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October 27, 2017 4:12 pm

Friday Free for All – Aug. 4, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – This is the day you can speak up on issues that matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but please, be respectful to each other.   Comments which resort to name calling or bullying will be deleted, and privileges may be revoked.

Obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying



I came across this article.
Makes me wonder about Scheer.


    Makes me wonder about Ian Greene.

Good morning everyone! Looks like another beautiful day out there.

Please everyone, have a safe and enjoyable weekend. We want all of you back come Tuesday.

Just a question…how can it take less than 2 months too add another lane coming out of Lowe’s and Pine Centre and it took over a year + on the other side of the highway wished I had some of these contracts to line my pockets…just saying

    Thank the NDP. Now that they’re in charge things are going to be far more cost effective and efficient. :)

      I’m sure the NDP had something to do with that. Can you give us some details?

    Maybe because on the “other side of the highway” is an incredibly steep drop off ? Just saying…

This is the last day for Christy Clark to be on the Government payroll. Also the first day that the NDP/Green coalition can appoint the Speaker and still have a majority.

Wonder why Christy would have handed the NDP/Greens a majority Government.?? Seems that would be the last thing that the Liberals would want to happen. Is there some contention in the ranks.? Is this her gift to the party as she leaves.? Seems almost like its vindictive.

    She may not be on the payroll any longer but she has a damn fine pension courtesy of the taxpayer.

    A majority government does not need help from other parties to pass legislation into law because they have the majority of the votes needed. A minority government has the most seats of all the parties but has 50% of the seats or less. It needs to make “deals” with other parties in order to pass legislation into laws.

    Present standing:
    NDP 41
    Liberal now 42
    Greens 3
    Vacant 1

    The government needs the support of the Greens, so it is a MINORITY government. It has to make “deals” in order to pass legislation into law. If the Greens withdraw support (non-confidence) we will have an election.

IMO.. none of them play well together in the sand box!!

Axman – Christy Clark is 51 years old and her pension doesn’t cut in until 60. Don’t know what she will do for nine years (income wise). Either she is independently wealthy or was offered a job she couldn’t refuse, which might answer your question Palopu.

Just because she said she would leave her seat in the legislature doesn’t mean she will . Her grip on the truth hasn’t strengthened , has it ?

China shows the world how to be green.

Just declare it to be green and it is!

We should do that too…oh, wait, different rules for China.

A power producer in the city of Tianjin has issued “green bonds” worth 1 billion yuan ($150 million) to finance a 2,000-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant, a move slammed by an environmental group for diverting funds from cleaner projects.

Tianjin SDIC Jinneng Electric Power Co Ltd announced this week that it had registered the short-term “green bonds” on the interbank market and would complete the sale in the third quarter of this year. It said it was the first “green bond” of its kind to be launched by China’s thermal power sector.

The bond sale will be used to pay back loans used to build two 1,000-MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired generation plants, the company said in a statement.

ht tps://www.reuters.com/article/china-power-financing-idUSL4N1KP3RQ

    China is ruled by a Communist Central Committee. The people have do not have the power to change anything. They can express concern, that is all. The decision to use coal was probably made in order not to cause unemployment in China’s vast coal mining industry. We do not follow China’s example to make decisions here since we have a democratic system with multiple choices when we vote.

      The decision to use coal was because they want lots of reliable electricity. It’s an ongoing program of coal fired facility construction that includes some 300 new plants. Unlike Canada, they’re being realistic.

      But you seem to have missed the whole point of the article – they called it “green”.

      Ya but our dear leader has stated he admires the Chinese system of government.

      Yeah, even said specifically that he admires them for their dictatorship. I’m sure he’d like to rule like they do, but until then, we can’t play by their rules.

      The decision to use coal was because China has lots of coal and not that much gas, oil, and other sources of power. Not long ago, coal was the nearly exclusive source of power in Tianjin. They not only burned it to make electricity, but people cooked on coal fires and heated their houses with coal. As a result, Tianjin had terrible air pollution, which caused a lot of respiratory problems. When I was there in 1986, there was so much coal dust in the air that if you left a book on your desk and picked it up a couple of days later you would get your hand dirty. At that time they were beginning to put in natural gas lines so as to eliminate domestic use of coal. China would love to cut back further on coal but is faced with the problem of having lots of coal and not so much oil and gas.

      This is why China is being so aggressive in the South China Sea. They don’t care about those little islands – they want to exploit the undersea oil.

