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October 27, 2017 3:35 pm

BC Liberals Give Plecas The Boot

Saturday, September 9, 2017 @ 2:11 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Executive of the BC Liberal Party says it has revoked the membership of Abbotsford South MLA Darryl Plecas over his acceptance of the position of Speaker of the BC Legislature.

In a message attributed to party President Sharon White which was distributed to BC Liberal Party members and forwarded to the media province-wide shortly after 1 pm today, the party says the trust of its members, MLAs and constituents was broken on Friday when Plecas accepted the post of Speaker despite repeated promises he would not do so.

The message continues that “In the hours following his decision, the Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association requested on behalf of local party members that the Party Executive revoke Dr. Plecas’ membership in the party– the strongest action available to us.  Today, the Executive passed a special resolution to that effect.”

The message to party members also says that Plecas’ move means the NDP will enjoy an expanded margin of seats that will allow them to control the legislature for the foreseeable future.


Coleman’s loss is BCs gain . It should also kill free thinking and spread fear in the surviving BCliberals . Interesting title is his Twitter account @colemancounty . Kind of says it all . Kind of similar to Fordnation in TO ONT.

    “It should also kill free thinking and spread fear in the surviving BCliberals”

    The same holds for any party in Canada in the way the system works.

So, do as you are told, or we will destroy your life. Such a powerful act of contempt for democracy by the Liberals. Why did they not expel Christie as well, since she repeatedly did things she promised not to do, such as betray Liberal principles in a Throne Speech in an abortive attempt to keep her mitts on power. They are saying that agreeing to become Speaker is worse than that! I don’t think so. There is a significant double standard there. I do wonder if the Liberals are trying to force Darryl Plecas into joining the NDP? If he does, will they then turn on the self serving outrage because he responded to their battering by joining the other side? Finally, if they hate him being Speaker so much, why did they participate in the traditional ceremony of dragging him to the Speaker’s chair? Surely, to be consistent they should have declined, shouldn’t they? Are they really that dishonorable?

    Obviously you missed this:“In the hours following his decision, the Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association requested on behalf of local party members that the Party Executive revoke Dr. Plecas’ membership in the party– the strongest action available to us. Today, the Executive passed a special resolution to that effect.”

    I say that this is actually democracy in action! He made a promise and he broke it! The Liberals who called for him to revoke hid membership are not dishonorable, the one that broke his promise is! You can have him and adore him, perhaps you are looking for people without a conscience!

      I did not miss it, but you appear to be ignoring the opening sentence of the article, “The Executive of the BC Liberal Party says it has revoked the membership”. His party executive did not terminate his membership, all they have the power to do is reject him as their candidate, which would be irrelevant right now. The Liberal Party Executive fired him for doing what he is entitled to do, for crass political expediency. That is undemocratic.

      Now, answer my final point. Stop ignoring it. Answer my point about Christie. Stop ignoring it.

      He didn’t break a promise… Krusty’s office told him to say NO, but he reconsidered and went with his own conscience

      “The Executive of the BC Liberal Party says it has revoked the membership”. His party executive did not terminate his membership, all they have the power to do is reject him as their candidate, which would be irrelevant right now.”

      Revoking and terminating a membership are the same thing. He is now no longer a member of the BCLiberal party. It is final. What are you trying to say? Also he is not a candidate for anything anymore! He was a candidate when he ran in the last election. He was elected as an MLA. He is now the speaker, but has now no affiliation with any party! He does not have to join any other party to remain being the speaker. The election is over and done with. Forget about Clark. Who cares?

      I was responding to your own comment that, “In the hours following his decision, the Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association requested on behalf of local party members that the Party Executive revoke Dr. Plecas’ membership”. My point was that they (The riding executive) did not revoke his membership, the Party Executive did. The candidate comment was with reference to the next election. The riding can put a stop to him being that, but they can’t terminate his membership.

      I fail to get your point about terminate versus revoke. In this context I understood them to mean the same. In other contexts, of course, they have different meanings (annul vs end).

      I did notice you ignored my request for comments about Christie not being expelled for lying and why the Liberal Caucus endorsed Plecas as Speaker in the Legislature by dragging him to the Speaker’s Chair, then expelled him. Was their andorsement in the house a bald faced lie?

      AMMONRA:”The riding can put a stop to him being that, but they can’t terminate his membership.”

