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October 27, 2017 4:17 pm

PM, Premier to Visit Williams Lake Today

Monday, July 31, 2017 @ 8:10 AM

Williams Lake, B.C. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, B.C. Premier John Horgan and a group of federal ministers will get an up-close view of the wildfire situation when they visit Williams Lake today.

Trudeau and Horgan will be joined by Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan, Minister of Sport and chair of the Ad Hoc Cabinet Committee on Federal Recovery Efforts for the 2017 BC Wildfires Carla Qualtrough, and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould.

While there they will meet with Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members from the Williams Lake Wildfire Command Centre at the Cariboo Memorial Complex. Later they will tour the Cariboo Fire Centre.

At 1 p.m. they will participate in an aerial tour of the fire zones in the region.

Williams Lake was evacuated due to the wildfire situation July 15. That evacuation order was downgraded to an evacuation alert last week.

The Elephant Hill wildfire forced the evacuation of Clinton Saturday night.


What tweedle dumb is there without tweedle dee.

Dear leader gives away 100s of millions to despot nations and leaders all over the world and basically nothing for fire victims. Hey buts lots of sefies, whats not to like.

    2 Years, 2 Months and 21 Days to go to get rid of PM Funky Socks…. tick tock, tick tock.

    So the 100 million the federal gov for fire fighting and the victims is nothing ? really.. and increasing funding for veterans and seniors is nothing.. You prefer harper cutting all those.. aren’t you just a chunk of sunshine…

      He should have brought a big bag of lollipops for all the latter day harperettes . But then nothing could sate them for as long as a lollie lasts .

      Did he provide funds from the Federal purse? Christy Clark gave the Red Cross 100 million to distribute to evacuees but I haven’t heard of anything other than the Edmonton CFB from the feds

They say if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything, so I will not say anything.

Better late than never. Obviously he is getting an enthusiastic reception! If people ask him (beg him) to take a picture with their smart phone – of them and him in the same picture – why would he refuse?

“Basically nothing”? Wow!

Nothing can stop him from showing up….but the crowds should become silent, turn their backs to him. Don’t forget about the Khadyr controversy.

    The controversy that happened due to harpers appointed Supreme Court voting he deserved compensation.

      You are ill informed. The court voted that he was entitled to Canadian Citizenship rights. There was nothing about compensation.

    I remember that Canadians turned their backs on Harper during the last election! About the “Khadyr” controversity: It has been explained in great detail that the child soldier was (as a Canadian citizen) entitled to assistance from Canada. Under Harper (the non-selfie never smile guy) he got none. Of course if you prefer a PM who breaks the law and ignores advice from government law experts, go ahead, who cares!

      Bear in mind please, that we have teenagers in our Youth Detention facilities who have murdered others. Also bear in mind that teenager Kadr killed a soldier and wounded another. He should be doing a life sentence, not be given 9 million dollars and an apology in any country. Hope they check the paper trail on where that money ends up.

      So you’re saying a person that kills a soldier while defending themselves from being killed by that soldier in a war is a murderer? What do you call a soldier that kills someone in a war?

      The war was over, this is a terrorist who attacked the Afghan police and American training soldiers. He was Al Queda not a soldier but a terrorist. We now treat terrorists as soldiers? Guess those Al Queda in planes that flew them like bombs were soldiers too?

      Some of our judges are idiots and can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes

He must be confused and think there is Syrian refugees in Williams Lake that need his help?

Nothing in the news about Horgan’s trip to the US on softwood?

    That’s because Global , black press ,post media are shills and donors of the con/Nocreds/alliance party masquerading as liberals .

      Liberal emails add Grease to Sliding Trust in News Media . Top story at Thetyee . This shows how it is that sites like 250news are growing while the rest are in survival mode . Like this weeks down sizing at black press . If it weren’t an envelope for weekly flyers it would already be dead as a door nail .

      So there is a story on the Tyee about Horgan’s trip?

      All I can find is one conference call where Horgy says a deal is close, but isn’t that what everyone else says after meetings in the US? I thought he said he was going to go down there and pound on desks but looks like light lunches instead

    Yes there was. On the cbc website Stated a deal was on the near horizon.

      They have been saying that for a year and a half now. Horgan says by next month so we will see but only one news site carried his post meeting interview. All others are pre meeting

All you haters should climb on a bus and face your enemies in person. You should listen to yourselves whine. What exactly is posting your hate here on an internet website going to do to fix your problems?

Two weeks ago everyone on this site moaned about how the PM and Premier neglected the people suffering here. Now they go visit them when it’s safe to enter and they aren’t in the way of efforts to fight fires, and the same people are moaning about how it’s just a photo op. Pick a damn view and stick with it.

    Not Everyone . It was only a few whiners that don’t understand how things work .

we don’t need the PM here. Just send money. Thanks and it is both prov and fed governments obligation to provide funding for the situation

    What’s neat about this is that some taxpayers will actually get some of the money they paid in taxes back. Where does that ever happen.
    Just hope the Red Cross doesn’t start giving themselves raises….
    I recall Bombardier.

one day he says the feds will match whatever is donated to the Red Cross the next day he reverses that. Too bad he couldn’t be tied to a tree until he does his job. It appears it is another photo op and a waste of airplane use, which he seems to be really abusing.

    Abuse? It all depends on who you hate! Of course, the other politicians shun airplane travel and come riding into town on donkeys!

      Except in Christys case she rode off on one

Most homeowner and renters policies cover living expenses during mass evacuation. Mine happens to be 30 days, others only 14. Thing is, if people did their due diligence – i.e., had insurance, when bad stuff happens you wouldn’t need the government to bail you out. You could just drive to a safe area, book a hotel room, eat at restaurants, and if your expenses are reasonable, by the time your credit card bill comes, the insurance company will have paid you back.

Renters insurance is actually pretty cheap, about the price of a cup of coffee a week.

It’s great we have resources in place to help, but fact is, I buy all the appropriate insurance to protect myself, and then I’m asked to donate to those who made different purchasing decisions – one of which – didn’t include insurance, I still donate, but it’s getting tiring as every year has yet another disaster with thousands of people who went to Starbucks and skipped insurance.

And Red Cross, could you quit spending the money I give you for disaster relief to mail me stuff asking me for even more money – you do have my email address. Yeah, I’m a grump, but I suspect I’m not alone.

    That is a great way to go and thanks for the info. I also have the coverage that you mention. When will I need it, who knows. It a few bucks but its peace of mind.

    You’re suggesting people take responsibility for themselves? How dare you. We’re supposed to be a social Utopia, the government will address our every need (and want).

Its interesting to note that Trudeau will attend a big fundraiser in Surrey BC at

730pm to-night. So I would say he came to BC for the Fund Raiser and stopped off a Williams Lake, because it was a political wise thing to do.

Have a nice day.

    A lot more fanfare and a better room to stay at down there for the Elite PM . Captain Horgan could have spent the night though :)

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