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October 27, 2017 3:24 pm

Bucket List Gala Delivers Dream

Monday, September 25, 2017 @ 5:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The PG Hospice Society’s first ever Bucket List fundraising gala delivered more than  a  fine dinner,   it made a family’s dream  come true.

The  idea behind the fundraiser was to have people think about what they wanted to do or achieve  in their lives, to celebrate life.  Those who purchased tickets to the  gala  had an opportunity to  have one of their personal bucket list dreams come true.

For one family, the dream  will create lasting memories.

47 year old Dirk Finger, his wife Melissa and their two children aged  5 and 14 months  will be heading to Disneyworld.

Dirk has undergone  several rounds of treatment for cancer, but recently learned  there were no more options  and his  condition is terminal.

Wood Wheaton Superstore  is fulfilling the  Finger family  dream

More than 300 people attended the  gala event on Friday evening.



How great is that! Congratulations and enjoy your trip. Thank you to Wood Wheaton for your generosity!

At this time – I would think you want to go to Disneyland
and NOT Disneyworld. Just Saying.

Nice local support.
Prince George strong!

Awesome, and this is why I do volunteer work at Hospice Resale store! All the funds raised by this store and the Hospice Lottery House stay in town, unlike a lot of other ‘services’! May the family enjoy their time to the fullest and have everlasting memories! Give my regards to Mickey Mouse and Goody!

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