion dollars.

Revenue grew from 48 billion to 51 and a half billion dollars. But spending grew during that a fiscal year as well,  with housing initiatives,  extra costs for wildfire suppression, and infrastructure spending.

He says  the additional revenue  came from  gdp growth  which  he says “dramatically out stripped  forecasts”   as the Province has projected 2.4% growth, but the actual growth was  closer to 3.7%,  the highest rate of growth  among all provinces.

The  prediction for 2017/18 is again for a  good year.  It means,  the  NDP/Green coalition will inherit  a healthy fiscal   position with a  triple A rating,   strong GDP   and  more revenue than  initially  expected  over the next three years “That will translate into upwards of two billion dollars in revenue  just on the taxation front” says  de Jong . He says that is why  the  government was able to make the  investments it announced in the Throne Speech.

He   issues a caution,  “If you start to dismantle the foundation on which this powerful economy has been built,  those numbers  will change in a hurry and the fiscal where with all  to  do the  good things on the social side  of the agenda will disappear. ”   He says  his job  as a member of the Opposition will be to  “focus and  critique and analyze whether or not they are putting that foundation at risk.”

deJong  took some time during his fiscal update to react to some of the narrative  being presented by the NDP/Green coalition,  “What I think is curious,  at a time when the language from the other parties is about collaboration and working together,   I said,  look,  here are two things that apparently  all of us agree upon ( electoral reform and  giving the Greens official party status) that I think we can do in a day and it will  not delay the vote that takes place on Thursday.  No games, no delays,  let’s  all hold hands and do what you keep telling people you want to  do,  which is work together,  and pass two  measures that everyone says they agree with.  They couldn’t do it,  they wouldn’t do it.”

He says the fiscal  position which will be  inherited by  a new government “represents a bar  against which a new government will be  measured.”





Not sure what the Liberals want here. Support from the Greens. Tail wagging the dog for the next 4 years? I’d rather let the Greens and NDP fill their boots so that the 59% of voters who think a union/environmental coalition can create an environment where business will grow and provide jobs can test their policies. I truly hope they can do it because even though I wouldn’t be happy with the captain at the helm I’m stuck on this ship so their success is my success. And if they NDP repeat history, well, at least if the Green wake up and smell the roses they can be chucked overboard.

laying the ground work for the next provincial election. I believe the Liberals will be doing everything they can for another election because the Liberals can afford it, where the Greens can not and most likely the NDP are cash strapped. Elections cost the tax payers allot of money, but hey also cost the candidates a bunch as well.

    She’s as disliked and or distrusted as Teresa May . this unaudited budget release so close to the non-confidence vote leaves one with only one conclusion . #sayanythingchristy

      She’s disliked by some. I voted for my MLA, hard working and got things done.She may very well be at the helm again in four years or less. Liberals have given us a good place to work, live and retire, unlike the last fools that were in power in this province.

      No griz , she’s disliked and or distrusted by 60 % of us in the majority . If you voted lib , you are in the minority . That’s quiet a bit more than “some ” . Let’s hope the rest of you LIbs don’t get that either .

      Ataloss, according to Elections BC’s “Interim Statement of Votes”, the BC Liberal Party received the highest percentage of valid votes cast, at 40.36% of valid votes cast! So, 59.64% of the valid votes were not for the BC Libs.

      The BC NDP, who claim that they won, only received 40.28% of valid votes cast. That’s slightly less than the BC Libs, but less is less! And using that number, even more of valid votes cast, 59.72% were against the NDP!

      And the BC Greens? Well, they only managed to garner 16.84% of valid votes cast, so using that number, 83.16% of the valid votes were against the BC Greens!

      Using your point of view, Horgan is disliked or distrusted by more people than Clark is, and Weaver is dislike or distrusted by a whopping 83.16% of eligible voters! Ouch!!

      But you knew all of that already, right?


2.8 billion, well not only unaudited they don’t underline were the money came from but more so the 3.6 billion they promised for hospitals , schools and infrastructure before the election was called. Me thinks its a little setup full of BS. Or explains why all the user fees went up. Not buying this crap from any party.

Mr. post-it-notes and delete ASAP… can say what he wants to about what’s left in the provincial kitty it’s all moot until the Auditor General gets to have a look …
This Just in… BC. Libs prepare to go forward with PRIVATIZATION of the wild life management branch of Govt. what does this mean for
BC ers Mr. Morrison?

    Dogs, can you please tell me where you got this info? And, was it Wildfire Management Branch or Fish and Wildlife Branch?

      For info try Google. Looks like fish and wildlife to me.

    Yes, don’t post bullshit without the proof to back it up.

    The greens want to introduce legislation so people can hike, camp and hunt on undeveloped private property, this agreement with the NDP may allow it to become law

      You just made that up .

      Ya, let’s just throw the trespass laws out the window. That will last only until someone gets shot being on property that is posted. Again more BS without the proof.

      It is called Right to Roam act, look it up

Wow, these people have no shame. Absolute psychopaths drunk with power and our money.

“represents a bar against which a new government will be measured.”

What bar would that be, the one lying on the ground? The one that sets a road map for decimating a province’s social infrastructure, selling off its public assets, using crown corporations to “balance” the books and funnel public money to private interests? All the while doubling the provincial debt?

If there were any justice, you’d all die in hospital hallways waiting for care after having strokes.

    Bit harsh , maybe , but I’d just like to know where the heck the electionsBC /RCMP donor fraud investigation is . Who’s paying who ? And for what ? It’s kind of important for the sake of OUR democracy , such as it is .

“If there were any justice, you’d all die in hospital hallways waiting for care after having strokes.”
What a stunning Comment!.

Thanks for the lies de Jong.. I wouldn’t let you be in charge of a two hole outhouse.

    If he was looking after a two hole outhouse it would most likely be a two story . The libs are used to treating people this way. I think you will get the picture.

      I will take the top floor please and thanks…too funny old fart

    I agree with P Val on this one.

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