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October 27, 2017 4:28 pm

Friday Free for All – July 21, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It has been another amazing week,    a new Government sworn in,   the wildfires  continue to rage,  and  more evacuees arrive in Prince George.

This is your opportunity to speak up on the issues that matter to  you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All

You pick the topic,  but  obey our simple rules,  and  remember to be respectful  of  others opinions  even if you don’t agree.   Resorting to name calling  will see a comment  edited,  possibly removed,  and the posters privileges  may be revoked.

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No Bullying.


Happy Friday everyone in PG and our evacuees. Lets home we get some rain and folks can try get back to their town and places.
Great job PG people.

Kudo’s to the city and to the volunteers in arranging the logistics and the people who were evacuated. While the city has an emergency plan to have one on this scale and then to meet the needs of evacuees with less than 2 days notice is not only impressive but well executed and while there were some hiccups by and far it has gone well and by several accounts PG handled this unprecedented event considerably better than the other evacuation centre of Kamloops

Well done

Queen Jillian should be glowing in the dark right now. Her hallowed bike lanes have been painted again. The second time in less than a year. Not sure why, I have seen more bikes on the sidewalks than on these hallowed lanes and more people walking in the the bike lanes to avoid the bikers, myself included.

To the evacuees, I wish you well and hope conditions improve shortly so you may return to your homes.

    I think most people are still singing Bruce Cockburn’s song wondering where the lines are.

The paint on the bike lanes already disappearing, as is the other lines… Guess can’t hold Jillian responsible for this

    She is the one pushing it , especially in areas where she can inconvenience motorist the most.

    I believe the paint is supposedly environmentally friendly and wears out quicker. Now the laugh is this itsy bitsy amount of paint is sprayed on a voluminous amount of petroleum based product. Lets go back to bare dirt roads.

A shout out to Robert Gagnon, walking to Victoria for PTSD. Stay safe, buddy, and thankyou.

    He used to work with me before I retired! A good man and a good friend. I have been following his progress and as of this moment he is on the ferry heading to the legislature, his final day from walking here to Victoria. Doing a helluva job bringing awareness to the PTSD issues. Kudos buddy!

      Thought I met him in records, maybe not.

For those who are gullible enough to be freaking out about that massive Antarctic A68 Larson C iceberg which is 5,800 square kilometers in area -stop paying attention to global warming doomsayers.

Known past icebergs:

2000 – 11,000 sq. km.

2000 – 9,250 sq. km.

1998 – 7,600 sq. km.

1967—68 – two icebergs with total area of about 11.000 sq. km.

1956 – 32,000 sq. km.

When it comes to long term trends in iceberg sizes, the only scientific answer is “who knows”. Satellite records are so short, if a bigger iceberg broke off in say, 1811, how the heck would we find out? Not much is left of an iceberg 100 years later. What kind of proxy could show it ever existed — ancient stone carvings of satellite pics from ancient Greece?

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/there-have-been-far-bigger-antarctic-icebergs-than-the-latest-a68-larson-c-berg/

    Don’t forget icebergs are floating on water when they break off and just like ice in a cup when it melts it doesn’t add water to the ocean as it already has been compensated for in values of displacement. Water levels will only rise when ice melts on land as there is no displacement value so even if the article ice melts it’s on water and ocean levels will not rise

      Water takes up more volume in it’s frozen state than it does when it melts and becomes a fluid. If the iceberg completely melted today, the ocean would decrease in level slightly.

      The biggest reason that the ocean would rise at any time is due to it’s temperature. As it gets warmer, the molecules expand making the water take up more volume.

      No, an iceberg displaces the exact same amount of water as it contains. I has more volume, but that portion is above water and displaces only air.

    The enigma of Piri Reis in 1513

Would also be nice if the city could clean beside the concrete barriers up and down the highway. awful lot of wood chips collecting, looks messy!!
Just saying!

    Plus a lot of gravel on the main PG thoroughfares. Bad for bicyclists and motorcyclists, need a better system, or improve it if indeed they do have one, which I doubt? People in 4 wheeled vehicles wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care as it wouldn’t bother them. Try skidding around a corner on a motorcycle, then you would care! LOL

    I think that it is a Provincial responsibility.

We should all send a big compliment and give a pat to each and every individual in and around Pr George, who have stepped up to the plate and helped these unfortunate folks out. (including their livestock) From making a small donation of goods or money, inviting folks into their homes or yard, to assisting at the evacuee centres, you all need to take a bow. There are also many from here who are down on the front lines of the fire.

