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October 27, 2017 4:30 pm

Townhall Meeting this Evening

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 5:52 AM

Prince George, B.C.  The City of Prince George will hold the fourth  in a series of town hall meetings for  evacuees this evening at 5 p.m.

The meeting is set for 5 pm at the Canfor theatre at UNBC,  and will be simulcast to  the  College of New Caledonia,  as well as being  livestreamed  o the web.   It can be watched by clicking here.

The City is providing shuttle service between the two  lodging centres  so evacuees can attend the meeting in person if they  like.

The meeting will  provide updates from the City,   Social Services, and the  B.C. Wildfire Service.

As has  been the case at previous town hall sessions,  the evacuees  will have an opportunity to ask questions .


Anybody hear about the fact that we could have had military assistance to aid in the fighting of the fires and the BC gov’t didn’t bother to get the show on the road? Whether or not this was a rumour who knows, but the forces were on standby just waiting for the word! Yet we have the generous help from Australia and back east???

    The military has been involved for several days now providing aerial logistical support they will only put personnel on the fires after all other means has been exhausted by the province as the military is not trained to put out fires and putting untrained personnel on a fire line is dangerous

    So they have offered and been accepted by the province to help provide supplies to communities cut off by the fires, logistical support and transferring of fire fighters of which they are trained for and excel at

      Good to hear! Lot of misinformation out there unfortunately.

We have had the assistance of the military. Several of their aircraft have been used in bringing in supplies, and from what I heard on TV last night, the military will be used with traffic control, plus other needs, to free up the RCMP, when the highways are being opened. I think we all presumed that the army was going to be on the ground fighting fires.

With the influx of people in town and the activity underway I am surprised the province hasn’t brought back up the mobile hospital that was here during the Canada Winter Games. It would be great to take the load away from the hospital and not impact it.

    Sort of funny, PGRH is always impacted with their weird administrative ways and red tape! LOL

    Is it in Kamloops, perhaps?! They seem to be stretched to their limits, with most of the Williams Lake evacuees, having to go there.

      Actually most of the Willies puddle evacuees are in PG

    Did it occur to you that they might be using the mobile clinic in Kamloops as there are over 18,000 evacuees there

There is a medical clinic at CNC, I know. UNBC dorms are occupied by assisted living seniors with their own medical staff.

It did occur to me about Kamloops and tried to find any sort of BC Government press release about it, EMBC and still no indication of it being utilized anywhere. I have some contacts looking into it for me, will advise if I hear it has been deployed somewhere

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