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October 27, 2017 4:09 pm

Angle Parking on 5th Boosts Stalls by 30%

Monday, August 7, 2017 @ 8:38 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The recent move to  change  the parking along 5th Avenue in downtown Prince George from  parallel to angle,  has   resulted in a significant increase in the number of parking spaces available along that strip.The $105 thousand dollar project  included  painting  sidewalk extensions (bulb outs) along 5th at the intersections from Vancouver to Queensway.

The painted version is a  change from what had been  constructed on 3rd and 4th Avenues in Prince George.   Bulb-outs on those   roads  are concrete curbed

Bollards have been installed to make drivers more  aware of the bulb outs,  and  enhancements such as benches and planters will be added to  ensure drivers  respect the  painted  bulb out area.

Before the conversion,  there had been 132 parking spaces along  this stretch of 5th Avenue.   The switch to   angle parking means there are now 173  parking spots, an increase of 30%.  The change also increased the number of accessible parking spaces from 8 to 13.


How about those bulb outs at the hospital. Buried in the snow and people drive over them all winter as usually buried in the snow. A lot of thought went into those!

It give the city more chances to ticket you for parking 2 hours and 1 minute when you are entitled to 3 hours. So a 30% increase in rip off tickets too I guess!

So they added 41 parkings spots by changing to angle parking, but a few months back they took away over 100 spots when they closed the big parking lot between 4th & 5th at the old Achillion. So overall there is still less parking downtown.

Hopefully those plastic pylons they put up can handle the weight of the snow-banks on them, or they will need to replace them every winter.

I don’t like going through those streets for there was no planning on visibility. You have big truck angle parked and you can’t see cars coming down towards you. You have to pull out to the road a bit to see if any traffic coming. Think I’ll stick to Victoria and then go down the streets.

    Yes stillsmoking I think that street is not wide enough for many of the vehicles to be angle parking,

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