Amazing what a bunch of common folks can do under pressure in an emergency to assist others. I might also ad that the evacuation assistance to these folks from down South was done basically by hundreds of small groups, working under their own direction and conscience and not waiting for direction from any political guidelines or authority, other than the ECMP and emergency control people near the fires.

What a bunch of people you all are —–no matter what your political beliefs are.

Thanks again

    Sorry was meant to read RCMP

    And apparently the RCMP still have time to kill people with excessive force.

Reading Bill Nye the science guy’s latest interview just made me laugh and ,laugh some more . They’ve done the demographics . I’m old as well but I’ve never left my brain at the door and never will . Here’s a taste of the interveiw .
“It just sounds like people are scared. It just sounds like people are afraid. And the people who are afraid in general ― with due respect, and I am now one of them ― are older. Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It’s generational. So we’re just going to have to wait for those people to ‘age out,’ as they say. ‘Age out’ is a euphemism for ‘die.’ But it’ll happen, I guarantee you ― that’ll happen.” Bill Nye .

    You should look up Bill Nye and Al Gores fake C02 experiment. Yep Nye and his fake science on climate.

    Bill Nye, the science guy? His mechanical engineering degree somehow makes him an expert on climate change?

    When it comes to global warming, er climate change, this man and his opinion are about as irrelevant as the opinions of our very own David Suzuki, who holds a Ph.D. in Zoology.

    Being an “environmental activist” does not make one an “environmental expert”!

    I laugh at people who keep tossing out the term “climate change denier”! I don’t deny that the climate is changing, as the climate always has and always will change! I do however, deny that man has any substantive effect on climate change!

    Ataloss, haven’t seen any comments from you yet on the Siemens wind turbine factory closure!

    ht tp://www.lfpress.com/2017/07/18/siemens-canada-tillsonburg-wind-turbine-factory-that-employ-340-is-closing-raising-questions-about-ontarios-green-energy-policy

    Every day there are fewer of you guys . You should have a look at the study . It’s amazing how rapidly your demographic is diminishing . Sadly for you , the young are not so easily duped by big fossil or you and your talking points .

      That’s the best that you have this morning? You disappoint me!

      Hmmm, Bill Nye says older people need to die out before climate science can advance.

      He has a point.

      Once the old guys like Bill Nye, Al Gore, David Suzuki and the like die off, real climate science might be able to shake off the shackles of the environmentalist religion and proceed on the basis of evidence.

      Yup, looking forward to that.

      You guys are so out of touch reading denier sites that you don’t even know the turning point has been reached in storage . Fluidic Energy . Too bad they’ve also had to leave and go to China . Well done deniers you’ve won another battle making China the winner once again .

      Also Google startup Dandilion.co chopping the cost of home geo thermal down to ⅓ to ½ of former cost .

      Oops that’s Dandelion.co

      The young are easily duped by the left wing teachers .. pay attention to what else is being put in your childs head besides the 3 R’s.

      So people like Nye get constantly caught out on their lies and cannot counter with facts or data so better to have the reasoned opposition die off.

      Well you are not so young, neither is Nye, Gore so there might be some hope for reasoned science when life takes it course. But I do not put out much hope considering how the liberal left progressive school system and media keep hammering fake dogma science into the young impressionable students. The education system does not teach critical thinking but what to think. If you go against the dogma, a student, teacher, professor is at risk of being bullied, ostracized and can be career ending.

      Why are the left so violent?

      Despite decades of propaganda, surveys show the majority of people are not concerned with global warming….er, make that climate change…uhm, no climate disruption….no, now it’s climate weirding.

      If you cry wolf long enough for no reason, people just don’t care any more. And in this case, there isn’t even and “wolf” to fear in the first place.

      It just isn’t going to go the way Nye hopes it is. In fact, it will likely be the opposite.

      Poor Bill Nye -he’s thinks somehow most people are as religious about climate change as he is, and will keep their naively unscientific beliefs about our ability to control the climate with power stations, wind mills and light bulbs, into their old age. Instead, the reality is Bill’s biggest nightmare, skeptics are not dying out at all — there is a never ending source of skeptics, as young gullible believers grow up to be old and wise.


