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October 27, 2017 3:25 pm

City and CUPE Have a Deal

Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 12:15 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George  has reached a  tentative agreement with  CUPE 1048  and CUPE 399, its inside and outside workers.

A special meeting of Council was held this  morning to  approve the agreement.

Details of the contract have not yet been released, as  the package  has  yet to be ratified by the inside and outside workers.   A ratification vote is expected to be held  next  week.

The last  collective agreement  ended  December 31st of 2016.


You mean to tell me they reached an agreement without that there high
falut’in lawyer from Vancouver???
Thankyou, Mayor Hall and council!

    Shouldn’t you be thanking both sides ?

      Yes. Thankyou CUPE!

    With no details on agreement it is too early to thank anyone.

    CUPE was the largest contributor to the election campaigns of most current member of council I hope this did not have any bearing on this set of negotiations.

      I agree sparrow.

      Bull, they deserve a pay hike just like every other worker that’s out there. Some departments are running short staffed with no end in sight, dropping qualifications just to fill a position. Causes stress and stress leave. I’m just glad they didn’t go the Green way.

One thing’s for certain, taxes will have to go up to pay for whatever they got as payment for their support.

30 hour work week? 6% pay hike? Sky’s the limit with this council.

I wasn’t even aware that negotiations were underway!

Perhaps negotiations, best kept quiet, were:

“What do you want? Ok, here you go!”

    HG bring us up to speed how you negotiate???

      My negotiation skills are completely irrelevant in this matter as my negotiation skills have absolutely no impact on the taxpayers of this city.

      What matters here is the negotiations of those that are elected to represent the taxpayers. Their negotiation skills seem to be severely lacking, as evidenced by something in the order of 30 years or so of constant raises to the municipal workforce.

      It doesn’t seem to matter what the state of the economy is, our city workers always get a raise. While others go without a raise, while some lose their jobs, while some experience wage rollbacks, while the economy is in the toilet, all of that doesn’t seem to matter because our municipal workers get raise after raise after raise!

      Our municipal workers are very well paid! I would suggest that some are overpaid and others are grossly overpaid. According to numbers posted on this site in the past, we have one of the highest paid municipal workforces in the province!

      Negotiations skills, ice? Seems we need someone at City Hall, someone with better negotiating skills in their dealings with CUPE.

      It doesn’t seem like “What do you want? OK, here you go” hasn’t worked very well for taxpayers so far!

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