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October 27, 2017 3:45 pm

Victoria Granted Intervener Status

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 4:11 PM

Victoria, B.C. – The provincial government was granted intervener status by the Federal Court of Appeal today regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project.

The Province says it ensures B.C.’s interests will be presented in court and notes it expects to file its memorandum of fact and law by this Friday.

“We are pleased that the court has granted our government’s application for intervener status in the Federal Court of Appeal. It is also absolutely appropriate and necessary that we have the opportunity to defend British Columbia’s interests in this very important case,” says Environment and Climate Change Strategy Minister George Heyman.

“We will continue to defend B.C.’s coast and the economic and environmental interests that are so important to British Columbians.”

The Federal Court of Appeal is set to begin its hearing on Oct. 2, 2017.


Heyman you are not speaking for the whole province, I suggest you remember that.

Heyman says: “We will continue to defend B.C.’s coast and the economic and environmental interests that are so important to British Columbians.”

He forgot to add: “and we will continue to allow Victoria to foul BC’s coast by dumping massive volumes of untreated raw sewage into the ocean!”

    And allow Atlantic Salmon fish farms on the West Coast to the detriment of the Pacific Salmon industry.

You have no mandate for this. Piss off. You represent a group of eco-nazis and nothing more.

    A mandate is debatable, considering that it was a major plank in the election campaign but, nevertheless, he most certainly does have the legal right to take the action he has. We are all committed to law and order here, aren’t we? Personally, I think your reference to eco-nazis merely emphasizes your lack of logical argument and shows your frustration at your political impotence.

      ammonra, are we all committed to law and order here?

      Are we? I suggest that some here aren’t as committed as others!

      When Christy Clark and the Liberals lost the last election, Clark and the Liberals took actions that they were legally entitled to do and to take! If we are all so committed to law and order here, why then was there so much criticism from the “left” on this site over the actions taken by Clark and her Government?

      You ask, are we all committed to law and order here? I suppose that some of us are, when the law and order suits us! This seems to be especially evident from those on the left, the very people that say that we are all entitled to our opinion, except of course when our opinions differ!

      By the way, as far as a logical argument is concerned, Heyman and the NDP didn’t win government based on their so called mandate! They formed government as a result of a backroom deal by sleeping with the enemy, well in the Green’s case, sleeping with the smaller of their enemies! Surely you didn’t forgot?

      Hart Guy, when Christy did whatever she did over her whole term, those of us on this site who disagreed with her still accepted her legal right to do it. We just expressed our disagreement and, in many cases, our disgust at the Liberals’ actions. So, yes we on the centre left here were committed to law and order. If you disagree, please give the time, date, action and name of the person who committed the illegal acts you appear to be claiming occurred. I would also point out that having differing opinions is not illegal and does not make someone opposed to law and order. Rather the opposite, considering that freedom of opinion and speech is part of our most fundamental laws.

      As to the mandate. Both the Greens and the NDP campaigned in opposition to expanding the pipeline. Between them they received more votes than the liberals. That is, to emphasize it, more people voted for parties and candidates who objected to the pipeline than voted for the Liberals. To emphasize it again, a majority of voters supported opposition to the pipeline. I am not clear what the Liberal stance was, they set up all those conditions, then appeared to ignore most of them, so let’s colour them wishy washy on it, shall we?

      The pipeline was just one of many issues.

      Show us that it was the key issue or even one of the most important issues.

      Looking at which ridings changed party support, and looking at what the issues were in those ridings, they related much more to local transportation wants, such as bridge tolls.

      ammonra, you state:

      “when Christy did whatever she did over her whole term, those of us on this site who disagreed with her still accepted her legal right to do it. We just expressed our disagreement and, in many cases, our disgust at the Liberals’ actions.”

      I’m so glad that you have had the opportunity to express your disagreement and disgust! Now, I expect that you will extend that same opportunity to those of us who wish to express our disagreement and, in many cases, our disgust at Horgan and his NDP’s actions and incompetence!

      While we are at it, let’s not forget that we should also now enjoy the opportunity to express our disagreement and in most cases, our absolute disgust over Justin Trudeau and his Liberals actions and complete incompetence!

      The “Left” had many years to express their bitchin and whining! Surely you don’t expect those of us on the “right” to just sit quietly now that the tables have turned?

      By the way, your 9:10 PM “personal” comment to dow7501 was kinda, sorta, just an eentsy weentsy teeny tiny bit rude, don’t you think?

