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October 27, 2017 4:23 pm

B.C. ‘In Awe’ of Wildfire Response in P.G. – Dix

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 @ 1:12 PM

B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix speaking to reporters at the College of New Caledonia today – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Newly minted B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix says he’s “in awe” of the response to the wildfire situation in Prince George and Quesnel.

He made the comments this morning following a tour of the College of New Caledonia where he got a first hand look at what the medical response has been to the crisis.

“What I wanted to do today, principally, is to come up and thank all the healthcare workers, the care aids, the LPNs, the nurse practitioners and of course the doctors and the administrators,” said Dix.

“All of those people working for Northern Health who are volunteering, bringing food to people up at UNBC…Really what I want to do and why I’m here – it’s my first trip anywhere as minister of health – is just to celebrate the people who work in Northern Health, in Interior Health – who have done a spectacular job.”

B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix checks in prior to his tour of CNC

He added the same could be said for everyone in Prince George – a city that has taken in over 10,000 wildfire evacuees.

“I just want to celebrate the City of Prince George and I think at every level – the volunteers, the city, the mayor, the community, the Red Cross – what you’ve seen here is something that not only should be recognized, but celebrated for a long time.”

Dix was also asked why Premier John Horgan hasn’t been to Prince George to visit since the wildfire crisis started.

“I’ll tell you where he is – he was in Ottawa yesterday meeting with the prime minister on softwood lumber and dealing with the wildfire issue,” he said.

“He’s in Washington dealing with softwood lumber which is critically important to Prince George. You know he’s going to be here. But every single day from moment one, this was priority one and everybody should know that.”

He was also asked if the new government plans to expand the $100 million earmarked for wildfire response announced in the dying days of the BC Liberal government.

“John Horgan has been premier for a very short period and this has been the number one priority every day for all of us and so we’re going to provide the support that’s needed,” he said. “We’ve been directed to provide any assistance we can.”

Aside from his visit to CNC, Dix said he also plans to visit the Gateway Residential Care Facility, where 90 wildfire evacuees from the Cariboo have been staying.

He also plans to visit Quesnel soon – where there are approximately 1,200 evacuees – but says he won’t go to Williams Lake and 100 Mile House until it’s appropriate to do so.

Dix said to show up any earlier would be “getting in the way.”


Yessss PG is AWESOME

    You are so right! We have so many that put their hearts on their shirtsleeves and walk with people through their bad times. It’s good to be a part of a community that cares.

    It’s amazing he even found his way to PG, as they never remembered where we were before this terrible tragedy.
    Just his name, like McPhailure gives me shudders.

Guess there’s nothing else for Trudeau to do out east so he’s finally, albeit a bit late, coming to tour our fire ravaged areas.

    Because him coming here earlier would have changed what? Nothing. I am surprised he is coming out this soon..

    As usual the west is an after thought, just as the north is to Victoria.

    Just be happy about getting the money.

      Sorry P Val, what money are you talking about. … $600. per family. Whoopee ding. I’m surprised he’s coming out here….period.
      I guess there are no photo ops anywhere else for him to take part in.

      I have been saying this for years P! They ( the south and eastern Canada) don’t give a crap, but they will take our industries and tax base when it is convenient. Years and years ago there was the Wetern Separatisr Party wanting to create our own Canada. A little dreamy, but it makes a person think about it after guys like Trudeau is more interested in going to parades, meetings rather than staying in Canada and knowing all the provinces and their ilks etc. We need a stronger voice for us up here! At least Doherty got the PTSD issue going, a good start!

    noooo he’ll probably show up here in time for the Pride parade

Dix is just doing a little butt kissing in Prince George as the NDP know this is the Liberal Heartland.

    I have a surprise for him if he tries to kiss MY butt!

    Of course! BCGEU are big NDP supporters!Did He take the time to visit evacuee’s and other volunteers that have been going 24/7, giving their time to look after everyone!

    you can catch more bees with honey than you can with shit

Going to be holding a bbq for some of the evacuees, it makes me happy to let them feel welcome in PG, while the welcome starts to wane


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