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October 27, 2017 4:30 pm

NDP Reveals Cabinet

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 2:33 PM

Victoria, B.C. – Following his swearing-in ceremony this afternoon, NDP Premier John Horgan has announced his first cabinet.

It includes 20 ministers, two ministers of state and six parliamentary secretaries. It’s also the first cabinet in B.C.’s history to achieve gender parity with 10 women named to cabinet and one named minister of state.

For full cabinet details, see below:

* Premier – Hon. John Horgan

* Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training – Hon. Melanie Mark

* Minister of Agriculture – Hon. Lana Popham

* Attorney General – Hon. David Eby

* Minister of Children and Family Development – Hon. Katrine Conroy

* Minister of State for Child Care – Hon. Katrina Chen

* Minister of Citizens’ Services – Hon. Jinny Sims

* Minister of Education – Hon. Rob Fleming

* Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources – Hon. Michelle Mungall

* Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy – Hon. George Heyman

* Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier – Hon. Carole James

* Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development – Hon. Doug Donaldson

* Minister of Health – Hon. Adrian Dix

* Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation – Hon. Scott Fraser

* Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology – Hon. Bruce Ralston

* Minister of State for Trade – Hon. George Chow

* Minister of Labour – Hon. Harry Bains

* Minister of Mental Health and Addictions – Hon. Judy Darcy

* Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Hon. Selina Robinson

* Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General – Hon. Mike Farnworth

* Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction – Hon. Shane Simpson

* Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture – Hon. Lisa Beare

* Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure – Hon. Claire Trevena
Parliamentary secretaries

* Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness – Jennifer Rice

* Parliamentary Secretary for Poverty Reduction – Mable Elmore

* Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors – Anne Kang

* Parliamentary Secretary for Sport and Multiculturalism – Ravi Kahlon

* Parliamentary Secretary for Technology – Rick Glumac

* Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink – Bowinn Ma


I get a kick out of the word ‘honourable’! Bull! What honourable is would be the 1st Responders, firefighters and the numerous people that put their lives on the line. These dingbats don’t rate anything except Mr. And Mrs! There, I feel better already!!

    The two jokes I see in appointments are Adrian Dix, and that other guy, David Eby, who used to run BCCLA. Always thought BCCLA was where out of work lawyers went.

So instead of competence, people get the job based on their gender? Where are the non binary cabinet ministers? The trans-gendered ones? One and on and on. If you’re going for political correctness, you have to go all in, you can’t just pick and choose.

    Axman, if our leaders, political reps all got voted in by competence our entire political scene would be vastly different.

    It’s not the ministers that do the work, they just are the noise we hearfrom the ministry.

      Unfortunately, it is the ministers who set the policies that the minions follow regardless of how ridiculous those polices may be.

      A competent government would be a welcome sight. I can dream, can’t I?

    I worked in the Gov’t for over 35 years! Trust me, I know, as there were promotions based solely on
    gender. It used to burn the heck out of me when you know a specific person has far more qualifications yet they don’t get the promotion. Created dissension amongst the troops as they knew what the score was and created frustration.

      You worked for government for 35 years? Well, that explains a lot about you actually and how you seem to have endless amounts of time to post inane and ignorant comments on this site.

      Have to agree with Lien on that one. Ability in government jobs has not been a qualifier for a long time. It’s all about ticking pc boxes.

      People always believe they are better qualified than they actually are.

      Why is it always assumed, in most cases wrongly, that affirmative action results in lower qualified or or less competent people being given positions? It is quite possible, in fact it is very likely, that two candidates can be so close in qualifications and abilities that either one could perform very competently in a position. Gender equity does not mean a lowering of abilities. It may, in fact, mean an increase if we consider that in the past with other governments who had no respect for equity, like the commenters above, the lesser qualified candidate may have been chosen just because he was male, and a better qualified candidate was overlooked just because they were female, or gay, or First Nations, or lesbian, or whatever discriminatory aspect of their life was being used as a basis for rejection. It is quite possible to have an equitable cabinet with competent people, as John Horgan has proven.

      With regard to ticking pc boxes (by Salty Dog) being the main criterion for “government” jobs. I worked in health care for over 40 years, mostly in Prince george. Health care jobs are predominantly filled by women, and during those 40 years I never once found an occasion when someone’s ability to do their job was because of their sex, or because they were gay, or lesbian, or Chines, or Cree or anything else. I found the majority quite competent and that their circumstances were completely irrelevant. Incidentally, jobs in health care tend to be filled by seniority, not gender. Male or female makes no difference. That is a fact!

