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October 27, 2017 4:31 pm

John Horgan to Be Sworn in as Premier Today

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – BC NDP Leader John Horgan will officially be sworn in as the province’s 36th premier at 2 p.m. at Government House in Victoria this afternoon.

It will officially end 16 consecutive years of BC Liberal rule and be the fourth time in B.C.’s history its had a New Democrat as premier.

Previous NDP governments ran from 1972-1975, 1991-1996 and from 1996 to 2001.

Of course the big difference this time is an alliance with the BC Greens has catapulted them back into office.

The NDP will also swear in its new cabinet today. No word yet on how large that cabinet will be.



And according to all the liberal supporters BC will have fallen into the abyss about 5 min after he is sworn in…lol

    I am no liberal supporter but I think this guy is on the same level as the US’s Trump. Power hungry and self centered.

      Are you sure you are not talking about CC. If she stays in power any longer JH’s term will be over.

      Yep, totally agree! He already set his intentions when he sided with the Greenies to consolidate his ‘rise to political power!” The Greenies will regret this I think, in the long run. Baby Trump might acknowledge them if he feels he needs their support, whatever that may be, down the road!

    Oh, you’re golden as long as you don’t own a business, or work for a living. If you are a gov’t employee, its all good, don’t worry.

Bend over BC. Unless you’re part of the civil service it’s going to be a rough ride.

    Talk about free loaders. What is the business community doing? They have a field day ripping us off with higher prices for goods that we need

      Good grief. Most small business owners are barely surviving. People who whine about big business making insane profits need to take a look at where their pension income is coming from. Guarantee you, a lot of it in invested in these businesses you loathe.

    I don’t loath businesses. Well why do you loathe our government that without it you wouldn’t be able to function.

      I dislike the overbloated bureaucracy that is our governments, federal, provincial, district and city. A government is necessary, but the current state of affairs is way too much.

Doomsday is upon us

Not in power because he was voted there, kind of like giving BC the middle finger.

    I agree… We as a province should have another election for him to be our premier. Costs alot of money but in the very least the people then would have spoken. JH didn’t win but somehow he is now our leader.

BCnodreds or the rightwing frankenparty of BC got all united but the trouble is that you just don’t represent the majority of voters anymore . Not even at 40~ percent . Even the amazing job of gerrymandering by the Nocreds doesn’t work when the majority of us come out and vote .

English please.

Ataloss I read that 3 times and still do not have a clue what you are talking about.

    I’m not surprised . You guys are a little slow . In Alberta , upon the election of the NDP the righties got going with their unite the right champaign . Instead we hear that Colman and Bond may quit . Rumours I’m sure . Interesting times for sure .

      Colman and Bond may quit? It must be to hard for them now. They might have to show up at a meeting now instead of being on holidays all year.


Wow by the looks of these comments he will not be swore in but more like sworn at.

As a middle class person, Mr. Horgan is good for me, and I wish him well. As a person whose income depends on the success of small businesses, who depend on the success of large corporations that they contract to, I am feeling less comfortable.

On another vein, when the NDP signed the teacher’s contract that the Liberals ripped up, the NDP supporters never failed to remind us about how the Liberals ripped up a contract signed by the NDP and broke the law.

The provincial government has given Kinder Morgan all the required go ahead for the pipeline, as has the federal government.

Now, there is a new provincial government that has stated they will renege on the approvals given by the prior provincial government. Screwing the teachers over cost us a billion or so, I wonder how much we’ll be paying Kinder Morgan down the road when they sue the NDP for reneging – because as far as the courts are concerned, the entity – province of BC, is the same, no matter who is in power. If the entity, approved Kinder Morgan, and now suddenly the entity, is actively trying to derail it, get out your pocket books BC Taxpayer. Socialism will trump commonsense once again.

    Very good points ski51 , if the ndp and Weaver are paying attention they will let it die on it’s own . Seems KM is finding it hard to get investment capital for the pipeline .

      If Kinder Morgan are having trouble getting investment for the pipeline, its because there is no market for this oil, and it is debatable whether this pipeline serves any useful purpose.

      Remember that with Keystone approval, and Canada East line, we will have lots of capacity to get Alberta oil to market without going through BC.

      If you have a lack of imagination, and a small pool of useful information you can blame the NDP.

      Partly because the incoming government has made it well known they intend to fight it. Kind of hard to get investors interested in a project that the provincial government has vowed to kill.

    You would serve yourself well by reading . The Oil Party Is Over at Thetyee .

    The pipeline will get built. JH is blowing smoke to appease the far left.

      The pipeline will be built if there is a need for it, and they can find investors.

      Look at the price of oil and ask yourself where you are going to sell heavy crude from Alberta at that price, other than the USA or Eastern Cda.

NDP and does not make sense goes together.

    Liberals and official opposition has a nice ring to it.
    So does **Leader of the opposition**.

      Minority … with losing a seat to put forward a speaker is the safest NDP govt we could ask for . The NDP will even have a hard time screwing up from that position …

Here we go – to hell in a handbasket.

For many voters it seems that the word “debt” is only understandable when it’s beside the word “NDP”. Put it in the same sentence as “BC Liberals” or “federal Conservatives”, along with the actual debt figures and eyes glaze over and brain shuts down and gibberish starts issuing from their mouths. And this isn’t just a handful of intellectually challenged creatures. This is 40% of BC voters. We should do a study of BC voting patterns geographically. It’s either an education problem or something in the water.

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