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October 27, 2017 4:39 pm

Prince George Welcoming More Evacuees

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 @ 9:01 AM

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Prince George, B.C. – Evacuees displaced by wildfires in the Cariboo continue to arrive in Prince George.

As of last night, the City of Prince George says the total number of evacuees who have registered at the Emergency Reception Centre at CNC was 3,285 (2,561 adults and 724 children).

The City says the evacuees are staying at the following locations:

  • 244 in group lodging
  • 207 in RV parking
  • 1,477 have found alternative accommodation
  • 308 have found commercial lodging

To date, the City has distributed $222,000 in grocery vouchers.

There’s also been a massive outpouring of support for evacuees from local organizations and businesses in town to provide free services and special deals.

That list will be distributed to evacuees later today at CNC and at the Northern Sport Centre and includes:

  • Both the Four Seasons Leisure Pool and the PG Aquatic Centre are free.
  • There are also specials or free entry at the Railway and Forestry Museum, Two Rivers Gallery, Exploration Place, Playgrounds Café, Seniors Centre, Good Life Fitness and the YMCA.


It is really great to see the citizens and businesses in Prince George stepping up to help everyone that has been affected by fires. This could easily happen to us as well.

Keep up the great work everyone!

This is great news as well but I’ve seen the dark side of PG come out already as well

I was at City Hall yesterday and a woman was complaining that the Evacuees were getting free admission to a lot of places so why weren’t the residents of PG and she wasn’t the only one to say something like that either

I posted on the bulletin board this morning at CNC for lodging for a family at my place and I was somewhat surprised to see several postings of rental units or places for rent to evacuees to me that is just greedy money grubbing many evacuees most likely have minimum funds and you want to charge them rent!

It’s your choice I guess but I hope the evacuees bypass those places they already are going through enough trama

    Evacuee’s need to register at the centres for the services avalible . Those that want short term rentals need those posts . Also , those that want those rentals leave more room for those who do not regardless of their reason .

Anyone that has issue with giving free services to evacuees is not a good person. I can’t imagine having to leave my home with minimal notice and not know when my next pay cheque will come in. Looking at the number of kids with evacuated as well. We should do anything we can do to ensure their life is as normal as possible.

My heart goes out to these people. This could easily happen to our city.

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