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October 27, 2017 4:48 pm

Property Tax Deadline Looms

Friday, July 7, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Today is the day  your  Prince George Property taxes must be paid,  unless of course  you want to pay that extra penalty.

The  deadline is midnight tonight, otherwise, a 5% penalty will be  added to the amount  owed.

Kris Dalio, Director  of Finance for the  City of Prince  George, says there are  drop boxes  at City Hall  to  accept those  pre-midnight  payments “There are two drop  boxes on the outer entrances to City Hall and then there is one also in City Hall, so if you come by when we are open ( until 5 p.m. today) and you don’t  like how long the  line up is,  you can use the drop box.”

Dalio says  as of  yesterday morning,  a little  more than 2 thirds of  property taxes had been collected “We  received 68% up  until  that time, but a  lot  comes in through  the banks on that final day  and automatic payments,  that sort of thing.  We normally  collect   80%  of the taxes owed by the  due date ( deadline)”.  That 68%  is  typical says  Dalio  “It’s pretty much on pace.  The numbers don’t change drastically year to year.”

Those who miss the deadline  will be  expected to pay extra  says Dalio “They face  a 5% penalty on the balance outstanding,  if you still  haven’t paid by the second Friday in September ( the 8th this year) you face an additional 5% as well.”

The City is collecting  around $100 million  dollars through taxation “We also collect for Regional District,   schools,  and a couple of other smaller levies,  but we automatically funnel that out to the other organizations  we collect for.”




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