      Here’s that data. For starters, we know that Republican voters are older than Democrat voters. So consider what happened to “people identifying as “environmentalists”. If people carried their beliefs with them as they grew older, we would see the term appearing increasingly among Republican voters — converging towards the Democrats. Instead, over the last twenty five years, “environmentalist” became a dirty word for lots of people, but especially for Republican voters.

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/bill-nye-says-skeptics-will-die-off-instead-young-gullibles-grow-up-to-be-old-skeptics/

      Ataloss, read and weep

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/japan-fifty-solar-pv-companies-already-gone-in-2017-as-subsidies-end/

      Coal soaring.

      here is another one

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/bill-nye-says-skeptics-will-die-off-instead-young-gullibles-grow-up-to-be-old-skeptics/

      More woe for Ataloss. Those young people are just as skeptical as the older ones, so the number of believers on his side will shrink even more as they age.

      Only 55 percent of survey participants agreed with the statement, “Global warming is a proven fact and is mostly caused by emissions from cars and industrial facilities such as power plants.” Twenty percent held the belief that “Global warming is a proven fact, and is mostly caused by natural changes that have nothing to do with emissions from cars,” and the remaining 23 percent who answered the question believe that “Global warming is a theory that has not been proven yet.”

      Even more surprising, these numbers are the same across the board for participants between 18 and 29 years old, with 51-56 percent agreeing that global warming is a fact and is caused by fuel emissions across age groups. In fact, the age group that least agreed with the first statement was that of 18 to 20-year-olds. The assumption that younger adults are more liberal when it comes to global warming does not hold up; if anything, they are even more skeptical.

      ht tps://www.thegwpf.com/new-survey-nearly-half-of-young-americans-are-climate-sceptics/

      Ataloss, you state: “You guys are so out of touch reading denier sites”.

      I respectful submit to you that many of us consider you to be a clear cut example of “The blind leading the blind”!

      You get to have your opinion, we get to have ours! Sounds fair to me! How about you?

      Denier sites. Denier sites.

      What could he be talking about?

      Oh, right, it must be those global warming alarmist sites run by the guys who deny that climate ever changed before industrialization.

    Thanks for that, just got me laughing, good post!

    This link should make the self proclaimed climate scientists up in their glass palace up the hill spit out coffee all over their computer programmed climate studies.

    “The whole affair is a complete intentional public deception. It’s since become another classic example of scientists and media ruining the reputation of science over the long term for the sake of short-term climate hype and attention grabbing.”

    ht tp://notrickszone.com/#sthash.yNqtnj2L.dpbs

There was lots of discussion the other day about establishing a new “Northern Province” in BC, and people believing that the north wasn’t getting it’s fair share of tax dollars generated from the region. I dug into the Provincial budget and here are some revenue projections (in millions) for 2018/2019:

Taxation revenues (personal, corporate, sales, fuel, etc.): 25,981
Natural resource revenues (natural gas, forests, other): 2,125
Other revenue (MSP, licences, etc.): 10,518
Federal government transfers: 8,410
Crown corp net income: 3,107

Total revenues: 50,141

Two things immediately jump out. First, revenues from natural resources contribute the least of all the categories. I’m not sure how much of that money would flow directly from activities in what would be accepted as a new “Northern Province”, but let’s say 75%. So that’s about 1,500.

The rest of the revenue sources, generally speaking, have a direct relationship to the population base. Taxation, spending, allocations from other governments based on funding formulas, customers paying money to crown corps, etc. If we assumed that this “Northern Province” would get an equitable share of those revenues based on population alone (highly dubious IMHO given the fact that taxation revenues contribute the most and the larger cities in the southern part of the province would probably have far more services and business per capita than what you’d find in the new “Northern Province”) then that works out to roughly 2,880 (6% of revenues based on an estimate that the population of the new province would be about 6% of the existing BC).

So, put the 1,500 and the 2,880 and you have total revenues of 4,380 for the new province. I looked at a few expenditures from this area. UNBC, CNC, SD 57 and Northern Health. Total expenditures from their budgets are 75, 62, 140 and 800 respectfully, for a total of 1,077 (you’ve almost already spent all of the natural resource revenue attributed to you!). That leaves 3,303 to fund EVERYTHING else in this new province. Other school districts. Other hospitals that may fall outside of NHAs coverage area. Highways. Fighting forest fires. Building new prisons. Developing new infrastructure for energy, or at least buying the stuff that is currently there. Parks. Funding and staffing bureaucracies to look after justice, finance, the environment, social services, health care, education, etc. You’d basically have to duplicate everything, which would be horribly inefficiency and wind up costing you more than what it currently does.