Let’s not forget this long weekend that , UNIONS gave us ALL statutory holidays . Some union members gave up their lives for us .

    This is true..However in this day in age, the union concept has swung completely the other way. In some cases it protects worker negligence while at the same time there is frivolous spending of union dues on things that don’t have anything to do with protecting workers health, safety and rights.

    Although I have been on both sides of the fence..I have had equally good experiences and bad experiences with working in both union and non union environments.

      I silently cry every time I open one of my union’s glossy newsletters. What a bunch of propaganda and waste of money.

      Where I work at a union job, I see that the unions mostly protect workers who shouldn’t have jobs and that a lot of the long term employees know how to work the system so that they are “sick” a lot.

      It has swung completely the other way? How so? The thousands of strong union members can’t wait for your opinion. What kinds of things are they spending union dues on that are so frivolous?
      Bornandbread you silently cry? Why don’t you go to one of your meetings and cry out loud so your fellow members can see what kind of member you really are. Where do you work that these worthless people are working along side you?

General Motors Launches Baojun E100 Electric Car, Priced From *~$5,300 . In China oil companies and car dealerships don’t set the rules like they do here .

    Uh oh ! I can hear the wattsupwiththat machine winding up…..

      Dystopian futures as opposed to the reality of the present ?

      Digitus All you have to do is refute what is posted, easy peezy.

      Ataloss do they build your hybrid diesel locomotives?

      Refute what seamutt ? As long as the Chinese buy lots of Canadian coal, I can live with it.Now, do as you do every Friday and cut & paste your day away from wattsupwiththat.

      No . We have GM or GE units . Do you know how dynamic braking works ? The only differences between locomotives and hybrid cars are . The rail units vent the electric power generated through fan driven vents in the roof . Car save it in batteries .

      In other words digitus you as usual have nothing to add except a troll flyby. I must be doing something right to be a fan of yours. You just can’t handle the truth.

      Actually seamutt, it’s fun to pick on you because this is a religion to you. See, one little sentence and your panties are in a knot. Cheap entertainment.

      Since Musk has been building the largest battery in the world by a factor of three in south Australia to solve the black out problem generated by their disingenuous utility . Joanna Nova has gone quiet because the black outs are soon to be a thing of the past like most of her stuff .

      Ataloss I will type slowly for you. diesel locomotives do not have batteries for motive power such as a Prius.

      yes you have the part about dynamic braking partly right, the energy produced in braking is dissipated through resistors not stored.

      The fans dissipate the heat from the resistors and from the radiators used in the cooling of the diesel engine. Not all locomotives have dynamic breaking.

      Ataloss since you seem weak in google searching here ya go

      h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3InSFvtKg

      Anywhere else in the auto industry, if you would announce plans like that, you would be submitted to a drug test, and fired. Anywhere else in the auto industry, you would design modular platforms that underpin many models, so that you don’t have to develop the same 80% of the car again and again. Anywhere in the auto industry, eight models and more roll off the same line, maximizing CapEx and capacity. Of course, if you build your cars from tangerine trees, marmalade skies, and a fistful of pills, and if you are high on a $60 billion valuation of your company, such rules do not apply.

      This isn’t the first time Musk has made pie-in-the-sky promises to his investors, which often go unfulfilled. In March, SpaceX announced it planned to send two tourists to the moon by next year, a laughable goal. As I wrote back then, Musk’s companies don’t have a good track record of keeping their promises. SpaceX has repeatedly missed deadlines to send NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and keeps blowing up expensive payloads.

      ht tps://www.thegwpf.com/is-elon-musk-cracking-up/


      “Since Musk has been building the largest battery in the world by a factor of three in south Australia to solve the black out problem generated by their disingenuous utility . Joanna Nova has gone quiet because the black outs are soon to be a thing of the past like most of her stuff.”

      Jo Nova gone quite??? What world do you live on?

      Here she describes how S. Aussie has managed to mitigate the blackout problem somewhat – shut down industry.

      Yeah, that’ll help the people. Put them out of work in order to cut consumption of over-priced electricity that they won’t be able to afford anymore.

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/08/sa-solves-blackouts-crisis-partly-by-closing-holden-factory/

      Both SpaceXs dragon2 and the Boeings starliner systems are behind a year . Musk just last month added 5 billion dollars from spacex to tesla . His space launches cost his customers a third less than other systems and add twice to his bottom line than the others including China . Nice try though . Funny how many Canadians hate to see Canadians succeed . I love to see Canadians succeed and to emulate them .

