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October 27, 2017 3:52 pm

Sanitary Sewer Petition Fails

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

image is original Phase 4 plan  area which  failed.

Prince George, B.C. –  The petition that would have cleared the way for phase four of sewer installation in  a Hart neighbourhood has failed.

The proposal  called for   residences along Killarney Drive, Carleton Lane, Carleton Place, Glenngarry Road,  Croft Road, Dunbar Place, Langley Crescent, Poyner Crescent, Teresa Place and Montgomery Crescent  to be added to the City’s sewer system  The project would cost each property owner approximately  $27 thousand dollars.

Before the  project could be approved, the City required  the approval from 50% of the total number of property owners,  and 50% of the total assessed values.    That mean the City needed to have approval of a total of 53 property owners,   whose properties   had a combined  assessed value of  $12.9 million.

The petition only resulted in the  City  receiving  approval from 35% of the property owners representing  $8.7 million dollars  in assessed value.

However, Staff did note, there was approval from  residents  in one particular area of the big picture.  So staff would like to do a formal petition in a smaller area.

(see map at right)

A resident  in the  smaller area,  sent a letter to Council   concerned they would have to go through  the petition  process again, having already rejected the  proposal.

“We know  there is a lot of interest in this (smaller) area” says Adam Homes, Engineer with the City.  He says it is likely  those in the revised area  will  ask the City to  conduct another  petition  initiative.

Councillor Terri McConnachie says she was “Completely shocked” this  project didn’t pass,  but could  not   support  redoing the petition. “It would be disingenuous” said McConnachie who said the democratic process was presented,  and failed so she couldn’t  support the idea of the City  going ahead to redo the  formal petition.

Mayor Lyn Hall  says Council’s message has always been that  it is up to the  residents  that the neighbourhood is the one “driving the bus”  but  if the City goes ahead and  sets  a new petition in motion  for a smaller area,  Mayor Hall says  that  means “the City is now driving the bus” and he is not comfortable with  that. “I would bet if  we turn this down, we would have those residents  who want it ,  to come forward very soon  asking to have   a new formal petition.”

Council  has  turned  down the request from staff to launch a new  formal petition,  and will leave it up to the  residents to take the next step.


These guys saw what their neighbouts had to put up with for months-on-end. I don’t blame them for not wanting the construction chaos.

    Chaos for sure. The city is not capable of laying out the materials needed,close a section of the street, dig a trench, have a crew large enough to assemble the materials and fill the area back in. No they have to hire a dozen trucks, load haul and stockpile the material away from site then bring it back again.

So Terri why would you be completely shocked when the money is not coming out of your pocket? Were you also shocked when the people of PG took a stand to not have a Bus Terminal built at 15th an foothills? The city has done very little for Hart Highlands in the last 45 yrs. The expected life of pavement is 20 yrs and now you want the homeowner to pay a portion to re-pave the streets. The city took and spent the money that was allotted for Hart Highlands sewer in a different area many yrs ago. The cost to have the sewer installed is just to high and this is why you get a no vote.

As long as those residents are happy with septic for the now foreseeable future, and are happy with the reduced saleability and hence reduced property values relative to similar homes in the same area that already have sewer, then it is their prerogative to remain with the status quo. Just do not come clamouring to council at a later date begging for the tax payer to provide that which they refused to pay for themselves.

    How many other projects does the city taxpayer fund that you know nothing about? The city was given the money long ago to fund this project but seeing all septic fields in the area were working fine they decided to take the money and use in another area. Looks like you might have to pay for a new fire hall and a swimming pool.

      If city hall is going to work hard getting grant money for a new fire hall and swimming pool maybe they can also work hard for the Hart Highlands sewer expansion.

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