Think you could do it? Do you think it would be wise to have a new province that relies essentially on one or two industries for its revenue? Does it make sense to start a new province when your population growth for the foreseeable future is essentially nil? Are businesses going to want to invest there? Does it have the hallmarks of a stable and predictable environment?

Does all this seem like way more work with way more risk than simply working within the existing political system more effectively and finding ways to attract more investment right now? If you think you can build this new province 10, 20 or 30 years down the road, why the heck don’t you just substitute “region” for “province” and get to work?

    Your income from natural resources assumes the status quo. At present the resources are basically given away at rock bottom prices and lots of subsidiaries along the way. The new “Northern BC” would hopefully adopt a different model of compensation.

    Don’t forget the Federal transfer payments for Provinces that would be diverted away from BC to the “New North” or whatever it would be called.

      Yes, taxes and royalty rates could certainly be jacked up. You could also run into a natural pest (say a beetle?) or economic conditions (say a drop in global resource prices?) that could put a significant dent in your revenue producing capacity.

      As for the transfer payments, they are already included in the revenue figures noted above. Not exactly sure how they’d be allocated, but I suspect population would play a major role so I don’t think you’d be in a terribly good negotiating position on that one.

      On the bright side, you may qualify as a have not province, so you could pick up some extra bucks there, LOL.

    I’m surprised that you even entertain this rediculas notion NMG . It smacks of Russian talking points that these divide and conquer useful idiots promote here at a time when BC is more united than in the last sixteen years .

      I actually think the idea is absurd. I was hoping that some data could help some bring a different perspective to the topic.

      More united? Based on what? It’s minority government. Majority would be united. It appears you do park your brain at the door, contrary to your earlier post. .

    I would suggest that they could join us here in the Fraser Valley. They could come to Abbotsford where the Lord would look after them.

    Housing is still affordable and employment figures are good. A new province would eat up more of our Federal funds available How about that

      Retired 02, nice to see you posting this morning! I was a bit worried about you, what with a shooting in Surrey, then Abbotsford and now Chilliwack this week!

      Glad that you are still safe and sound! Obviously all of your “duck and cover” practice is paying off!


      Retired 02:”They could come to Abbotsford where the Lord would look after them.”

      Perhaps they should rename Abbotsford and name it Lordsford?

      “Abbotsford where the Lord would look after them”

      In 1889, former Royal Engineer John Cunningham Maclure applied for a Crown grant to obtain the 160 acres (0.65 km2) that would become Abbotsford.

      There is some controversy over the origin of the Abbotsford name.[8] The most commonly cited origin is that Maclure named the land “Abbotsford” after family friend Henry Braithwaite Abbott, the western superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway.[9] Until 1922 the name was spelled Abottsford. Maclure’s sons later stated that the property had actually been named for Sir Walter Scott’s home, Abbotsford, and pronounced it with the accent on ford,[10] while in his later years Maclure himself claimed that the naming had been “a combination of two ideas”.

      This area is rife with bible thumpers. More amusing is the comment about climate change being cited as dogma when there is an almost universal believe in an unprovable entity known as god or deity. Apparently one requires this thing called faith. Science is predicated on recording repeatable observations, ideally with some way to measure. Religion just says that one must have faith in whatever fantasy you are told to believe.

      It is so much easier to convince the masses that there is an invisible friend floating around the sky looking after your best interests than measurable observations over extended time.

      IMHO, the best thing we could do in this regard is remove ALL religion from government and public policy and leave it as a private matter for each individual. Each person has the right to their own personal ideas, please stop thrusting that nonsense onto me. It is as factually valid as mother goose, Dr Seuss, or Aesop’s fables.

      2nd century the gospels were mostly Gnostic and were more used as a moral guide through the use of stories that people could relate to their lives. It helped with explaining the holes in peoples knowledge of the universe, and to provide comfort for those in times of need… a sort of shared contract with society to enable the development of civilization towards the dignity of man.

      Once this power was seized upon by the Romans they organized religion as a way to control the masses as a more powerful and lasting form than force itself. Organized religion has no place in government most people will agree, but the ideals that underpin the Christian faith are as relevant today, as ever, for the harmony of civilization as they were when Jesus espoused those views in his missionary with humanity for a universal higher authority.

      I think if one can’t agree that western moral values have their genus in the ten commandments, then they are against the norms of civilization itself.

