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October 27, 2017 4:17 pm

Trudeau Visit ‘A Morale Boost’ says Skrepnek

Monday, July 31, 2017 @ 1:38 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Elephant Hill fire north of Cache Creek continues to rage on.

Kevin Skrepnek, chief fire information officer with the BC Wildfire Service, said the blaze has grown to 78,548 hectares.

“It’s 30 per cent contained and has over 360 firefighters – including support staff working on it,” he said during today’s media briefing.

The fast-moving fire forced the evacuation of Clinton and 70 Mile House over the weekend.

Skrepnek says there are currently 149 fires burning in B.C. – that includes seven new fires that started yesterday. Over 3,700 firefighting personnel are battling the blazes (which have cost $178.5 million to fight so far).

Since the season started April 1, the fires have burnt 426,000 hectares – the third worst fire season in provincial history with “at least a month left of fire activity”.

In the short term, he says not to expect any help from Mother Nature.

“We are on the cusp of a heat wave in southern B.C. The North is less of a concern from a wildfire perspective. We’re expecting record breaking highs by mid-week. 40 degrees in Kamloops by Thursday.”

Skrepnek called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Williams Lake “a morale boost” for fire crews today noting many of them were evacuated earlier this month in Williams Lake.

Robert Turner, assistant deputy minister with Emergency Management BC, noted there are currently 25 evacuation orders and 47 alerts in effect across the province.

He also said $9 or $10 million of the $100 million the provincial government pledged for the wildfire relief effort has been spent so far.


actually it is a waste of time, he is just being a looky loo and patting himself on the back saying “I came I saw, I left in a hurry” now off to burn up some more jet fuel.

You environmentalists and green party voters, never make a peep when a ton of needless co2 was burned up for a cause you deem appropriate. Funny how that works.

    you are refering to ….whom?

      Is that not obvious! You environmentalist and green party voters!! Didn’t seem that hard to read!

“Trudeau visit a morale boost”?

A moral boost? For who?

Obviously for Justin! Running a country is HARD work, well beyond the scope of his abilities! That’s got to be a downer to his morale!

Any day that he can take a bunch of selfies is a good day for Justin! Got to keep his morale up! After all, he’s been so busy giving Canadian tax dollars to terrorists, giving Canadian tax dollars to foreign countries, taking family vacations, attending pride parades and photo shoots, who’s got time to actually run the country?

    The article said it was a morale boost for the fire crews. Did you not read that part, or are you so blinded by your own opinion that you couldn’t possibly believe that there are others who disagree with you and may actually feel a boost of morale after a visit from the Prime Minister of Canada?

    There are many politicians I don’t agree with, but I can also acknowledge and accept that others have different views that are equally acceptable.

    Why is it so hard for you to do that?

      If he would not have showed up at all some would accuse him of being uncaring and indifferent. How many times did Hero Harper visit Prince George, especially spurning an invitation to open the Canada Winter Games? Answer: Zero! Giving Canadian tax dollars to terrorists (notice the plural!!!)? Any evidence?

      Giving Canadian tax dollars to foreign countries? Yes, but so do the other countries which we consider to be our friends and which are all on board to provide humanitarian aid to other countries! In fact all these countries set aside a certain percentage of their GDP. Harper never participated in these efforts to advance democracy, education and health initiatives in poor countries? Our PM is not entitled to have a family vacation, to appear photo shoots with Canadians and participate in parades which other dignitaries like mayors and premiers are attending?

      You are right about hate! It can blind people and it is detrimental to physical and mental health. Thank you!

      NMG, I’m abundantly aware of what the story stated. However, let’s be perfectly and 100% clear about what really took place!

      This “Johnny come lately” visit by our inept Prime Minister was nothing more than a quick side trip while on route to last night’s Liberal Party fundraising event in Surrey last night!

      Trudeau’s handlers (and yes Justin has handlers, as he’s incapable of thinking on his own) probably realized that if he is coming to Surrey for a Party fundraising event anyway, it’s not too far out of the way for Justin to pop in for a few rehearsed lines and a quick photo op!

      If you don’t think that Justin has handlers, just listen to him, er um, ah his way through an unscripted statement. Someone recently mentioned to me that they were amazed, speaking of Jusin of course, amazed that someone could fit that much “stupid” into one skull!

      So, Justin popped in like a knight on his white stallion and we should be bowing in his presence even though we were just the afterthought to his fundraiser!

      But you go ahead and defend Justin! He needs all the help he can get, as we will as he continues to destroy our Country!

      But you go ahead and defend Justin! He needs all the help he can get, as we will as he continues to destroy our Country!


      I didn’t defend him. I simply re-stated what the chief fire information officer with the BC Wildfire Service said, and then commented about how you seemed to not accept what he said because of your own obvious bias.

      That’s nothing more than arrogance and believing that your opinion somehow trumps that of everyone else.

Yes I’m sure the fire fighters just needed a visit from a politician to get their warrior spirit back. Maybe Tom Cochrane and the living cast from the Beachcombers could also give the crews a royal nod and really put them over the edge.

I can’t believe the hatred and negativity spewed on this site. It’s getting a bit sickening.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out of this site! ;-)


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