      He is no longer a member of the BCLiberal party. Period. Finito. Done. I suggest watching the *Dead Parrot* Monty Python routine on YouTube.

    This is a perfect example of how the liberal promise to work across party lines for a stable BC for the good of us all . Why have they not kicked Christy out ? After all she did the very thing she said she would not , resign .

      Do you have any evidence that she is still a member of the BCLiberal party?

      They didn’t kick Christy out because she was run out of the party in a shouting match with Plecus himself. He single handedly destroyed any chance the liberals had of coming back to power in the near term by taking out the leader and then abandoning the party.

      She had to resign her seat to give the seat back in a byelection. Now that she is no longer leader unless she needed the money why hang on to the seat? She can easily support the party from the office as someone else takes the helm

      There is more than likely more to the story than we hear through the media.

      Plecas may as well join the NDP, he will fit right in. I mean broken promises is the name of the game right now even in the throne speech

      Shake the box and see where everyone stands. The NDP are all lead by the nose so they are no different, if it becomes that they don’t need Weaver I wonder how long the “agreement” will last and they toss him to the curb

      Plecas holds two degrees in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of British Columbia.

      Interesting …. if he did make the promise, then he is not a professional in my eyes. People with a degree at the highest level should have better principles than he has.

      Any person can have a change of mind. An honourable person would have done the honourable thing …. resign!

      gopg you seem to have the mistaken impression that someone with a bunch of letters after their name is some higher lifeform. Well I’ll tell I have found in my more than six decades of life experience they are the first I mistrust unless proving otherwise. Intelligence, smartness and honesty do not necessarily all run in the same pack.

      Hey I’m still laughing Atalos. This is the best political news I have herd in awhile.

    Plecas lost his credibility and integrity as well as the trust of his constituents. Talk about stabbing yourself in the back. I promise not to, oh by the way, I lied.

      Exactly the same thing Christy did.

    “Destroy your life”? Being a bit over dramatic here aren’t you? The dude has no scruples (ie, he’s a typical politician) and he took a job that will pay him a heck of a lot more money.

    “So, do as you are told, or we will destroy your life.”

    I thought he promised …. so do as you promise should be the statement.

    If he had not promised, and he did what he did, it would be a different story.

    There is no honour in politics. Each person for themselves in most cases.

    Or….. money speaks louder than promises made ….

    “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Liberal children.

Has a great job and better pay, what the hell the libs are falling apart anyway

I think they should have kept him. The people in the riding voted for Liberal not independent or NDP.

    We don’t vote for parties in our parliamentary democracy, but rather vote for the individual. Party affiliation was not even on the ballot until 1973. The riding voted for Plecus and he choose to abandon his party for a better paying position in the legislature. Next election he will have a liberal challanger so voters have a choice is all that this means.

In BC we have Party A , Party B , and Party C! All saying the same thing’s . They ( the party’s ) are all looking to the outside for instruction’s as to what they have to do next. Cross the floor , no big deal , The Voter’s are in for a lot of minority government’s because there is no differences between the Party’s .

Mr Plecas is well rid of the ultimate betrayers of this province.. imagine the BC libs feeling betrayed…. karma? thanks for saving us from a fall election I for one am grateful
This is great to finally have a fall seating of the Legislature not something done under the Christy Clark Liberals too busy going on junketts and having her picture taken… in 2016 the house sat for only 19 days.
Bc Liberal job creation policy… yet another ferry goes to another country for a refit… Germany, Poland ,Romania , Amsterdamn they will miss the all the work sent their way …
Good luck to our new speaker

    He certainly did a great thing for our province and said the heck with politics.

He did not cross the floor the speaker is non partisan

    Correct, it is just to fill his pocket book. More than likely was not planning to run again and this gives him the chance to make extra coin before he retires.

      With his degrees, he will likely end up at a University teaching politics, if there is a University that will have him.

      He can write an advanced 500 level course which differentiates between criminality and ethics.


Well know how much the liberals whined while in power…just think how bad it will be now… Plecas just showed he is the smartest liberal. Who wouldn’t like a $50,000 yr raise?

    Still a hell of a lot smarter then Horgan and his crew:

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-premier-john-horgan-surrey-mayor-linda-hepner-pose-in-photo-with-convicted-shooter-1.4281767

      Don’t forget, it is Surrey …… hard to get away of the criminal element there.


      your so smart axman.

