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October 27, 2017 4:23 pm

Evacuees on the Move Again

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 @ 11:39 AM

One of the last tents  at CNC  grounds- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  It’s moving day at CNC,  as  those staying  at the college  are being  moved to the Northern Sport Centre.

All of the evacuees in lodging – including tents – are being moved today to UNBC  where they will  join other evacuees already staying at Northern Sport Centre.

In total about 65 people, plus about 30 tents, are moving to the NSC. The Emergency Reception Centre will remain at CNC, providing evacuee registration, the renewal of referrals, and government services.

The move  was  anticipated  as CNC  prepares to  welcome  students back to the College.

With the recent  lifting of the evacuation order for the  south Cariboo,  the number of  people staying in group lodging has  dropped.  At the peak of  operations,  700 people  had  registered for  group lodging.  Once the move is complete,  the total number  of those  in group lodging  will be  about 180.

Those requiring transportation are being provided access to shuttle buses.

The City is also providing evacuees with transportation materials such as boxes and crates for their belongings and detailed instructions about the move.

The consolidation of the evacuees began early this morning and is anticipated to be completed today.

During this emergency, 10 thousand people have registered at the  Emergency Reception Centre.  Not  all  opted for group lodging  with  many  opting to stay with friends, stay in a hotel or  pitch their tent or park their RV at  local  campgrounds.

The West Lake  Campground and RV  Park  is one  of the  places which stepped up to assist,  providing  free space for evacuees.   That  location has  become  home to about 60 people.

The West Lake’s Campground’s Wendy South  says the support from Prince George residents has been overwhelming.   Three trailers and two motor homes were  donated for use,  the owners  dropping by to replenish supplies  of propane, diesel and  water.   On the weekend,  a local band showed up to perform  for the evacuees,  and  South says  local residents drop by daily   with food and other donations.

There will be another town hall meeting this evening for evacuees.   It is set to get underway at 5pm  at the Canfor Theatre at UNBC.


Way to Go CNC. You are to be commended. WELL DONE.

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