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October 27, 2017 4:11 pm

Victoria Bringing Back Human Rights Commission

Friday, August 4, 2017 @ 12:24 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The new BC Green-backed NDP government is bringing back the human rights commission.

“Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. By re-establishing a human rights commission, we will create a more-inclusive and just society, where we work together to eliminate inequality and prevent discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression,” said Premier John Horgan.

B.C. is the only province in Canada without a human rights commission. The previous commission was dismantled in 2002 in favour of a complaint-driven tribunal.

Prior to bringing back the human rights commission, the government will hold a consultation process which will include both online and face-to-face meetings with British Columbians, stakeholders and human rights experts.

That consultation will start in September with legislation expected to follow next year.


Ah yes, let’s go Harrison Bergeron and force us all to be equal.

I completely disagree with the statement, ““Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect…” Some people are beneath contempt.

    You could be right. People who make statements such as you have done being the premiere example.

      So you’re saying someone like a Clifford Olson deserves to be treated with “dignity and respect”?

    Some are more equal than others.

    Take the Queen of England, for instance. She is the most equal ….. it then goes downhill …… and eventually stops at Trump …. who is the least equal.


      Equal to a lady….

You could be right. People who make statements such as you have done being the premiere example.

    Ignore this, it is in the wrong place.

9 red flags when the premiers statement has 60% of his examples of human rights abuses linked to sexual identifiers.

I take issue with using the powers of government to promote dangerous sex related psychological disorders. Giving them the powers to force this agenda through threats of sanctions against those that don’t share these views is an absolute human rights abuse in itself.

The purpose of the commission is to stamp out hatred and intolerance, in today’s society it can often be found in online forums such as this one where over a period of time an individual can issue hate filled tirades against(in no particular order):

-Muslim refugees
-people of color
-people who believe in pro-choice
-LBGT in any form
-Banksters(aka Jews)
-right of people with terminal illness to die with dignity
-any non christian religion
-equal rights for women
-and on and on

Out of curiosity WTH is “sex related psychological disorders” Sounds like the utterance of a wack-job that believes in Pray The Gay Away.

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