      For the left they have a continuing kinship with Islam in the advocacy that self preservation of western values equates to deplorable’s (ie infidel). Because their politics is one of take from others to support the enabling power structures of a self entitled bureaucracy for their own entitlements… anyone that opposes this is considered a vile enemy with the worst kind of hypocrisy, hypothetical, and vindictiveness justified over differences of view. Just look at Trump and CNN for how this kind of politics plays out.

      The western civilization was built on the idea that there is a higher authority over all of us even the most powerful of mortals and laws made by mortals. The left wishes to replace this higher authority with themselves through perpetual sway over what is constitutional putting man with no limitations as the higher authority… and we all know what happens with men and unlimited power… the dignity of man rarely survives.

    Thanks for breaking out the facts on this issue NMG. I was to lazy to do the work.

    The suggestion that the Northern Interior makes a huge monetary contribution to the Province of BC, and is being short changed is nothing more than a urban legend, not based on any fact, and repeated over and over. Time to get it off the table.

    I don’t think that people in Northern BC actually appreciate that 350,000 people is a drop in the bucket, considering the land mass associated with it.
    Something like 2.5 people per square kilometre.

    That is full of erroneous assumptions that the north and the south pay the same tax per capita.

    I can tell you that a chip truck that uses $700 a day in fuel or a logging truck using similar pay a heck of a lot more in carbon taxes and fuel taxes than a resident taking the sky train in Vancouver.

    The resource numbers you cite are only the stumpage fees and oil and gas royalties. These are only a fraction of the taxes that these industries pay. Left out is that they pay significant taxes on supplies, income taxes on profits, income taxes on payroll, as well as various other fees and taxes that are not considered resource royalties. You can not tell me that Canfor, or Huckleberry Mine, with similar number of employees as Starbucks has the same kind of tax burden. Then one considers that we would also become a head office choice for industry operating in the new province and there is a significant shift in economic activity that would be repatriated to the north.

    Also just consider the carbon tax… one can not say that heating a house or an industrial building, or even the gas taxes for driving greater distances in the north… is anything like the carbon tax burden is for the typical LMD resident that lives in a 800sf apartment taking the subsidized sky train to work.

    I estimate the new province of Northern BC would have revenues of around $8 billion a year, of which $2 Billion would be surplus for a heritage fund or infrastructure improvements. This is roughly half of what the provincial budget was under the NDP in the 1990’s before our provincial budget ballooned to $45 Billion in the last 16 years.

    Can Northern BC operate with half of the provincial budget from the 1990’s… you bet it can because we don’t have to pay the salaries, land costs, and other exorbitant costs of living they expect in those southern parts of the province, so our operating costs per public servant would be greatly reduced. We wouldn’t need the bloated bureaucracy they have down south either. The north is more independent and could see our civil service streamlined to fit the needs of the North.

    As for single industry North… is that not what we are now as a vassal state of the south? As an independent North we would have the civil service based in the north, sovereign control over resource developments and requirements to manufacture for these industries in the north further developing our service industry… connect with Alaska and Asia via rail to open up as the Chicago of the North in shipping… the sky is the limit IMO.

      Also once the real estate market in Vancouver crashes they will be a have not anchor on the rest of the province in a big big way. They have very little in the way of industry for exports that is not associated with the interior of the province or real estate. They are using up all their farm land for real estate, so whats left? Just milk the north for more high flying living…

      Already they are talking about road tolls that will limit the free movements of people and benefit the rich at the regressive taxation penalty to the average middle class worker….

Did anyone else see the two motorcyclists riding around College Heights yesterday, both carrying very young passengers that were wearing only bicycle helmets? It also appeared their feet didn’t quite reach their foot pegs. Maybe you should read the regulations regarding helmets and passenger seating requirements. How dare you endanger those young lives like you did.

    there mommy’s took their lollipops when they were three and now they are emotionally scarred so their behavior is totally acceptable, say they.

    Meh. I grew up riding around with no bike helmets. We could ride in the back of pick ups and not get hassled. We used to travel in the top bunk of our motor home when going camping….

    Sure the rules save lives but we’ve lost something significant along the way….

      Thank you, that explains a lot of our comments.

      oops, your comments

      Insult me all you like. The nanny state is alive and well in these parts. People would do better if they just mind their own business instead of sticking their nose into others.

      It is my business. It’s everyones business that pays into our medical system. If you need the drool wiped off your chin for the rest of your life by someone being paid $35.00 an hour, because you didn’t wear your helmet, you bet it’s our business.

