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October 27, 2017 4:41 pm

Wildfire Situation Hits Home for MP Doherty

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty shares his views on the wildfire situation- video 250News

Prince George, B.C. – “It’s been overwhelming.”

The words of Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty in reaction to the wildfires that have ravaged the Cariboo the past few days.

Doherty is not only the MP for much of the affected area but many of his family members live in Williams lake – including his mother, in-laws, and friends.

“I talked to my mother earlier this morning (Monday) and from her porch she could see flames,” he says.

“And talking to my friends that I grew up with in high school, we worry about what could happen. Fort McMurray is still fresh in our minds so we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that’s not going to be the case.”

Doherty talks to a displaced Williams Lake family at CNC Monday

Doherty’s been doing his part volunteering since the Emergency Reception Centre opened Saturday at CNC and has the following message for evacuees.

“The biggest thing is making sure you’re safe and sound and you’re healthy. So, please register. Heed every alert and warning. We can replace property but we can’t replace you.”

The provincial government has helped by announcing a $100 million relief fund for affected communities.

The federal government has also pledged its assistance by putting Canadian Forces on standby.

Does Doherty think the feds are doing enough?

“Well, that remains to be seen. As early as Saturday morning we were in touch with our federal ministers making sure they’re aware,” he says.

“And as I said to them we’re on the ground, myself and my colleague to the south Cathy McLeod.  We don’t want to interfere with any of the processes there but we don’t want to be talking to these people after the fact, we’re talking to them as it happens.”


This is not the right time to be raising doubt about whether or not the Canadian
Government is “aware” of the fire situation in B.C.! Ottawa has publicly
given evidence,assurance and information about how it is already actively engaged!
Adding to the stress that the evacuees are already dealing with by introducing
(in my opinion) doubts about Ottawa being competent, aware and committed is (in my opinion) completely inexcusable!

BC has declared an state of emergency, should not the leader of the country (or at least one minister in charge) take a visit to the area to – if not provide relief – at least provide his sad looking mug for the evacuees to at least feel someone up there gives a hoot?

    I hope that both you, Toddd are aware that the RCMP , the Canadian military are federal functionaries . Planes , helicopters and boots on the ground aren’t enough for you ? You both want federal politicians in photo ops . Todds photo op hay making isn’t enough for you ? I don’t think Trudeau would do a photo op trying get tired firer fighters to sing O Canada for harpers pleasure . That image still gives me the creeps

      Knowing that your elected officials do actually give a rats patui is needed yes. Even if he plans on doing nothing who cares, show the people you care about what is going on – don’t wait until the opposition forces you to show a little compassion. That is how leaders lead.

      When Lac Megantic happened even Harper who you hate was there the next day and speaking to the media from the town

      If this continues past 7 days I do wonder how Horgan will deal with people as he mentioned speaking to a senior from Ashcroft who lost all her food due to the power outage and stated people are already falling through the cracks and he will make sure no one falls through the cracks once he is sworn in. He did say in his speech in Kamloops after Clark made hers that he is confident that a government under his watch will look after everyone affected. That will be his first test as premier and could get very expensive

      I remember that Harper declined the invitation to come to PG and open the Canada Winter Games! And, he was aware of it, I am sure! Obviously B.C. and PG were not important enough to show up! Instead he went to a football game!

      Thanks Ataloss for noticing the feeble attempt (in my opinion) at political hay making! I would have enjoyed seeing a few hundred dollar bills being handed out to those in need instead of a bunch of platitudes!

      Those Winter Games were one massive disaster.

      I agree he should have came to offer relief to those affected and maybe he could have brought some pins for those collecting? Maybe a 3 part parliament building…

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