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October 27, 2017 4:37 pm

2 Arrested in Williams Lake for Break and Enter

Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 1:24 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Two  people are in custody having been  arrested in  Williams Lake on suspicion of break and enter following a  routine police  stop.

Sergeant Annie Linteau  says officers  on patrol in Wiliams Lake  stopped  to check a vehicle  and discovered a television  in the vehicle.  That tv believed to have been stolen from an evacuated home in Wildwood.

Search warrants were  then executed on two homes,  one on 10th Avenue North, the other on 11th Avenue North .  Those searches resulted in the  discovery and seizure of a number of items  believed to have been stolen from  evacuated homes.

Sgt. Linteau  says a 27 year old man  and 24 year old woman , both   considered by police to be prolific offenders,   are in custody and  charges of break and enter and possession of stolen property  are  likely.


Big Surprise, NOT! Prolific offenders! Damn Mickey Mouse justice system lets these kinds of cretins run loose continuously! Do the public a favour and give these dirtbags a proper sentence, and if the lawyer vehemently fights the case throw that nimrod in jail too! Kicking people when they are down is just plain low!

    Throw the lawyer in JAIL? Then what are the other prolific offenders gonna use to get them out? Oh yeah, that damn legal aid.
    How about two years less a day for looting during a public emergency.
    I think they get out faster if its federal time.
    It would be good to have a minimum mandatory sentence in these cases.

Here Here, I second that!!!!!!!!

Give them shovels and put the on the fire line.

Don’t give them anything, let them steal the shovels after all they are prolific offenders…….

Why waste resources on them. Target practice, or put them in the tank of a water bomber and drop them onto a fire. We’re in a state of emergency. Use its advantage and rid us all of these worthless people. Do you really think that anyone like this has anything valuable to contribute to society?

Trudeau is cutting 10 million dollar cheques for murder, maybe they are entitled to some money to.

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