      Mentioning costs to the medical system I object paying for health issues of smokers, drinkers, overeaters and those gulping down copious quantities of junk food.

What with BeingHuman being on vacation and all, I feel that it is incumbent upon me to step up to the plate with a very important PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hot off the presses, this just in:


    Ha Ha! Second big laugh of the day! Thank You!

    Hart guy have you read NMG,s post. We have three shootings in our area which is peanuts compared to a death in PG. As NMG tells us its all in relativity. One death in PG equals a lot more then three in the Fraser Valley. Incidently the deaths that you mention are all hot air. So take your stats and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

    You have the same ideology that those who are constantly trying to remind me of the cow smell in Abby when they live in an environment that effects the death rate of PG.

    Please stop making those stupid cements. By the way do you live next door to sparrow? He has the same mentality that you do.

      Retired 02, “Please stop making those stupid cements”?? CEMENTS??

      While I have no problem admitting that sometimes I toss out a COMMMENT or two, perhaps even the occasional “stupid” one to encourage some discussion or just to crank things up a bit, I have yet to make a stupid CEMENT, and I certainly wouldn’t toss around any CEMENT. CEMENT is heavy and I wouldn’t want to injure anybody, even you!


The California state Assembly passed a $3-billion subsidy program for electric vehicles, dwarfing the existing program. The bill is now in the state Senate. If passed, it will head to Governor Jerry Brown, who has not yet indicated if he’d sign what is ostensibly an effort to put EV sales into high gear, but below the surface appears to be a Tesla bailout.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/07/19/green-cronyism-gone-wild-it-looks-like-the-state-of-california-is-bailing-out-tesla/

Another Friday with endless tit-for-tat about climate change! Electric vehicles are coming whether anybody argues or not! They have way less parts, are easier to maintain, they emit no exhaust gases! Win_win_win! The added power from Site C will be spoken for a lot faster than anticipated! If not all used in B.C. it will be exported to Alberta and the US of A!

Prince George and other cities will see a dramatic decrease in air pollution when all trains are electrified and the old diesel locomotives are used for scrap metal.

    Electric vehicles will only replace fossil fueled vehicles when/if they are competitive in price and functionality, which they currently are not. Less parts, easier to maintain and emitting no exhaust gases is trumped by price every time (except for the rich) and functionality too. If they can’t do what a gas vehicle does, they’re nothing but a niche market.

      Don’t forget most electric vehicles are not designed for northern climates and cold weather which is the crutch of all electric and hybrid vehicles great in the spring and summer but lose effectiveness in the fall and definitely in the winter as nobody has yet designed a battery that will not drain in cold weather

    Dearth , did you know that the lithium ion battery was designed by NASA , for space ? You know , the balmy sun soaked beaches of the shadow of the earth and recharged by solar panels back in 1983 ? Why ? Because they are cheap , reliable and long lasting .

      Dearth , you need to veiw tesla Norway . It’s a bit colder by a mile than is PG but then Norway is a bit farther north .

      News flash, Norway has summers too.

It’s finally here: The Model 3, Tesla’s $35,000 electric gamechanger. A single black Model 3 rolled off the production line Friday with a serial number all its own, kicking off a company-defining six months. The car will belong to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and co-founder… Tesla has already taken in roughly half a billion dollars in Model 3 deposits, at $1,000 apiece, and its proposed ramp-up schedule would have it rivaling well-established U.S. market peers like BMW and Mercedes by year’s end .from Bloomberg .

    So let us know how yours works our? Whats the subsidy, re taxpayer money for yours?

    How is you solar system humming along?

    “Tesla has already taken in roughly half a billion dollars in Model 3 deposits,…”

    And yet they’re still haemorrhaging money and can only survive with massive taxpayer subsidies:

    Given Tesla’s ambitious US sales forecast for its Model 3, it will hit the 200,000 vehicle limit in 2018, after which the phase-out begins. A year later, the subsidies are gone. Losing a $7,500 subsidy on a $35,000 car is a huge deal. No other EV manufacturer is anywhere near their 200,000 limit. Their customers are going to benefit from the subsidy; Tesla buyers won’t.

    This could crush Tesla sales. Many car buyers are sensitive to these subsidies. For example, after Hong Kong rescinded a tax break for EVs effective in April, Tesla sales in April dropped to zero. The good people of Hong Kong will likely start buying Teslas again, but it shows that subsidies have a devastating impact when they’re pulled.

