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October 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Three Males Fined for Campfire Ban Violation

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 1:40 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Three  males  have been hit  with  a hefty fine after being  found sitting around a campfire  near Vernon.

RCMP Staff  Sergeant Annie Linteau  says  around 10 last night  Vernon RCMP members attended  the Rail Trail area off West Kalamalka Lake  after  receiving a complaint about a small fire burning.   when officers arrived on scene, they cam found three males sitting around a  campfire.  Campfires  have been banned throughout the  Province. “Winds were gusty and small embers were gently flying from the campfire” says  Staff Sergeant Linteau.

The three males were issued a fine of $1150.00  under the Wildfire Act  and the  fire department  was called to  ensure the campfire was completely extinguished.


The latest contestants on “Spot the Brain Cell!”.

    As Ron White says “you can’t fix stupid”!!

Hope the fine was each, not a total! Should get community time too, like picking up cigarette butts, etc?

hope it was $1150 each, plus the cost of the fire department, plus ban from fishing and Hunting privilages for five years. Need to keep these idiots out of the bush.

    nope divide that by three.
    there were two others in Tweedsmuir that got two fines totaling $1,233 so the fines aren’t even consistent.
    So as usually sound tuff and be marshmallows.

      The amounts are different because the ones in Tweedsmuir were also fined for accessing the park while it was closed.

Give them shovels and put them on the fire line..

Sure they where males. I though gender depended on how a person felt on any given day, just saying. Not trying to make an issue.

So true. But the real problem is the people accommodating this behavior.

The rules apply to everyone but them as they are SPECIAL

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