      Yet his car company can’t survive without hundreds of millions of subsidies and even then has never come close to making a profit.

      Nice try though.

      It’s another topic, but since you changed the subject, I’ll bite.

      What Canadians hate to see Canadians succeed? This is something I’ve never heard before, where do you get that idea?

    Perfect..I love Dr Copper..

    Yes the E100 is a nice under 100km range auto that takes 7.5 hours to charge. Subsidies are more than the selling price so the car without subsidies would be about 12,000 US, is that the price you would pay to forego safety? The billions an automaker in the US and Canada would have to pay for these cars would be mind boggling – they have to pay multiple millions here for a ignition switch that causes safety concerns imagine an entire coke can of a car?

The rail units vent the electric power generated (as heat ) through fan driven vents in the roof .

I find it interesting if the wind generation in this province, very heavily subsidized by the taxpayer, is such a good thing why is their output not published. Is the government and wind industry trying to hide something.

I read that the subsidies to Tesla are soon to expire and unless that non money making company gets another welfare handout it may collapse. But hey Musk will have his billions of taxpayer money hidden away somewhere.

    Hidden with the bombardier billions of tax dollars

      And the 34plus billions of dollars per year to the fossils .

      Ataloss those are depreciation and writdowns afforded to any company. Keep trying you might find that hybrid locomotive yet.

      Except nobody has ever been able to show me real subsidies to fossils other than in countries like Iran.

    If they are public companies you might be able to find their output disclosed in their financial documents and or MDA documents on SEDAR. Or phone investor relations and ask the question.

    look that these companies.

    Pattern Energy (Meikel wind farm in Tumbler Ridge)
    Capital Power Corp (Quality wind farm in Tumbler Ridge)
    TransAlta corp. (Various wind and solar nationally)

    Good luck with your data mining endeavours..

      It’s so easy to tell who is in the investor class and those that are not . For the U.S. Listed go to edger online . Google finance , finance Yahoo for real time for the former and wattsupwithjoannanova for the latter .

    Musk has already found another sugar daddy to keep his money haemorrhaging company alive – California. Gerry Brown, the ultimate green politician has announced that he will subsidize them:

    Green Cronyism Gone Wild: It Looks Like The State Of California Is Bailing Out Tesla


    “This is how the taxpayer-funded rebates in the “California Electric Vehicle Initiative” (AB1184) would work, according to the Mercury News:

    “The [California Air Resources Board] would determine the size of a rebate based on equalizing the cost of an EV and a comparable gas-powered car. For example, a new, $40,000 electric vehicle might have the same features as a $25,000 gas-powered car. The EV buyer would receive a $7,500 federal rebate, and the state would kick in an additional $7,500 to even out the bottom line.”

    And for instance, a $100,000 Tesla might be deemed to have the same features as a $65,000 gas-powered car. The rebate would cover the difference, minus the federal rebate (so $27,500). Because rebates for Teslas will soon be gone, the program would cover the entire difference – $35,000.

    The Tesla Model 3 would be tough to sell without the federal $7,500. But this new bill would push Californian taxpayers into filling the void. It would be a godsend for Tesla.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/07/19/green-cronyism-gone-wild-it-looks-like-the-state-of-california-is-bailing-out-tesla/

Now here is an interesting read on the state of todays journalism. Can also be applied to fake news on Trump mania

ht tp://notrickszone.com/2017/08/03/new-paper-investigative-journalism-professor-slams-todays-fake-news-climate-science-reporting/#sthash.YIAh9cY9.dpbs

Dirtman:”But you seem to have missed the whole point of the article, they called it green.”

No, I did not miss it, I just ignored it because it is so ludicrous! They can call it anything they like, because they have a monopoly on decision making! Contrast that with our freedom to actively support choices.

Just visit a website that shows pictures of the incredibly polluted air in any Chinese city. China still needs to expand its industry to raise the living standards of many tens of millions of its population by creating jobs for them in new industry. Industry has a huge necessity for electrical power, that is the reason why they are building more nuclear plants, more coal fired power plants, more solar and wind farms. The population is almost 40 times that of Canada and it is still increasing every day. Calling fossil fuelled generation of power “green” is a feeble attempt at putting lipstick on a defenseless pig!