    That’s what Tesla is facing next year in the US.


    California is Tesla’s largest market. Something big needs to be done to help the Bay Area company, which has lost money every single year of its ten years of existence. And taxpayers are going to be shanghaied into doing it.

    To make this more palatable, you have to dress this up as something where others benefit too, though the biggest beneficiary would be Tesla because these California subsidies would replace the federal subsidies when they’re phased out.

    It would be a rebate handled at the dealer, not a tax credit on the tax return. And it could reach “up to $30,000 to $40,000” per EV, state Senator Andy Vidak, a Republican from Hanford, explained in an emailed statement.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/07/19/green-cronyism-gone-wild-it-looks-like-the-state-of-california-is-bailing-out-tesla/

      Also there the fact the harvesting of materials and manufacturing of a tesla battery is equivalent to 8 years of driving a ice car.

      Now a few in city hall and the uni used taxpayer money to buy a toy, the Leaf. Now this car in the winter can barely make it from downtown to the uni and most do not like driving it. The few that like spending tax payer money renewed the lease for another 4 years. I wonder if these same people are figuring how to tap into taxpayer money for another toy, Tesla?

    If anyone would like to read the whole artical . It’s at insideevs.com it’s a short read and insideevs plugs some of the holes in the Bloomberg artical .

I do hope that the NDP realize if they stop the site C dam that it will be their death knell and it will also be costly from the cancelled contracts. And btw I am a NDP supporter.

Sooooo BC Hydro’s CEO just got canned uh.. Bout time they shook up that Dept… Should do the same to ICBC…

All this on the CBC News online

Some sober thoughts for our fossil fools . According to TD ameritrade millennials top five stock picks are Apple , Facebook , Amazon , tesla and Netflix in that order . The top demographic for Model 3 reserves are millennials .

    Elon Musk is spouting building tunnels from NYC to DC. He says he had verbal approval from these districts. He did not. Many in charge had never heard of him. His plans for the rescue of Southern Australia power grid are equally as questionable. Either he is a eccentric genius or a nutbar. I hope it is the former. It would be very sad if the billions in government subsidies went to the latter.

    Yeah, Tesla stocks are highly priced despite the fact the company has never made a profit, lost hundreds of millions each and every year it’s existed. Sorry, just because investors want in on the government subsidy cash does not make Tesla a viable company.

Another seemingly unknown fact on this site is that most of the mined materials that fuel the renewables ,solar , wind , wave and electric cars , trucks , bikes and tractors comes from canada . Much of the copper , gold , silver that are now and will be more in demand as the world becomes more electrified are produced right here in BC . A more electrified world is very bullish for bc mines even if we miss the electrification of transportation , which we won’t .

    From DeSmog.ca A massive open-pit copper mine might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about solar power.

    But the construction of photovoltaic panels actually require a wide range of metals and minerals to build. Nineteen, to be exact, including silica, indium, silver, selenium and lead. Most can be found or produced in Canada.

    And as demand for solar panels continues to rapidly increase in coming years — up to a 17-fold global increase between 2015 and 2050, according to the International Energy Agency — significant quantities of these metals and minerals will be required

      A wide range of metals and minerals obtained through the use of FOSSIL FUELS.

      17-fold global increase between 2015 and 2050?? LOL! And a 100-fold increase in the amount of coal fired power during the same period. Anyone can make wild predictions.

      More solar panels?

      Yikes, those suckers are an environmental hazard!

      “A Clean Energy’s Dirty Little Secret

      Discarded Solar Panels are piling up all over the world, and they represent a major threat to the environment.

      Clean energy might not be so clean after all.”

      ht tp://www.nationalreview.com/article/449026/solar-panel-waste-environmental-threat-clean-energy?

I see BC’s LNG Industry dealt another blow as regulator forced to re-review gas pipeline.

According to government experts, all 1200 of the Maldives Islands will be gone by the end of this year, and they ran out water 25 years ago.

In this shocking imagery taken earlier today, you can see dehydrated native islanders fleeing the seas.

ht tps://realclimatescience.com/2017/07/only-a-few-weeks-left-until-the-maldives-drown/

Hey Ataloss, remember saying several times that renewables like wind and solar don’t require base-load back up generation capacity?

