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October 27, 2017 3:25 pm

Fall Officially Arrives Today

Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Fall officially arrives  at 1:02 this afternoon in Prince George, and  it looks like  it will warm up a bit.Environment Canada Meteorologist  Alyssa Charbonneau  says  the cool temps of this past week  are nearing an end “It is going to warm up,  but it’s going to come with some rain.   We’ve had some  really cool air in the province over the past week or so,  it came in behind a cold front and has lingered.”

She says while the precipitation  that accompanied that  cold front  has cleared out,   the  cooler temps  will hang  on for  today  “As we get into Saturday and into  early next week, we will see some warmer air move in.  Some showers will move  in as well,  but we have highs of 19 degrees for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  So we are going to  swing from below normal to above normal temperatures.”

As for what  lies  in store for fall?  Charbonneau  says  the current modelling would suggest warmer than normal temperatures for the  next three months “Our forecast for the fall has been pretty consistently indicating a chance of above normal  temperatures for those three months, averaged together. The amount  is basically in the order of a half  degree or so,  that’s what’s been showing up,  but  above normal forecast has been pretty consistent.”

Although   the prediction is for a warmer than normal fall , she says there is nothing “really extreme, but that said,  when we  look at  these three month averages,  they definitely average out .  That’s not to say  we won’t  have a really warm stretch in there, or a really cold stretch in there, just  that on average  it will be warmer than normal.”



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