    Actually it’s not ludicrous. All the greenies over here saying that China will be the world leader in environmentalism is ludicrous. Their country is horribly polluted, air, land and water. No, they didn’t have to do it that way, the clean technology was readily available for them. In fact, if you read the article, the reason they called a proposed coal fired generating plant green appears to be because it is actually using that clean coal technology. The lunacy of calling any kind of fossil fueled energy dirty is ludicrous.
    Calling windmill power green would be better described as ludicrous.

      In fact burning coal releases dangerous mercury and radioactive elements into the environment. Do a little research and find out about the industry. It is impossible to keep these from being dumped into the air. Coal ash is a particularly nasty by-product of burning coal. If it is used for landfill it will ultimately contaminate ground water, making it poisonous.

      Windmills were once used for milling grains. The modern power generating three bladed monsters are actually geared to drive generators. Some people call them wind turbines. Miĺls they are not.

      Whatever you call them, they still do more damage to the environment than fossils.

63000 orders for Telsa 3 cars cancelled in the past year. Production of these cars could be a problem. They presently have a net of 455,000 cars on order. In the big scheme of things this is a drop in the bucket.

    It’s a drop in the bucket that drive the fossil fans to distraction and lying . Why would anyone be worried about a drop that is only growing exponentially ?

      If a drop grows exponentially it soon becomes a flood and the bucket is empty. You may want to rephrase that.


      If you think Apple is a cult, you haven’t been to a Tesla event

      Published on Oct 10, 2015

      Tesla CEO Elon Musk threw a huge party to reveal the electric-car company’s newest vehicle: the Model X. Thousands of Tesla owners and potential buyers came out to get a peek at the $132,000 SUV. Almost everything Musk said during his presentation, including remarks about the car’s air filter, was met with thunderous applause.

      We talked to some of the partygoers about what makes Elon Musk one of the most dynamic figures in the world of science, tech, and innovation.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR7c2fb_dps

780 drug deaths in BC in June. 88% increase over 2016.

Since when has it ever been accepted in BC or Canada that this many people could be dying and we don’t seem to have a solution to the problem.

Drug overdose deaths are a national catastrophe and should be dealt with as such.

This means serious jail time for dealers, and a system put place to sentence those drug users who break the law to finance their addiction given two choices, go to jail for the crimes committed, or go to a rehabilitation centre to get some help.

If this means building more rehabilitation centres then so be it.

Do we want dealers in jail, or dead users on the streets. Lets get some leadership on this issue.

    Unfortunately, First Nation people are the top abusers

    Should read to the end of June 780 drug deaths.

    “There were 488 illicit drug overdose deaths in B.C. during the first four months of this year, according to the latest data released by the B.C. Coroners Service.”

    About 120 per month. Bad enough, but where did the “780 drug deaths in BC in June” come from?

OMG, here comes all the environmental crap on cars and windmills, never ends. Same arguments same results

    Sure beats the ever presence of rasism , don’t you think ?

      Hard to write racism . Ugly word with ugly intent .

The old union argument…

They used to be good.. it now only protects the lazy workers.. has the union ever been perfect? I remember it protecting a person caught stealing way back in 1978..he kept his job… nothing has changed..we just know more about what’s going on..

Like everything..there is good and bad.. but also.. for the union…they can only do what the contract allows..which is voted on by the members..

Business has much to fear from our Federal Liberals. As much as many of this site like to condemn “business”, where would your job be if your employer was driven out of business, or out of the country?

Many business owners have no job security, no benefits, no paid sick leave, no paid vacation, no banked time off, no, no, no! But the opportunity to own and operate your own business has generally afforded other benefits, benefits that make owning and operating a business a viable option in spite of the lack of benefits, job security, etc, etc.

Trudeau’s Liberals have proposed changes that could very well have a dramatic effect on Canadian businesses, their employees and the economy!

Scary stuff!

“A 93% tax rate? Private corporation tax could make it possible”

ht tp://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/taxes/a-93-per-cent-tax-rate-private-corporation-tax-could-make-it-possible/wcm/3de2e7ba-dfd3-4b7b-bfcc-b951db552eab

    Big difference between huge conglomerates, huge private companies, huge mining companies, and a so called business.

    If there is any threat to business it would be the so called small business’s.

    The Walmarts, Home depot’s, Finning Tractor’s etc; can look after themselves.

    Small business needs all the tax breaks that it can get to stay in business, however it is not the responsibility for taxpayers to fund people who chose
    to go into business. That’s a risk that people take.

    Where small business gets screwed is from the various Governments ie; Municipal, Provincial, and Federal.