    Christy gave herself an extra $50,000 a year and she seemed to like it. Not only that she tried to hide it from the public.

    Remember Christy did and then some…needed alllll that extra cash so she could live in Kelowna.

So he took a better paying job-big deal. The problem with the BC liberals is there is too many liars in the upper ranks. So who’s next to be kicked out for lying?

    Horgan… oops wrong party, carry on

      Good Chuckle there.
      Had the tables been turned, most of the NDP would have jumped at the job, LOL!

Money,Money,Money and Power is the root of all evil, until someone stands up for their true morals and beliefs. Then they are basically executed in the media

I be the you Plecas is so upset about getting the boot he can barely make it to the bank….lol

I think he was just sick and tired of having the Liberal Party and the leaders telling MLA’s what to say and when to say it. In fact it was the Liberals who were colluding to ensure that the speaker came from the NDP.

If Plecas did anything he might have saved us from going to another election any time soon. In fact we could have this Government in power for 4 years.

We all need a rest from this constant election mode.

If he stalled an election he more than earned the money we pay him.

Think outside the box and give credit where credit is due.

    The NDP did the same thing a few months ago, never saw your comment about colluding then.

Dr. Weaver might like to have another PhD in his party …..

Then again, may be too much competition ….

If not, then watch his lips when he is sworn in to the party membership.

    They might not need Weaver now, he might just go quietly into that good night

      There are 87 seats

      One goes to the speaker.

      Clark’s is vacated, will likely end up being a BCLiberal

      So the count at the moment is 41 NDP, 41 BCLiberals, 3 Green = 85

      If all are present in the house ….. Green’s hold the balance of power. They are the “King maker” and will continue to be so, even if BCLiberals regain the seat in Kelowna.

      If it goes to the NDP, it will give them 42 seats, they still need 1 Green to vote for the NDP to make it 43 to 43 if 2 Greens vote BCLIberals.

      The speaker then casts the deciding vote …… that will be the most interesting scenario.

Look at the Plecas’ Twitter account.

AN interesting comments

BTW, I made an error in writing that he is a PhD.

He has a Doctorate in Education, specializing in administration, from UBC.

A far cry from a PhD.

A Ph.D. is a doctorate; same thing.

    Absolutely not!!!!

    He got his EdD (Doctor of Education) Educational Leadership & Policy from UBC.


    They have one program at that level. It is s defined course of studies, typically one year long for a full time student.

    They have 12 PhD programs (Doctor of Philosophy)

    PhD programs are all RESEARCH oriented as opposed to fixed course programs. (I call those fixed course programs as “spoon fed” programs as opposed tro independent research programs.)

    Typical PhD programs take anywhere from 3 to 5+ years of study and experimentation. On top of that, most will do at least one post doctoral fellowships of about 3 years in length; many complete a second one before they will have their own research projects, teaching postions at one of the major universities, become members of a research company where they will eventually lead a research lab, etc.

    The research PhD programs at UBC include:
    • Human Development, Learning & Culture
    • Language & Literacy Education
    • Counselling Psychology
    • Curriculum Studies
    • Educational studies
    • Kinesiology
    • Measurement, Evaluation & Research Methods
    • School Psychology
    • Special Education

    Plecas’ CV can be viewed here:


    He continues to be on the faculty at University College of the Fraser Valley.

    Professor, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice,
    (Department Chair from May 1984 – June 1995, and from Sept 2002 – July 2005)

    The Post Secondary institute is not a research university such as UNBC. It is the very reason why a group in PG promoted the notion of having a research university here rather than the University College of New Caledonia.

    I applaud them for having that foresight.

Gopg2015…..you have your big boy knickers in a knot. CL is correct.

    Not in the academic world.

    Not in the research world.

    His is training and it is specifically applicable to the world of academic administration. Take a while to read about the program he attended.

    You are obviously not from the academic world of a research university or pedagogical research or any other kind of research.


    “The PhD in Educational Studies is a research-oriented doctoral program for students interested in any of the study areas offered in the department.

    “Students are required to take three doctoral seminars. All other courses in a student’s program are determined in consultation with faculty. Students in the PhD program typically devote two years to coursework, and two to four years to developing and carrying out a research project designed to make an original contribution to knowledge in the study area.

    “The university allows doctoral students up to six years to complete program requirements. There is no set number of credits required for PhD programs at UBC.”


