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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

Poll Results

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – As we wait for word on when Premier designate John Horgan  will be sworn in,  250 News  wanted to know if you  agreed with the  decision  by Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon to ask Horgan to form government.

According to our unscientific poll,  the  results are   two to one  in disagreeing with her decision.

Of the 1437 votes cast, 68% (976) said  the Lt. Governor should have called an election.  The balance, 32% (461 votes) agreed with her decision, saying it’s time for a change.

Early  predictions are that Premier designate John Horgan  will recall the Legislature  in early September.  It is likely  he and cabinet will be sworn in  this week or  next.



Not surprising, considering how many Cons up here have no idea how parliamentary democracy works.

What that says is that a large portion of people in the North have little or No Confidence in the NDP/Green party to govern or deal with issues pertaining to the north

I would be interested to know if a similar poll was conducted in the lower mainland and what the results were

I think what the pole says is the north wants a majority government of one party..

I also think we will be back to the polls by the end of the year.

The longer those two clowns stay out, the longer we can keep out AAA credit rating.

Time to split the province.

Love all these posts! The North has always sucked the hind tit! Always catering to the south for their pissant needs, tax base, etc., unless of course when they need our industries. Something like BC to the Eastern Provinces or western Canada to the eastern part! Makes me irate that we are always the little brother. And then ya got Nimblenut Hoagie and Co., he will not be good for us up here. As the poll shows we the North want ONE party, preferably not Hoagie! LOL

Wonder what the super hurry was for Horgy to get his confidence vote? Couldn’t wait 3 days and now it won’t be until September before the house convenes again. You think he would have been working on his cabinet and have all the other steps he needed for his throne speech right after the swear in… When is his trip to the US to spank Trump?

    Hopefully Horgan is dying his hair with the Kraft Dinner cheese powder.
    At least then he would have one thing in common with tRump.

Good article at the tyee this morning . Poor righties , you have only reached the first stage of grief . Just wait till the Christie appointment purge begins . Brad Bennet should be the first to go . Where the heck is the RCMP investigation into Christie’s donor fraud ? So many questions , so few answers . The Nocred party is still raking in millions for their next farce of lies , deceit and assault on our democracy . They’ll be able to afford more than just one troll truck next time .

    You read the Tyee, the TYEE??

    Well, that certainly explains a lot!

      What is the TYEE?

    Good news ! Dogwoodbc.ca is launching a corruption inquiry champaign . It’s hard to believe it has been normalized by the MSM and given a seemingly blind eye by the RCMP .

All those who supported the Liberals/Socreds/Conservatives// over the past years, had better get ready for the NDP/Greens to be in power for a long time.

Its the Liberal coalition that will implode, not the NDP/Green coalition. Once the actual numbers come out showing the debt of this Province, Hydro, etc; etc;, and how poorly the Liberals have ran the Province over the years the Liberals will begin to lose more support, and will want a leadership review. Plus some will just outright retire, and the NDP will have a majority.

Not many high flying Liberals will want to sit in opposition for four years. There is no glory in being an also ran, and ex big wheel.

So get used to Horgan, he is much smarter than his predecessors, and knows how to survive.

    Liberals/Socreds/Conservatives//frankenparty . I hope they know the good old paradigm . The first one to cross the floor gets all the acalades and perks . Come on you northern righties , do it for your ridings , you’re on the Clarktanic !

I agree with Seamutt. A line just this side would be nice. I am tired of a bunch of lower mainlanders and islanders deciding the fate of the north. Seems we are only here to raise money to keep them working and driving across expensive bridges. Maybe Fort St. James should be the capital again.

    This side of Hope!

      Geeezus ! Jack son ! There was a woman here today inviting me to a conference for three days in PG at The CN centre ( I think ) and the topic is Don’t give up on Hope . Ain’t irony strange . Ever go to the Flying J there ? Great coffee . Friendly people , clean , just like in PG only way bigger and more stuff .

    I agree about northern independence from BC. It’s two completely different cultures between the Lower mainland and the Northern Interior. Can’t even recognize the Vancouver of twenty years ago anymore. English is a minority on the streets there and most have never even heard of PGA let alone care about our issues… soon they will control all of our politics with PR and the tribal politics that system enables, compounded by our northern mla seats being divided up among the new minority party interests voted on by a majority in one corner of the province.

    I would think the best solution is three provinces with Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, and interior BC. But if not than BC north of 100 mile and Barrie would make the most sense to me.

People in the North should laugh at the gall of PGers to call ourselves the “North” when we are in the middle of the Province. We have about as much in common with the real Norths issues as Vancouver has to us.

Hugely flawed decision to not call an election and allow an after election unofficial coalition of minority parties to govern the province.

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