    On the Federal level you have to collect the HST for the Feds. You also have to collect the PST for the Province. Then your stuck with horrendous costs for WCB, EI, Benefits, etc; All this money goes to the Government and then is p….d into the wind by all levels of Government, who state with a straight face that they are looking out for our interests.

    We seem to forget that Paul Martin, and Chretian took $46 billion out of the EI fund and transferred it to general revenues, to help balance their budget.
    This money did not belong to the Government, it belonged to business and workers. There are many ways that our Government takes us to the cleaners, however no one seems to take issue with anything.

    If there is one thing certain in Canada, it is that we do not have any leaders worth a grain of salt. Without good leaders you have chaos.

    “That could very well”

    What a line… means nothing…someone is guessing.. I can guess tooo..

    .93% tax rate…stupidest thing I have read in awhile.

      What business could stay afloat at 40%. A rare few… but to say businesses would still be around at 93% is plain ignorance..oh and stupidity..

Am I correct in thinking that watering is currently allowed in Prince George, on the usual schedule? There isn’t an outright ban is there?

    Watering is the same as any other summer. Odd and even days for sprinkling, and hand held watering otherwise.

      Thanks. I just wanted to confirm it because there was an outright ban a while back which I think was just while they did some repairs.

    People water whenever they please anyhow. Just giver.

Anybody going to see Al Gore’s latest sci-fi comedy-horror flick?

How Al Gore Fooled The World Into Paying For His Giant Carbon Footprint

Jeff Dunetz …The real reason Al Gore wants you to read his books and go see his movies and even see his lectures isn’t because he is trying to save the Earth from global warming and climate change, but because he’s invested in products that will be successful as long as people are convinced by the climate change scare tactics.

He quotes Andrew Follett in the Daily Caller:

The former vice president’s global warming activism has helped increase his net worth from $700,000 in 2000 to an estimated net worth of $172.5 million by 2015. Gore and the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management made nearly $218 million in profits between 2008 and 2011 from a carbon trading company they co-founded. By 2008, Gore was able to put a whopping $35 million into hedge funds and other investments.

Gore also has a remarkable record of investing in companies right before they get huge grants from the government.

Obviously Gore believes the planet is in a crisis and is doing his best to save it.

From the report:

In powering his home, Gore still greatly outpaces most Americans in energy consumption. The findings were shocking:

• The past year, Gore’s home energy use averaged 19,241 kilowatt hours (kWh) every month, compared to the U.S. household average of 901 kWh per month.3,4
• Gore guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.5
• In September of 2016, Gore’s home consumed 30,993 kWh in just one month – as much energy as a typical American family burns in 34 months.
• During the last 12 months, Gore devoured 66,159 kWh of electricity just heating his pool. That is enough energy to power six average U.S. households for a year.
• From August 2016 through July 2017, Gore spent almost $22,000 on electricity bills.6
• Gore paid an estimated $60,000 to install 33 solar panels. Those solar panels produce an average of 1,092 kWh per month, only 5.7% of Gore’s typical monthly energy consumption.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/08/al-gores-swimming-pool-uses-the-same-electricity-as-six-us-homes/#more-54446

    The only part of your post I read was the first line . The rest I glanced at , conclusion ? #beinconvenient .

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/cant-slip-old-solar-panels-into-the-compost-heap-a-toxic-cadmium-lead-headache-coming/

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/07/pop-quiz-to-get-cheaper-electricity-should-we-build-a-new-coal-plant-or-b-pay-3b-in-renewable-subsidies/

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/06/sa-govt-to-spend-100m-on-diesel-generators-but-could-have-spent-8m-keeping-coal-plant-instead/

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/06/sa-will-take-top-prize-for-most-expensive-electricity-from-denmark-on-july-1/

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/06/india-china-clean-dust-pollution-off-solar-panels-every-two-months-and-still-lose-up-to-35-of-production/

Why is a battery needed in SA because they are shutting down reliable coal and depending on unreliable wind and solar. Price of electricity is going through the roof and that battery, only good for a couple of minutes.

A huge thank you to the truckers that are using Jensen Road as a cut off for the Highway 16 construction in the Blackwater/16 area. Five o’clock in the morning seems to be the preferred time to roar through this usually quite subdivision. I can only assume that these are new professional drivers who can not handle these belly-dumptrucks. They seem to only be able to drive straight forward so they use Jensen Road to avoid having to turn corners and back up. I am uncertain if these trucks are allowed on residential roads. I can see these big trucks doing damage to the area road. Thanks for the consideration guys.

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