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October 27, 2017 3:50 pm

Changes at ICBC Board of Directors

Thursday, August 24, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Provincial Government has ended the appointments of three  Directors on the ICBC Board,  and  announced three new Directors to  take up the vacancies.

Gone are:Catherine Boivie, William Davidson and Ronald Olynyk.

In their place,  the  Government has appointed:

Jeremy Bell,  a group benefit and investment consultant at George and Bell Consulting.    He was  the former chief actuary  and investment officer with the Healthcare Benefit Trust

Bonnie Pearson:   former  secretary -business manager with the Hospital Employees Union and previously served as Vice President of the  BC Federation of Labour

Doug Allen: former  interim chief executive officer of TransLink.





I reviewed the portfolios of both the outgoing directors and the new incoming directors and I fail to see a single thing that makes the incoming directors more qualified that the outgoing directors.

So, why clean house? Unfortunately we all too often see this with any change in government!

    Political affiliations are the main reason.

    Did you interview all parties involved or just going if what’s posted ? I have never hired anyone just from their resume. You keep mentioning being a business owner hart guy. Do you hire just from a stack of resumes ? Or do interviews ?

      P Val, the point that I was alluding to was that I see little reason for the dismissal of the outgoing directors and the appointment of the incoming directors other than political affiliation and ideology!

      So, rather than picking sides, right wing or left wing, I was very clear that we all too often see this with ANY change in government!

      Sorry that you missed this! Perhaps you were too focused on attacking me personally, perhaps because of my usual right of centre bias, to have noticed that on this issue I was not picking sides!

My biggest issue with forced government insurance is not that I’m paying exactly 3X the rate that my friend in another province with the same vehicle is paying. It’s that I have seen, first hand, what happens when someone is injured in an automobile accident. This sounds alarmist, I know, but ICBC will let you starve to death. So you’re driving home from work one day when someone hits you. Now you’re on Dr prescribed narcotics, then your short term disability runs out, then you have no income but still need pain meds and food (roof is nice but optional). What happens next is tragic. Then 2 to 3 years letter ICBC cuts a check but there is no address to send it to.

Bring back private auto insurance.

    I have to agree with you. Even basic insurance with ICBC and comprehensive with another like CDI or Belair direct is very very expensive.

    Codger, you are absolutely correct that ICBC will attempt to starve you to death before they finally settle your claim! I’ve personally witnessed it on more than one occasion!

    An injured party can hire a lawyer to take on their claim and the lawyer may agree to not collect a fee until you collect a claim. However, during one’s battle with ICBC, you will still need to pay out of pocket for medications, for appointments with specialists, for physio and chiropractic care and for a multitude of other assorted costs, all while perhaps being off the job and without an income!

    ICBC’s modus operandi is to have you financially destitute as you may then be more agreeable to accepting their “offer” to settle!

      Right on the money! Folks who have never had this experience still believe that the forced government insurance scheme will treat them fairly.

Then 2 to 3 years LATER . . .

Private insurance companies are like all the gas stations before Costco came to town. They set a rate and all stick together so you have no advantage going for your insurance at another insurance outlet and you can bet the rates will be higher than ICBC.

    oldman1, I believe that in Alberta, I would get discounts for my second, third or even fourth vehicle on my policy. In BC, it’s the full whack for each and every policy!

    In Alberta, a holiday or utility trailer plate is issued and licenced only once, for as long as you own the trailer. Here in BC, it’s a renewal each and every year!

    BC needs to open the field to all competitors and then ICBC should fight for their share of the market! If they are so great, it shouldn’t be much of a fight!

      And let them compete with private business while the BC government keeps sucking millions from their account. ICBC is a lose-lose no matter how you look at it.

How would private insurance settle these various claims as opposed to ICBC. I suppose they would be sitting at your bedside with a cheque book and an open mind, offering you the best deal of your life.

Ooooooor, would they take you to the cleaners much the same as ICBC.

Private insurance companies are not noted for having a conscious.

Having lived under both programs I can tell you that, while not perfect, competition works better for the consumer than a monopoly.

I certainly hope they hired these new Directors at a reduced salary and continue doing so as they replace the others

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