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October 27, 2017 4:49 pm

Shaw Cable and Internet Down

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @ 6:57 PM

Prince George, B.C.  – If you are a Shaw cable subscriber, or  you rely on Shaw for  your internet service,  you  are off  line .

Tens of thousands of Shaw customers  are  without internet connections this evening as the system is down from Kamloops to Prince George.

No reason has been given for the outage,  and there is no word on when service may be restored.

Shaw’s  only comments on  its service outage  web page are that crews  had started working on the problem  around 6:35 this evening,  although the service has been offline  since will before 5 p.m.

The message fro Shaw is as follows:

“Some customers in the interior of BC between Kamloops and Prince George may be experiencing an interruption to Internet, Television and Home Phone services.  We are working to restore service as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”



6:35 PM PT: Technical teams will arrive on site shortly to being their investigation. We appreciate your patience.

5:45 PM PT: Technical crews are dispatched to investigate this matter



Typical shaw outage. They keep jacking up prices and seecis keeps going downhill.

    Typical? Lots of car accidents take Shaw out ? I find Shaw very reliable. But one hiccup and the are the worst company ever.. lll

    Been on shaw for years, and honestly can’t remember any downtime longer than 5 minutes before now. Their speed compared to prices blows telus out of the water.

Techs have confirmed fibre damage to be the cause of service interruptions in this area. There are currently some delays due to fire in the region. For safety, techs are waiting for the smoke to clear before proceeding with repairs.

Ya, let’s blame Shaw for the fire…

    Same bs as last time when shaw blamed a fire for thier outage. About as honest as cnn

      So switch to Telus, or to some other provider! Or, stay with Shaw and experience the occasional interruptions, the same as with Telus and other providers!

    It’s called foot in mouth disease lot of posters here frequently get it no known cure….

      Good One, LOL!

I called Shaw last evening, reached Shaw Nanaimo and was told that a vehicle accident on #97 close to Prince George had taken out their fibre network cables. It is not the first time, as I remember. Apparently some people often end up in the ditches for some reason and damage various infrastructure. Blaming that on Shaw makes no sense.

    I thought the fibre optic network was safely buried? I guess not, learn something every day.

    “I called Shaw last evening, reached Shaw Nanaimo…”. If you had called Telus someone in India would have told you that an inept contractor will be by in 3 or 4 days to look at it.

Shaw as a company is near the bottom of the barrel, not sure why people support a company with their morals.

If you live in the country, you need to be with Explorenet and Rogers for good service, as there is no cable service here. We have lived 1/2 hr from town for 22 years and tell was our provider. their charges for hardly any megabytes of internet service went through the roof ($200-$300 mo) and Telus satellite for TV was another $120 plus our land line $65 and one cell phone $110. We lost all service for our cell phone over the past 2 years. Pretty sad.

We have the 2 above services plus Shaw satellite for the TV and our total cost now is $225/mo

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