      Cheers! ;-)

      Hart, good comments!

      Hart Guy, I have never stopped you from posting, have I? To answer your question, No,I don’t expect you to remain silent. I wish you many, many years of bitching and complaining about an NDP government’s policies. May it last for 20 years!

      As to m comment to Dow7501, he said to “Piss off”, and he referred to others who disagreed with his views as “Eco-nazis”, yet you say I was rude. Look in a mirror, mate.

      ammonra, you suggest that I “Look in a mirror, mate.”?

      Surely you are not suggesting that I am rude!

      OMG, should my feelings be hurt? Off I go to my safe space to contemplate whether or not my feeling are hurt!

      ammonra, getting back to dow7501’s “You have no mandate for this. Piss off” comment, clearly this was directed at George Heyman and not to you or any other member on this site! I’m not sure if or how this comment might have offended you, but you really shouldn’t take offence to comments not directed at you!

      Regarding dow7501’s next comment “you represent a group of eco-Nazis and nothing more”, perhaps you take offence with this. According the the Urban Dictionary, an eco-nazi is defined as:

      “the kind of leaf eating, cardigan wearing, lentle munching hippie that thinks that you are satan’s spawn for owning a car and eating meat. Preaches freedom and tolerance but will not accept any views but their own. Usually stoned off their box and stuck in the 60’s. If they have a car it will be a 2CV. They smell of compost. Female variety usually called Roz.”

      If you consider yourself to be a part of this group, then perhaps you have reason to be offended by dow7501’s eco-nazi comment! ;-)


      Whomever Dow was addressing when he said, “Piss off,” he said it in a public forum, so it becomes a suitable basis for a response by any poster, including me. I would also point out that referring to people as Nazis as an insult when it does not refer to actual Nazis is usually thought of as displaying a complete lack of a rational basis for an objection, thus resorting to name calling. Much like your quoting from a tongue-in-cheek “dictionary” but taking it seriously, when its purpose is actually humour not explanation. In other words, he was insulting because he could offer no justification for his malignant objection.

      And, No, Hart Guy, I am not SUGGESTING that you are rude.

A reminder to everyone

The Liberal Party won 43 seats, the New Democratic Party won 41 seats, and the Green Party won three seats.

– The Liberals received 796,672 votes, or 40.36 per cent of the total;
– the New Democratic Party received 795,106 votes, or 40.28 per cent of the total;
– the Green Party received 332,387 votes, or 16.84 per cent of the total; and –
– other candidates received 49,749 votes, or 2.52 per cent of the total.

No party received a plurality based on the popular vote.

The result is that 16.84% of the people elected three members who can decide which party they wish to support.

My interpretation of the election is that those who voted Green, voted for a change in government.

Thus the Greens ought to support the NDP.

HOWEVER, the people could have voted NDP. They did not. They voted Green.

My interpretation of that is that they expect the Greens to hold whichever side formed government in the case of a near ties, accountable for providing responsible government.

So far, I see none of that since the Greens have been silent or the media is not caring about what the Greens think.

There may be an argument to make similar to Trump’s about fake (unfair) media.

    Using your figures the Liberals got 796, 672 votes. The NDP got 795,106, and the Greens 332,387 for a combined total of 1,127,493 votes for parties who campaigned in opposition to the pipeline. That is 58.6% voted for parties opposed to the pipeline. That was my point. Remember, we are often told that an election is the final poll and the only one that counts. So then, a difference of 330,821 and 58.6% support is surely significant enough to make their mandate clear. Of course, if you want to swing it to something else, that’s fine.

This is from the bc greens web page of August 25,2017.


“It’s unfortunate that the government has decided to proceed with this reckless policy,” said Weaver.

“There is no question that the affordability crisis facing so many British Columbians is a significant concern. However, this policy is high cost and low impact. There are lots of good, high return-on-investments decisions that government can make, such as education, student housing and child care.

It is disappointing that the first major measure that this government has taken to make life more affordable for British Columbians will add billions of dollars to taxpayer-supported debt. Moreover, making such a massive addition to our debt risks raising interest on all debt, which ultimately prevents government from being able to invest more in important social programs.

“Tolls are an excellent policy tool to manage transport demand. Transport demand management reduces pollution and emissions, alleviates congestion and helps pay for costly infrastructure.

That’s why, at the negotiating table when preparing our Confidence and Supply Agreement, we ensured that a commitment was included to work with the Mayors’ Council consultation process to find a more fair and equitable way of funding transit for the long-term. We look forward to that commitment being met so that British Columbians can have an evidence-based, truly fair approach to this file.”
So who covered that in Prince George?

