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October 27, 2017 4:33 pm

Evacuation Order Issued for Williams Lake and Surrounding Areas

Saturday, July 15, 2017 @ 6:05 PM

Williams Lake, B.C. – Williams Lake and its surrounding areas are being evacuated.

The order was issued just moments ago and covers the following areas:

  • All areas east of the Fraser River from the existing evacuation order at Soda Creek to 9.0 km south of the Sheep Creek Bridge, including English Road
  • Directly east to the southern end of Chimney Lake, continuing east to Wright Station Road at the north end of Lac La Hache
  • All areas west of Highway 97 from Wright Station Road to the Williams Lake City limits, north along Highway 97, including all fringe areas of the City of Williams Lake including the areas of Fox Mountain, Pine Valley, Commodore Crescent, Glendale, Wildwood, Bull Mountain and Deep Creek not already evacuated, to the exiting evacuation order area at Soda Creek.

The Cariboo Regional District advises that all individuals in the City and the above areas must evacuate immediately.

Follow Highway 97 South to Highway 24 (South of 100 Mile House); follow Highway 24 to Little Fort; turn right onto Highway 5 at Little Fort and continue to Kamloops and register at the ESS Centre located at Thompson Rivers University located at 805 TRU Way, in Kamloops. If you have questions about locating an ESS Reception Centre please call 1-800-585-9559.


The original plan for people evacuating from Williams Lake was to come north to PG because Kamloops didn’t have space for them. Now the highway is closed and they’re being sent south and east through Little Fort.

Does that mean they’re still coming here tonight, or are they all going somewhere else? Do we need to prepare for an influx of late night refugees?

I don’t understand that either.

The recommendation is for people to come to PG via Little Fort as we are more prepared to accept the people than Kamloops is.

    Yes sparrow this is what was said at the 6 o clock CTV news.

Just on the news, Williams Lake people being encouraged to head for PG once at Little Fort as Kamloops stressed already with evacuees.

Now there is a fire, though small, near Kelowna since Kelowna is the jewel for those out of la la land you think firefighting is serous now, it will get real serious in Kelowna.

    Ya think they might be all over this as Kelowna has a population of around 125000.

      Nope, Kelowna is pushing at the 200k boundary now.

      125k is the population of the city of Kelowna. The population of the metropolitan area is 195k.

    Now they are telling them to head for Kamloops, confusing at the least. Anyone in charge?

The north has been abandoned to our own with no media coverage. Major fires breaking out forcing the evacuation of the 4th largest city in the north and we get no TV coverage of breaking news on the fires.

CBC New is covering the tourism tax in Niagara Falls and rerun documentaries.

Global had good coverage at the top of the hour for ten minutes… only during the newscast.

CTV doesn’t seem to be covering the events.

CKPG the destination for the evacuees is off air for the weekend….

Maybe The Clinton News News Network or BBC will provide some coverage, but thank God for News250 or locals would have little to no up to date news on the fire evacuation situation.

    Poor boy

      Why I don’t need the information, but I am sure those with homes in the area would like pertinent information. Why be a goof about it Dearth?

Our understanding, from the information provided directly from the city of Williams Lake, and from the Cariboo Regional District, is that evacuees from Williams Lake are being advised to head to Kamloops via the noted route.
As you know, Highway 97 is closed at Soda Creek because the flames have jumped the highway… so that route is no longer available.
We will keep you updated on any new developments.

Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

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