    “The EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy provides advanced preparation for education practitioners with leadership and policy responsibilities in both formal and nonformal settings. These settings include, among many others, the post-secondary sector, business and health organizations, unions and community groups as well as the K–12 school system.The program is grounded in the belief that it is important for participants to engage in scholarly discourse about understanding, critiquing and improving practice in educational settings. It consists of six required seminars, two elective courses, a comprehensive examination and a dissertation.”

    A one year full time program in administration, similar to an MBA in administration.

    Called a “Docotorate” for those wishing to attain the highest pay grade on the secondary and post secondary education pay scales ….. simple as that.


      Gus your starting to sound like eagle.

In June, Darryl Plecas tod the Vancouver Sun:

“The notion of us (the Liberals) putting up someone for Speaker under the current circumstances is ridiculous…it would be an outright manipulation of the democratic process.”

Folks, say hello to your new Speaker of the House!

BC Politics, never a dull moment!

    “told”, not “tod”, but I’m sure you all figured that out, haha!

    That was when the BCLiberals initially formed government, and his comment was likely addressed to that occasion.

    So, the same should hold now that the NDP is trying to form government.

    Looks like he is applying the same logic. He is showing the NDP that he is a gentleman …. LOL

    I think he missed a few steps in his administrative training at UBC. Professional ethics is generally part of any upper level post graduate education.

      really Gus, so one can only be ethical when one refuses to change their mind in your world … I always thought the point of philosophy and ethics was to test a premise or position, consider other options with an open mind and then act appropriately in the moment … I am curious about WHY Plecas changed his view from an earlier stated position but I would NEVER accuse some one of being unethical because they chose to change their mind … but then again, I am not so stuck on interpreting the value of a person or their thinking process based upon which academic stream they chose to follow … or the differences in value between an applied degree versus a traditional academic degree

      “I think he missed a few steps in his administrative training at UBC. Professional ethics is generally part of any upper level post graduate education.”

      Professional ethics, really? I am beginning to think you live in a very sheltered world.

      UBC as an example of a professional ethics course.


      PHIL 331 Business and Professional Ethics

      Moral problems in contemporary business and professional practice, general moral theory, the law, and policy formation. Corporate social and environmental responsibility, employee rights, preferential hiring and affirmative action programs, conflicts of interest, advertising, “whistle blowing” and self-regulation.

      Such courses “lead the horse to water? but cannot force them to drink.

      You, of all people, should be very familiar with that, “anotherside”!!!

      Seamutt … I do not live in a sheltered world at all …..

      Ever heard of professional practice boards for the self regulating professions? Read some of the cases. You might be surprised where licenses were pulled for 6 months right up to permanently, not for simple malpractice, but for ethical and criminal reasons.

      You are the one who is very sheltered ….. or lack knowledge to even comment on such matters.

      Do a bit of reading so that you do not appear so ignorant..

another reason we need to get rid of the parties. We should elect someone to represent us, and when they get there they can select a chairperson ( leader) and get to work. Positions can be applied for and then Ministers can be selected by vote.

What would have happened if he told the truth about his plan to put his name up for the job? The way he did it was his best chance of getting the job I think. Christy Clark: “We all say things when we are trying to get elected.”

let me get this straight: The speaker of the house can cast a deciding vote if the vote is deadlocked, correct? So if Plecas so happens to be the deciding vote and he was liberal party affiliated, wouldn’t that be good for them on getting legislation etc passed? But now that Coleman and the Lib party president have revoked his membership in a snit, aren’t they more or less shooting themselves in the foot?

    Shooting themselves in the foot is a mainstay of the Liberal party.

    The so called *Liberals* now have an opportunity to sit in the opposition and be ignored. This is good for ego deflation which they sorely need.

    Having a change in government especially in BC after 16 years of the coalitionists is what this country needs.

    If the NDP screw up we can always throw them out in the next election, in the meantime we can hope that the so called Liberals can clean up their act and become something more than an extension of the corporate agenda in BC.

    We need some good Government in the Province which has been sadly lacking for years. Will we get it with the NDP?? Who knows, however thats the only choice we have at the moment.

    The silence with Christy gone is refreshing to say the least. If Coleman and a few others left that would be a good start to reconstructing the party.

      How is putting the cost of the Port Mann on the charge card good government which could result in downgrade of credit rating increasing the cost of all borrowing-vote buying that we all end up paying for while Surrey and the valley enjoy the benefits of.