So explain this:


The Wall Street Journal called it the energy shortage “no one saw coming.” Actually, a lot of people did see it coming. But intent on pursuing their “dangerous manmade climate change” and “renewable energy will save the planet” agendas, the political classes ignored them. So the stage was set.

As an Australia-wide heat wave sent temperatures soaring above 105 degrees F (40.6 C) in early 2017, air conditioning demand skyrocketed. But Adelaide, South Australia is heavily dependent on wind turbines for electricity generation – and there was no wind. Regulators told the local natural gas-fired power plant to ramp up its output, but it couldn’t get enough gas to do so. To avoid a massive, widespread blackout, regulators shut off power to 90,000 homes, leaving angry families sweltering in the dark.

According to the Journal, Aussie politicians and the wind industry, the primary problem was businesses that exported 62% of Australia’s natural gas production in 2016, leaving insufficient supplies to run gas backup power plants that are supposed to step in when wind and solar power fail. Policy makers “didn’t ensure enough gas would remain at home” and couldn’t foresee temperatures soaring with no wind.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/07/16/insanity-and-hypocrisy-down-under/

Go to YouTube and view . Why Norway is full of teslas . It’ll make your blood boil you righties . It’s seven minutes of pure hell for any fossil worth his salt . I dare ya !

    I watched that vid. All done in summer. Wonder why they didn’t film in winter.

    So why so many Teslas there? Same reason there are Teslas anywhere – massive government subsidies! Paid for by FOSSIL FUEL! They even brag about them in the vid!

    But this little tidbit didn’t show up in the vid: Oops.

    In 2015, Tesla had flat deliveries in the country after delivering the exact same number, 4,039 Model S units, two years in a row, based on registration data. The automaker is not able to maintain the rate in 2016 with a 54% drop during the first quarter and now a 52% drop during the second quarter compared to the same period last year.

    ht tps://electrek.co/2016/07/05/tesla-model-s-deliveries-norway-q2-2016-chart/

    I have nothing against the car, quite like it actually. Tesla was the first electric car that didn’t look and perform like a glorified golf cart. My objection is to the massive subsidies. Remove them and Tesla is immediately bankrupt.

You are a piece of work ataloss. Hard to imagine you functioning in society.

The sun is setting on solar power, the money’s gone and nobody’s asking any questions

ht tps://thepointman.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/the-sun-is-setting-on-solar-power-the-moneys-gone-and-nobodys-asking-any-questions/

There are a number of so-called renewable sources of energy, but solar seemed to me to be such an obvious scam that it begged to get an exposé. Every which way I looked at it, it was a scam. For starters, it promised free energy forever and at no charge, and that basic promise should have been setting alarm bells off with anyone over twelve and three-quarters who’d ever been tricked out of their dinner money placed into your little hand by a loving mommy.


It was so corrupt, so dishonest, so rigged and fundamentally a load of rubbish that was being sold by every shyster from every corner of the big green money machine that it begged for a takedown, if only in arrears and after all the money had been squirreled away.


That’s just the corporate side, but Joe “the innocent” Fleeceable got his poor whore’s ruff torn as well. All those panels installed for a song on your roof won’t last the promised 30 years, maybe 10 if you’re lucky. They’ll fall apart. Those juicy feed in Tariffs you were buying into have all been cut back, but what you’ve actually bought yourself into is a biohazard placed directly on the roof of your habitat that will gradually powder a variety of toxic particulates down onto you as the panels crack.

ht tps://thepointman.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/solaris-two/

Ataloss, it looks like I’m sneaking this comment in just in time! Wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share with you this article that I just read from yesterday’s National Post:

“Reevely: How Ontario is getting back into the coal-power business”

Say what, hahaha!

ht tp://nationalpost.com/news/local-news/reevely-how-ontario-is-getting-back-into-the-coal-power-business/wcm/5c63b0eb-fe62-45ad-a0e6-17e8102402e5

Hurry Now and Save Trillions!

A 500 trillion, gazillion dollar bill is coming for you unless you buy my solar-panel-techno-wind-battery gizmo NOW! Don’t miss out. You too, can be a world saving star for a bargain price. Free planet with nice weather thrown in. Offer ends at midnight.

Seriously, have you always wanted to stop storms, vermin, disease, plagues, hunger, poverty, droughts, floods, and shrinking fish and chips?

All of this and much more if you just pay up now, pay today, pay tomorrow, and hock your children’s future.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/climate-bargain-going-cheap-pay-now-save-trillions-stop-storms-droughts-bad-stuff-ends-today/

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