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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

PGSAR Locates Overdue Hikers

Monday, July 3, 2017 @ 1:46 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Call it a case of missed communication.

Two hikers who had headed off to explore Evanoff Provincial Park, became the subject of a search by Prince George Search and Rescue  overnight.

The person who  reported the pair missing had been advised the two were supposed to  return  last night.  When they failed to show up,   the  call was made.

PG Search and Rescue  got the call around  3 this morning,  and  located the pair  safe and sound about  4 hours later.

A search Manager  with PGSAR,  Dale Bull,  says  the temperature dip overnight made  locating the two  as soon as possible  a priority  “We didn’t  know  if they were equipped  and prepared  to  handle  an  overnight,  but as it turns out they were  fully prepared, and had planned on spending another night  outdoors.”

While located,  the two  did not return with Search and Rescue,  instead, opting to stick with their original plan to camp out one more night.

Bull says  while this  story  has a very happy ending,   it  is  an example of  what  hikers  should be doing to ensure their  trip plan  is known  by all:

  • make sure someone knows  where you plan to be and details of  your trip, including  your  return time and date
  • ensure that contact person knows  what  equipment you have  with  you and if you  are planning to  stay overnight
  • make sure the  contact person  understands  what to do  should  you miss your  return date and time.


•make sure someone knows where you plan to be and details of your trip, including your return time and date
•ensure that contact person knows what equipment you have with you and if you are planning to stay overnight
•make sure the contact person understands what to do should you miss your return date and time.

Fortunately these two people were well prepared. All the above is very sound advice too bad too many people over estimate their abilities in the bushes and trails and are not well prepared or smart enough to be prepared

Duhh Dearth. Thanks for adding absolutely nothing. At least your not adding yet another one of your fictitious storys

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