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October 27, 2017 3:51 pm

ICBC Receives More than 100 Wildfire Vehicle Damage Claims

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 10:24 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Insurance Corporation of B.C.  has  already received 124 claims   for  vehicles  damaged by  flames or smoke during this  season’s  unprecedented wildfires.

ICBC says most of the claims  were related to extreme heat and smoke damage, with some vehicles even rendered as total losses.

So far,  the claims have cost ICBC approximately $500,000.

“Our goal is to be as responsive as possible to our customers who are caught in these unfortunate situations,” said Mark Blucher, ICBC’s president and CEO. “We have insurance and claims experts who are focused on responding to our customers’ needs and supporting our brokers under these trying circumstances.”

ICBC has  made some changes to its policies to assist  customers  on evacuation alerts :

  • Customers whose ICBC comprehensive insurance coverage has recently expired will still be able to purchase this coverage in most situations. Contact your Autoplan broker for more details.
  • Customers who already have, or have previously purchased, ICBC optional coverage, or who have never insured a vehicle in B.C., will be able to purchase full ICBC optional coverage for their newly acquired vehicle.


Another excuse to raise rates

    So, when ICBC behaves as an insurance company is supposed to behave by imdemnifying its customers who have damaged cars through no fault of their ow, you think that is a bad thing, do you? What on earth do you think insurance is for?

      Well I don’t pay my insurance to fix roads, pay cops overtime for road blocks, or have hundreds of millions from our car insurance premiums to go into general coffers etc etc

      If icbc was just a vehicle insurance company we would all have cheaper car insurance.. but it’s not.

      Well, the Liberals had to get the money to “balance” their budgets from somewhere, didn’t they, so why are you surprised? After all, you have generally supported them, not I.

      Well aint that special. They continued something that the NDP started -dividends from crown corporations. The NDP reasoned that crown corporations owed the public fir their existence and thus needed to pay the people a dividend, for if they lose money the people will pay to balance their books.

      The Liberals stopped the practice when the media began to report the dividend into 5 and 10 year totals instead of annual. You may note that BC Hydro had to borrow to pay the dividend in 1997.

      Do you not support the NDP ammonra? We will see if Horgy continues the practice seeing as how he is going to need the money after he blows the 2.7 (+) billion dollar surplus we just had. Any bets on next years surplus figure?

      Oh how tritely sarcastic and how typical of a disgruntled Liberal supporter finding some way to blame the NDP instead of taking responsibility for the Liberal government’s actions. Quite pathetic really!.

      Whatever the NDP did 16 years ago was in another lifetime and it has nothing to do with how the Liberals have exploited ICBC and BC Hydro for the last 16 years, jacking up taxpayer debt while making the ridiculous claim that they had “balanced” budgets. If they borrowed money, or caused ICBC and BC Hydro to borrow money, then the budgets were not balanced. It was all flim flam, supported by people like yourself who only dislike debt when an NDP government uses it, but prattle on about how financially wonderful the Liberals are keeping taxes low, while all the while racking up billion dollars after billion dollars. I’m surprise you don’t try talking out of the back of your head as well, since you are so adept at talking out of both sides of your mouth.

      Just the facts, they didn’t change the way the NDP “exploited” ICBC and Hydro until the media started to report in 5 year terms and people saw billion dollar figures not millions.

      you a disgruntled NDP supporter?

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