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October 27, 2017 3:22 pm

Carbon Reduction Project Celebrated

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 @ 11:32 AM


Dignitaries unveil new plaque at Duchess Community Park commemorating CN’s Carbon Reduction Project for Business. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.,C. – The many partners involved in CN’s Carbon Reduction Project for Business were on hand this National Tree Day to mark the success of a program that helps local businesses become more environmentally sustainable.

The project involves funding or other forms of support from CN, UNBC, the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) and a total of 25 area businesses.

Michelle Connolly, Program Manager with PICS, says the institute funds community-based internships to help “produce local capacity to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.  So (UNBC student) Arctica Cunningham this year assisted with local businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.”  Cunningham worked through the Chamber of Commerce “to work with local businesses in going through their uses and expenditures of energy to look to see where they could save energy.  So they were helping their bottom line and at the same time helping them reduce their carbon emissions.”

The independent institute gives ten $10,000 internships province-wide each summer to NGOs and governments at all levels to hire students to conduct various projects.

CN National Account Manager Lori Needham says CN partnered with Tree Canada and Communities In Bloom to launch the CN EcoConnexions From the Ground Up initiative in 2012, part of the company’s focus on environmental sustainability to help communities in which it operates develop their own sustainability projects.  Needham says “this year we provided grants of up to $25,000 to 52 communities and also donated commemorative plaques and trees to a total of 150 communities across the country” to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday.

Two trees, a Scotch Pine and a Fir, were donated and planted at the Duchess Community Park playground, along with an educational plaque.


And CN leaves their diesels running all night, so, yep, they are real reducers of greenhouse gases,carbon and pollution….

    Not only that, but I believe they are not members of the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable.

Carbon reduction this is a joke right. About as much effect as a flea fart in a hurricane. Wonder how they all got to the photo op.

    Some would say even the longest of journeys begin with one small step.

Dignitaries??! There is a loosely used word! Wrong terminology here!

    Furthermore, this is discriminatory! Where are the males??? Now I will have to kneel down! Bwahahahaha

Humans are parasites killing their host. So in return the earth is slowly killing us the parasites.

I know seamutt. Humans have done nothing to the environment. It’s all natural.

    Where did I say humans have done nothing to the environment, point it out? Its just that there is no verifiable science saying how much man has affected climate with c02 production if any at all. If there is science I challenge you to show it, come on show it. But it been shown c02 has increased greening of the planet, is that bad? Oh c02 is not a pollutant, with out it life as we know would cease.

    “climate change” has turned into a 1.5 trillion dollar a year industry and the climate scientists up the hill make a good living and get to exotic locations to party on our dime. Hey whats not to like.

    Oh by the way name one prediction of climate doom made over the last thirty years that has come true, just one. Hello, wow an echo. Notice how scientists are now winding back their temperature predictions taken from COMPUTER MODELS since the real world data is much cooler than predictions despite false adjustments being made trying to make it hotter than it really is.

    Bet there are a few “climate scientists” in this town will not cry when inconvenient 250 forum is gone.

A feel good thing? The only round table CN ever had was at the locomotive shop, and yeah keep ’em diesels runn’in.

There is no doubt that sooner, rather than later, all rail lines in B.C. will be electrified so the enormous diesel emissions can be eliminated. NOX emissions are especially harmful. Another reason to have plenty of a supply of electricity available! Repeat after me: Site C – Site C – Site C! Thank you!

    I agree the issue should be on things like actusl polutants and not c02.

Carbon as a climate driver is pure bs designed to create conditions for regressive taxes that hurt the middle class for the benefit of the rich.

Carbon in the atmosphere is driven by the ocean temperature as the largest source of carbon. When the ocean warms up from solar radiation the ocean gives off carbon… when it cools it absorbs carbon. The amount humans contribute is negligable in the larger picture.

Carbon is not even the largest greenhouse gas. Water moisture has far more greenhouse properties than carbon and again a warmer ocean from solar radiation drives moisture content in the atmosphere. The atmosphere does not warm the ocean, but rather the other way around. Carbon makes up a mere .038 of a percent of our atmosphere… on Mars it makes up 98% of that atmosphere and yet Mars is stuck in a permenant ice age.

So considering that China for one has a coal generating plant a week coming on line just what are a few trees going to do?

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/18/study-trees-in-cities-actually-make-pollution-worse-during-heat-waves/

“produce local capacity to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.”

Not much thought went into this feel good article by their reasoning water vapor the most dominant so called green house gas is a pollutant. Oh by the way C02 is not a pollutant.

A carbon tax does little to reduce carbon emitted into the environment. This only makes the government rich, just another tax. Tell this to the bleeding hearts who drive their cars and heat their homes from oil products and medical products. No one will give up their cars, fuel guzzling trucks and most always only one person in the vehicle. Without the products from oil our infrastructure in human live would collapse. Back to the stone age and horse and buggy. Electricity, don’t need that either shut down projects and put people out of work. Climate change is an normal cycle that has occurred in nature for millions of years, the earth continually changes. All humans pollute the earth more and more. Someday the earth will take all things back. Politicians do not care.

“The Geoscience article has it all. The models were wrong. They “were on the hot side.” They “overstated the impact of emissions.” From The Independent: “Michael Grubb… admitted his earlier forecasting models had overplayed how temperatures would rise.” As a consequence, the world now has a “larger carbon budget” than previously thought. There is, in other words, more time—the end is not as near as every crusader for the cause has insisted for the last 20 or 30 years.”

htt p://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-all-global-warming-predictions-are-infallible-until-theyre-not

So now about that carbon reduction!

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