As I stated above, it is It is a major issue in the lower mainland, and should be here as well since we will be helping to pay for it.

    I mentioned not very long ago that the various bond rating agencies would be watching BC now that the NDP hold the reigns, and it appears that Moody’s is already watching!

    Watch for the downgrade that I predicted, and with it an increase to the cost of our provincial borrowing!

    Did I mention, hang on to your wallets?

Thank you Lower Mainland for this ensuing political gong show. Run the province like you run your city. What could go wrong? Ammonra, you are a progressive goof. These are sad times for anyone with a brain and pay’s taxes.

    Yeah, my 9 year old granddaughter tells me I’m weird, sometimes, too.

      Ammonra, see what happens when you make a rude comment to dow7501! He responds by letting you know what he thinks of you, haha!

Funny how the eco-freaks enjoy all the luxuries of life that are a product of oil but are opposed to pipelines and anything oil related. Go live in a hut with no heat, electricity and everything else oil related and see how long you last without your i-phone and lattes, goofs…

    Interesting spin, considering that nobody on either side of this debate appears to have suggested that all currently operating pipelines should cease transporting oil. What we now have will continue, won’t it? My hut is safe!

      Pipeline or Train ammonra..?Your choice..Your beloved NDP government is making CN & CP shares really bullish at the moment..

      You say, “Pipeline OR train.” While I like to believe my views are the most important thing in the entire universe (tongue-in-cheek, folks), I do not think it is actually my choice. As I have said, on more than one occasion, nobody is proposing that the currently used transportation systems should be stopped, whether pipeline, train, road or barge.

      Actually ammonra you are technically correct, the eco’s want to go directly to the source and shut down projects such as the oil sands, thus there will be no need for pipelines, trains or trucks, not their fault there will be mega job losses.

      Which would presumably still leave existing oil wells, hydro dams and other energy systems still in play, so there will, in fact, still be employment and a need for existing transmission lines, pipelines, trains and trucks. What would be lost would be the greater pollution that is produced from tar sands processing.

    Hehe yeah..And did you see the most recent protest with them floating in the ocean with their polyethylene kayaks and protest signs..?

      Hook them onto the back of a ship and pull them over to China where they can protest against the real polluters..

An interesting read from the CBC yesterday, on the granting of intervener status for BC:

“Federal court grants B.C. intervener status in Trans Mountain challenge with harshly worded judgment

‘A number of aspects of British Columbia’s motion are unsatisfactory,’ wrote Justice David Stratas”

“The Federal Court of Appeal has granted British Columbia intervener status in the legal challenge launched against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project — along with a stern rebuke of the province’s filing.”

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/federal-court-grants-b-c-intervener-status-in-trans-mountain-challenge-with-harshly-worded-judgment-1.4267276

    Yes very interesting. I think what you are going to see long term is this NDP government getting on the nerves of the courts all at the expense of the taxpayer. This is just the start. If anyone bothered to check out the cbc article, the court already awarded costs to transmountain as a result of the government dragging its feet on their application for intervener status.

      Since when has an NDP government anywhere EVER given a hoot about the expense of anything to the taxpayer? Costs be damned when your hand is deep in the taxpayer’s pockets, wallets and purses!

      More criticism of the NDP!

      From two days ago:

      “Eliminating bridge tolls ‘very foolish,’ says UBC economist”

      ht tp://www.vancourier.com/news/eliminating-bridge-tolls-very-foolish-says-ubc-economist-1.22232729

      For crying out loud, ammonra, let’s hope and pray that we don’t get the 20 years of NDP that you are hoping for! Have you not noticed the massive debt that the Alberta NDP is wracking up? Have you not noticed that massive debt that Ontario’s Liberals are wracking up? Have you not noticed the massive debt that Justin’s Liberals are wracking up? None of these left-of-centre parties/governments have even a shred of a plan as to how they are going to balance their books, never mind post a surplus!

      No Hart Guy, but I have noticed the massive debt that the BC Liberals have racked up over their last 16 years in office.

      Item of interest: the NDP in ten years doubled the provincial debt and took the province from #1 province in Canada to #10 dead last and have-not status, qualifying for federal transfer payments.

      Status of B.C. in 2017: #2. Let the manipulating games begin!

Ancient Chinese curse: May B.C. politics be very interesting!

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