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October 27, 2017 3:54 pm

No Details Yet on Wildfire Impact to Tourism Revenue

Sunday, August 20, 2017 @ 6:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Destination B.C. continues to try and spread the word  that not all of BC is in flames,  but has yet to  provide an estimate on  how many tourism dollars have been lost  because of the fires.

“That is information is still being collected” says Maya Lange,  Vice President Marketing for Destination B.C.

Lange says,  some areas of the Province,  such as  Vancouver Island,  are seeing an increase in tourist traffic  as visitors revise their plans and  head to other destinations within the province. “The majority of the cancellations have been by British Columbians, or Albertans” says Lange. “Although there has been an uptick  it  hasn’t  offset the volume of cancellations.”

She says cancellations have been primarily in the affected areas,  but  other regions,  such as the Okanagan,  have also  lost bookings.”There  are also businesses that have been impacted because of access issues, road or highway closures and those who have been affected  by misinformation, leading people to believe an area  is under fire, or there are air quality  issues.   Only 10% of the Cariboo Chilcotin is in a wildfire situation,  but it still means there is still a vast  area that can be travelled.”

Lange says  Destination B.C. has launched an aggressive marketing campaign to get the word out that B.C. is a  great place to visit.  “Marketing activities that have already taken place and are planned are under an  ‘Explore BC’ program that we have in the spring and fall,  that we have to drive shoulder season visitation and we have increased those  efforts, in terms of print,  editorial, broadcast opportunities, as well as  social media and bill boards as  well, just communicating that B.C. is open  to explore and where to get  accurate information.”

On Friday, the Province  announced $200  thousand dollars would be made available to Cariboo Chilcotin Tourism Association  for recovery efforts  ( see previous story)



“An intense marketing campaign has been launched to say BC is a great place to visit”

I find that statement quite hilarious as so far every add I’ve seen is promoting Hongcouver, the island and the okanogan I have yet to see one promoting anything north of Kamloops I guess in their eyes that is all of BC

While in penticton this summer the wineries and campsites saw a drop of about 40% in tourism this summer. Very costly for sure.

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