Gender parity is an interesting concept because it only seems to show up in politics with the idea that more women in government, better government, yet the left hated Clark and kicked her out – sort of. Wynne in Ontario’s days are numbered, so the evidence would indicate gender is not a predictor of anything – experience and competence would be.

Personally, when it comes to my health, finances, legal issues, I could care less about gender, orientation, ethnicity, etc. I want the most competent person available to help me. I’d sure be annoyed if I was told I had to take the least competent person because it was their gender’s turn at bat.

    You left out Alberta

As soon as I saw Carol James on the list as finance minister I got a deadly shooting pain right in the wallet!

Got even worse when I read that Adrian freaking Dix was Health Minister……surgery already planned for the day after budget day to remove all contents of my wallet and redistribute it to the druggies on the DES and the long term welfare recipients.

We are screwed!

    In my opinion the province would face a better future if Horgan put potential leaders in positions of power not duds who have failed miserably at the ballot box.

      Yet every single one of them was elected, so they must have been successful at the ballot box, musn’t they?

      As leaders of their party both James and Dix were soundly defeated at the ballot box. Any politician with at least a bit of self respect would have resigned and returned to the private sector.

      A glaring example of how little self respect they have can be seen in the federal wing of the party and Tom Mulcair. The man clings on despite “leading” his party from official opposition to also ran status. Worse yet after being told in no uncertain terms that the party wanted someone new at the helm clings on rather than step aside and let an interim leader guide party until a convention could be held.

      With the other parties having nick names of the Grits and Tories i would suggest the ndp should be called the Clingons.

      “As leaders of their party both James and Dix were soundly defeated at the ballot box. Any politician with at least a bit of self respect would have resigned and returned to the private sector. ”

      Returned to the private sector? You make it sound as though they’ve been their before. I’m not sure about Dix but James has been living off the taxpayer for most, if not all, her adult life.

      Dix and James have both been elected more than once. Obviously, the voters in their constituencies want them as their MLAs. Clearly, they have had success at the ballot box. You may not like them, but so what?

      If your contention is that a leader must resign if they do not win an election, are you now demanding that Clarke must resign? Certainly, she was firmly rejected by most of the voters. Just as clearly, her constituents voted for her (in her second choice of constituency, that is), so, Should she have resigned completely when she was initially rejected by the voters in her original constituency and not run again? Should she have resigned when the voters rejected her as Premier when a majority voted against her? Should she have resigned when she was rejected by the Legislature in a non-confidence motion? Or, should she stay as an MLA because the voterss in the constituency she bought want her as their MLA?

    What a coincidence! It brought back memories of those two wannabes and I wondered who would have the audacity to retain those two? Oh, I forgot, Hoagie bun is involved!

    So Sparrow, your alter is the alter of your wallet… I should have expected as much, but you hide it well with your view of the world through the prism of identity politics.

    Sparrow shares a kinship with the self appointed left in the view that people should not be judged by their individual merits, but rather through a prism of identity politics which gives clemency, conviction, or condemnation for whole races, genders, or ideological collections of people (in this case painting everyone of the ndp with the same brush)… he conflates the actions of individuals for the values of an identity group made up of individuals.

    The left is at war with the Western values of a meritocracy and individualism and make no mistake about it Sparrow slings arrows any chance he gets against those targets… his motivation is not social justice, but rather the alter of his wallet and his own penchant for personal greed… probably using identity politics of PC promotions as an ends to a means….

      That’s rich coming from someone who has for years with weekly diatribes, under current and former u/n, has shown intolerance and even hatred for anyone that is not the same color,religion and sexual orientation as you.

      In the past have said that a website with a long history of white supremacy and antisemitism is one of your go to sites. You have spoken out against Canada allowing refugees from war torn countries because of their religion ignoring the fact that history has shown that in a few short years become assets to the country and hard working taxpayers.

      In a country such as Canada, which has limitless opportunities, I have no time for those who sit in an alley jamming a needle in their arm or live for decades on welfare. Other than that would bet everything that I own that I am a lot more tolerant and caring than you could ever hope to be.

