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October 27, 2017 3:52 pm

Referendum Questions Approved

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The questions that will be put  to voters  in October have been approved.

Voters in Prince George will be called to the polls in October to  say  yes or no to  two borrowing bylaws.  One calls for borrowing up to $35 million dollars to replace the Four Seasons Pool,  the other  calls for borrowing $15 million to  build a new Fire Hall #1.

In the case of the  pool,  the question is as follows:

Are you in favour of the City of Prince George adopting “Four Seasons Leisure Pool Replacement Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 8888, 2017” which will authorize Council to borrow a sum not exceeding thirty five million dollars ($35,000,000), repayable over a period of no more than twenty (20) years, for the development and construction of a new pool building to replace the Four Seasons Leisure Pool?

The question  on the borrowing bylaw for the fire hall is as follows:

Are you in favour of the City of Prince George adopting “Fire Hall #1 Replacement Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 8889, 2017” which will authorize Council to borrow a sum not exceeding fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000), repayable over a period of no more than twenty (20) years, for the development and construction of a new fire hall building to replace Fire Hall #1?


City of PG needs to get their priorities in place – Almost no brainer and stop wasting time and money battling back / forth on this. It would not be an issue
if you were to provide all the info on the table and go with a new Fire Hall.

This proposal benefits everyone now and later, wth are you thinking about with a new pool at 35 plus million. Don’t tell me there was another back door deal with the City of PG and Days Inn. City Tracks don’t come clean when it boils down to Downtown City Projects, all the bad comes afterwards and us tax payers get sting with the heavy increases. Should 250 News do some digging .

Start getting votes if you campaign for a NEW FIRE HALL! You have my support.

Thank You!

Over the years money has been borrowed for this and that but has any of it ever been paid off?


Getting a little tired of my property taxes going up and up every year while council spends and spends. I understand we need infrastructure but this idea of saddling residents who already pay too much with the long term bill is nuts.

Extremely happy that I sold my house in City limits and moved to regional. Twice the house and way less taxes! See the snowplow once in a while as well

Tired of paying higher taxes, well this will continue to esculate, I don t see any end to this. Can someone post the last 4 years of city property taxes. I bet you a minimum of 10% increase from today and yesterday …. notice the small increments … add it up, Taxes just keeps on rising !

    Every year has been 3% plus increase which if you just use 3% compounded we are at 12.5 percent increase in 4 years on the basic levy. We were also saddled with infrastructure levies and increases in garbage and water levies that outpaced the 3% by a long shot.

    We had a core review that found no savings – just ways to raise more funds through additional fees.

    We stifle any attempts at change, we still have an empty block and Odeon building where the city wanted to keep its parking lot available for purchase for a condo downtown. Yet we have a council that votes to cram shoppers into a lot that serves a busy medical building in order to put in a retail outlet in hopes of revitalizing the downtown while there are vacancies that could have easily supported the development elsewhere. People who shop there do not walk to other shopping in the area, they just park-shop-drive away. No thought is paid to anything other than same-old unfortunately with this council, no vision, no bold steps. Just one step forward and two steps back.

    Now we find a building that we (city taxpayers) purchased the land and supplied all the demolition and utility including a hookup to the community heating system wasn’t even built to code. How much is making it handicap accessible going to cost us in hindsight? More demolition and concrete work. We invest in money pits here in PG. We are almost as bad as Detroit, if we lose tax base we are hooped.

The first order of business is to have the aquatic pool change rooms cleaned properly. The rooms are disgustingly dirty. Gravy train jobs at excess of $20.00 per hour to run the till is just one of the reasons our taxes are so high. Vanderhoof has a new swimming pool being built and the “Y” is receiving the contract to operate it. Why not in PG also.

    Yeah, because the person operating the cash register to enable you to go swimming only deserves to be paid minimum wage. 🤦‍♂️

      Seems about right … not supposed to be a career. ..

    typical Lib mentality here. So its not up to the people using the rooms to clean up a bit after themselves? Have you seen the animals that come in and out of there?

      Typical NDP attitude calling people animals .. makes as much sense as your post ..

The fireball is further away from the airport, the residences there and the future light industrial on boundary rd.

They are not telling us about the additional fireball required there.

    gopg2015. That fireball was the sun shining through the smoke.

    I agree they may have a plan for another hall, because moving to Massey/Carney also takes them further away from the pulp mills, and industry on first Avenue, and East of Queensway,.

I see Four Seasons as a heritage building in PG. They say it’s $10-million to renovate Four Seasons… maybe give it another 20-years.

I look at buying Days Inn as problematic, especially when they go to referendum without an accepted conditional proposal already in place for the land purchase. Let’s say it costs $6-millon to buy, which I highly doubt, then how much to demolish… then how much to demolish Four Seasons… we are over the $10-million to renovate Four Seasons just in real estate and demolition costs and we still don’t have a new pool.

I hear the issue with Four Seasons is accessibility and no family change rooms. I agree it’s a big issue, but not a tear down is issue.

Why not renovate Four Seasons for $10 million and add and addition with accessibility issues, family change rooms, and events rooms with a new North facing entrance on the empty grass the is currently unused park space? Total cost maybe $15-million seems more prudent to me.

    Problem is no PAC on that location then… but maybe that is prudent for the taxpayer as well.

    Say they did build the PAC where Four Seasons is now then what about parking? They haven’t thought this out IMO. Events at the PAC with a thousand people, at the same time as a hockey game, and civic center event…. we can’t do underground parking in that part of town… just a design for failure IMO.

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