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October 27, 2017 4:49 pm

Pride Week Officially Underway

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @ 12:31 PM

Mayor Lyn Hall and members of Council  joined by  members of  Pride  P.G.  for the unfurling of the flag-

Prince George, B.C.  –  Pride week in Prince George is underway,   as the Rainbow flag has been  raised at Prince George City Hall.

The  LGBTQ  community in Prince George has seen  some major advances  in achieving respect and recognition in  this City.

There was a time  when former a former Mayor (Colin Kinsley) refused to sign a Pride  Week Proclamation,   and now,  the City has a  Pride  rainbow crosswalk,   and  Councillors  routinely take part in the annual  Pride Parade.

July 3rd through 9th  has been  officially proclaimed as Pride week in Prince George “Today, like we do every year,  we have an opportunity to  recognize diversification in our community” said Mayor Lyn Hall “I think Pride week really shows how diversified our community has become and every year that grows stronger and stronger.”

Pride week will see a pub night this evening at the Westwood,  there will be a drag show at the Generator on Friday night,   the Pride Parade on Saturday morning at 11,  ( leaving from the City Hall Grounds),  and a House party  on Saturday night.

“We are thrilled with how much the community rallies behind us” said Pride President Stacey Hewlett “We look  forward to our Pride weekend  and hope everyone comes out.”




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