      You are full of yourself Sparrow. Always full of lies and innuendo. The most disingenuous self-righteous that has ever posted on this site. You always troll me because you are neocon supporting globalist that can’t handle the truth exposed.

      You use slurs of racism when you have nothing else to back up your silly claims. It’s your go to in any debate. Always fall back on the identity politic argument and make innuendo of some past racist claim without any ability to deal in specifics, so as to put yourself as the moral superior of a hypothetical scenario that exists only in your own mind. It’s the MO of all neo-cons.

      Dumb too because if I took you up on your challenge and you were a man of your word you would be penniless. Your slurs of racism hold no truth in the real world, only in your self deluded fantasy deflection from uncomfortable truths.

      In my opinion you are the worst kind of political actor out there because you are completely devoid of any moral scruples whatsoever.

Nice to see the 3 blind mice of the north no longer hold cabinet posts. :)

    Bwahahahaha! No photo ops, my God man what is going to happen? Down side, who is going to represent our area now?

Frikken Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Did your soother fall out again?

    Would someone stuff it back in and get him his binkie,

Moe Sihota no more? Unbelievable!

There are 29 ministers and secretaries (including Horgan). I wonder why they couldn’t find roles for the other 12? I wonder if they feel slighted when they see failed leaders like Dix and James getting rewarded?

    How much you want to bet that Vancouver’s very own Spencer Chandra Herbert is mighty pissed tonight?

    It seems like there’s the usual redundant Ministries which both Parties now seem to find favour in having. Really have to wonder why there couldn’t be some consolidation. There must be considerable cost in having all the trappings that come with having a separate Ministry for many we see on that list. You’d think that money could be better applied towards actually providing services to people rather than more bloated salaries for a larger number of top level bureaucrats from a Deputy Minister on down.

Sing the song My Sharona and sub in Moe Sahota and then try to get the song out of your head. I dare ya LOL

Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the Libs are gone.

I like the appointment of David Eby as Attorney General. I think that will be good for BC especially as it pertains to all the money laundering that takes place in the LMD real estate.

The others like Carol James as Finance Minister is a bit scary.

I just hope they don’t think this temporary parliamentary coup entitles them to fundamentally change our parliamentary democracy to a system of fringe governance of tribalism through the PR system of list MP’s with no term limits appointed through the dog whistle of identity politics.

The sun is going to rise tomorrow.

    Did it? I can’t tell through all this smoke. :)

The sun is going to rise tomorrow.

Carole James… oh my. That is going to worse than a budget will balance it self, news flash it did not.

Some strange ministries.

Ministry of Children and Family Development and also Minister of State for Child Care – shouldn’t these two be one? Actually they shouldn’t be at all.

Ministry of Citizens’ Services – what the heck is that?

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy – environment makes sense by climate change strategy? That will hurt us in the pocket books.

Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation – uh-oh, that’s going to bog down any new developments and besides, it’s federal jurisdiction.

Ministry of Jobs, Trade, and Technology – and also the Ministry of State for Trade – more needless duplication.

Ministry of Health and also Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions – yet more needless duplication.

Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction – sounds like a bottomless pit for money to flow into, and then there’s more duplication in the Parliamentary Secretary for Poverty Reduction.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sport and Multiculturalism??? I fail to see the connection.

Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink? Why not one for buses?

It sounds like an exercise in political correctness and a recipe for massive deficits.

    Ministry of Poverty reduction is the NDP’s version of the Liberal’s red tape reduction. Both are hopeless tasks.

      Actually they’re not. Both have been accomplished in some parts of the world in the past, and are ongoing now. However, with an NDP government’s ideology that is blind to reality, the likely outcome of this government will be an increase in both.

Yay! No more people slipping through the cracks! Did he buy that senior a new deep freeze and replace her food when her power went out?

They missed one.

Minister of Silly Walks

David Wby Att-Att?!! Now that is a big joke, always was on the offensive when questioning police forces all over BC. What an embarrassment to have him in this position. The police unions, coalitions better stay on their toes with this moron!

    Oops, meant to say Eby! Too miffed to type properly! LOL

Only a moron would call David Eby , a lawyer , a professor of law , published writer , a moron . He also put the run on CC in point grey ( a highly educated riding ) forcing her to poach west Kelowna riding to gain her seat . CC a high school graduate at best , a hero of the moronic right . The Right and reality don’t mix very well .

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