      Grants to renters are the next vote buying repayment which will do nothing to ease the ever increasing rent in the lower mainland if anything the unscrupulous landlords will realize the tenants suddenly have an extra 40 or 50 bucks in their jeans that they can squeeze out every month.

      Can hardly wait for the Carol James budget-threw up in my mouth a bit typing those words- to see how quickly a $3 billion surplus disappears.

      Palopu, you state that “Shooting themselves in the foot is a mainstay of the Liberal party.”

      Interesting then that they were able to stay in power for the past 16 years. That does not speak well of the NDP now, does it! For the past 16 years, the NDP was not able to defeat a party that was constantly shooting themselves in the foot!

      Now we have the NDP, a party that is more adept at blowing the whole damn leg off!

      Time will tell as there is much to fear from those now pulling the trigger!

      Perhaps they can find their way back to their roots . A good start would be to go back to calling themselves what they are , a coalition of unite the righties , conservatives/social credit . Calling themselves BCliberals is the original lie on their lips .

      Ataloss … revisionist facts again.

      The BCLIberals are a coalition of the centre Liberals of Gordon Wilson with the right of centre “Howe Street Boys” composed of the defunct Social Credit.

      The are not a coalition of the right. The conservatives are the right wingers who have not been able to get any meaningful numbers at the polls under the various leaders of the party ….. ever.

      The reason that the conservatives in bc can’t form a base is because they are for the most part , part of the so called liberals.

    Imorge … so your comments demonstrate a better understanding of the situation of the scenario and numbers than Coleman did in having Plecas kicked out … Coleman is still of the view that he wants another election tomorrow, not several years down the road … Plecas’ move actually gives the Liberals and excuse to give up on the short term election strategy and to start a decent rebuild .. Coleman (and others) have yet to comprehend that they need to rebuild their party BEFORE taking on another election … at this rate, the Liberals are on the path to lose the next election … which will only be several years away … read between the lines on Horgans announcements when he uses the term ‘several years’ repeatedly when talking about agendas, political timetables, etc.

    My point from the start. However, he broke a “promise”. In other words, he disagreed with Coleman’s take of things.

    Yes, as one or more others wrote, he is allowed to change his mind.

    If he has the tie breaking vote, he can side with the BCLiberals, whether he is a member or not.

    If that should happen, and the government falls, I am sure that if he wanted to, he would be accepted back into the BCLiberal fold.

    Which BCLiberal could point to a bigger “hero” status?

    He could have “I told you so” status.

It is painfully obvious that as someone with a PhD in education that Plecas thought it was far below his pay grade to have a set of principals(principles)guide his life:P

    Read his CV. I had not read it when I mistakenly wrote he has a PhD. He actually has a one year EdD “Doctorate” in a very specific Education Administration program with prescribed courses … more like skills training for School Principles, etc.

      So that would make him a principal with no principles?

Abbotsford gansta mentality ala Jamie Bacon….screw the people who supported you….200 large over the next 4 years is where the action is.

Crapsitsford stench right to the bone on this guy!

    Hyperbole much sparrow ? Deep breaths in a paper bag should help you .

      Maybe I should heed your advice as you show your expertise in hyperbolic statements on every Friday Set Your Hair On Fire The World Is Ending And The Only One That Can Save Us Is Elan back and forth ad nauseam with the Whatsupwiththat Siamese twins?

    What did you actual say birdie. He gets my vote in the next election. You should stick with cleaning paint pots.

      Next election is kind of wishful thinking on your part….you will more likely be packing a pitchfork for the red team by then Kimmy:D

“The speaker of the house can cast a deciding vote if the vote is deadlocked, correct?”

Traditionally the speaker casts a deciding vote in favour of the government when it is untimely or not in the interest of the parties or the public to have another election.

    As we discovered, Plecas is not traditional.

    I would not bet on anything.

    Besides, we do not normally have a third party that has as much power as the Greens now have.

    Normally we would a speaker from the governing party, as we did in June.

    If there had been a tie vote, that speaker would likely have broken the tie in favour of the BCLiberals.

    That is why it may appear as if the speaker votes as you wrote, but that is really not the case.

      He certainly is different, indeed! Let us not forget that neither the NDP nor the Greens applied for the job, which opened the gate for the one who swore repeatedly that he would not volunteer for it either! So I agree with you and all bets are off!

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