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October 27, 2017 4:26 pm

100 Mile House and Area Residents Allowed Home

Saturday, July 22, 2017 @ 2:15 PM

100 Mile House, B.C. – Great news for South Cariboo residents.

Today the Cariboo Regional District says the reduced fire risk in the area means residents from an area from the north end of Lac La Hache through to the entirety of the District of 100 Mile House can go home.

The area has been reduced from an evacuation order to an evacuation alert (see map below to see the specific area that has been downgraded).

While residents are able to return to 100 Mile House and surrounding area, nearby locations remain on evacuation order and security will be in place to enforce the order in those areas.

“Services that residents are used to or rely on, such as grocery and health care, may be limited for some time,” says the CRD. “Anyone choosing to return to the area should ensure that they have a full tank of gas s well as basic necessities including food and prescriptions for up to seven days.”

In addition to that, the CRD says air quality remains poor due to the smoke caused by wildfires in the area. Those with small children, respiratory issues and the elderly should consider this before choosing to return to the area.

For those wanting to wait due to the smoke, Emergency Social Services will remain available to them until services can be restored.

For people staying south of 100 Mile House, the route home is clear along Highway 97 north. For those residents staying north of Williams Lake, the route home will be along Highway 16 to Highway 5 then along Highway 24, as Highway 97 remains closed due to evacuation orders.

Those who were removed from the community via bus will be able to return home via BC Transit within 48 hours. Door-to-door bus service for those with mobility issues will be available on Monday afternoon. Sign up for these services at your closest ESS centre or by calling 1-800-585-9559.

An information centre with many resources will be set up at the South Cariboo Recreation Centre and will be open 8am – 8pm daily until need subsides. Red Cross services will be available to anyone returning to the area that requires assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-863-6582.

Donations – though the thought is greatly appreciated – are not being accepted right now as CRD communities do not have the resources to manage donations of goods.

Prior to today’s announcement, South Cariboo residents had been on evacuation order since July 9. Today’s announcement comes just hours after news the Gustafsen fire just west of 100 Mile House is now 90 per cent contained.



This is bittersweet residents can now go home which is great news for them but what awaits them is still not pleasant while only 41 homes have been confirmed lost you have to remember those going home are going to smoke and ash filled homes. Fridges and freezers will be completely useless due to the rotting food inside them. Some people will of lost family pets cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and fish to name but a few and in some cases people will be going home to homes that stink so bad that it will be unlivable

Yes they are going home but to what….it is bittersweet

Your assuming that the power to all the homes in 100 mile was cut off. I don’t think that is correct.

Furthermore the 41 homes lost are not all in the 100 mile area.

Hydro says that people should check their clocks etc; to see if they have lost power since the evacuation, and to ensure that they follow Health Canada rules in regards to food in fridges and deep freezes.

So it appears that most people will not have to cope with your scenario.

    That scenario happened to my mom and stepdad in the Barriere fires (you know the one people conveniently forgot once Kelowna lost homes in 2003 I guess half million dollar homes makes more news then lost jobs due to fire)

    It was weeks before we had their home feeling livable again and the smell took even longer to get rid of so to you it’s a scenario to me it’s reality

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