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October 27, 2017 4:40 pm

Evacuees Advised to Be Vigilant

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 3:18 PM

Temporary home set up  at CNC by evacuee- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.- “Whenever there are vulnerable people,  there will be those who  will  prey on them”,  those are  the words of Prince George RCMP  Corporal Craig Douglass following  reports some of the evacuees camped out  in the CNC  parking lot have  been victims of theft.

Corporal Douglass says while the RCMP  has  stepped up its patrols of the area to ensure  the evacuees are safe,   it is impossible for them to be on the scene  all the time.

He says  evacuees should  report anything suspicious  to  security at the emergency reception centre,  and  make a report to the PG RCMP as well.

So far, Price George   has  received 2,700 evacuees.

The CNC shelter is at capacity, the Northern Sport Centre is  set up  for  more.   Prince George Secondary School has also been made into  a shelter, but  some of the evacuees  have  parked their RVs, campers or  set up  tents in the CNC  parking lot and on the grounds of the College.

Cpl. Douglass  doesn’t have the exact number of  reported thefts,  but  urges  evacuees to  make sure their property is as secure as is possible.



Disgusting when people are down and out and are kicked yet again. Beat on them as they are looters, at least foot patrol this area more! Maybe some of the evacuees brought some cattle prods with them, that would be justice as the law would take pity on the thieving humanoids and spank them!

    Lien, yer right. Really hope they’ve stepped up security as this is a major event, not the same as music festivals in any sense, but we have an influx of people, some of who are camped outside. You’ve got folks with a lot on their minds, totally stressed out. They are going to forget to lock vehicles, secure property, yet security is all but forgotten. The reason I mention music festivals is because they have hired off-duty police, sheriffs and corrections for decades in this province at special events and this is no different. And those officers know their local client base very well.

      I actually applied on line as I am well versed in the criminal element around here, so I offered up my security background. I can’t even forward it as it won’t send! Can’t say I didn’t try!

Damn low lifes. can’t get much lower

Talking about low lifes i see is it didn’t take long before gas stations started raising prices at the pumps today.

I think the gas prices may reflect on transportation issues of getting gas to market from refineries then taking advantage.

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