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Investigators Look for Man Who May Have Info On Nicole Hoar Case

By 250 News

Sunday, August 30, 2009 09:52 AM

Prince  George, B.C.-Investigators from the "E" Division Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit have conducted a significant number of interviews in the past three days. As a result of the interviews, police have received information that an unknown male may have information that may assist in this investigation.

The description of this individual in 2002 was as follows: Caucasian male, described to be in his mid 50's, black shoulder length hair, very skinny face, sunken eyes, scruffy appearance, thin glasses, was a smoker and had a pronounced jagged scar on the left side of his neck. We believe this man may have information about Nicole's whereabouts during the weekend of June 21-23, 2002. We do not have information at this time to suggest that he is a suspect in the disappearance of Nicole Hoar. Police are asking this man or anyone who may have information about this man's identity to contact the "E" Division Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit's tip line at 1-877-543-4822 or the Prince George RCMP detachment at (250) 561-3300.

Police are continuing their search of the Pinewood Road property as well as an unauthorized dumping ground for evidence in the 2002 disappearance of Nicole Hoar.

Members of the Prince George Search and Rescue team have identified a number of areas of interest this morning that investigators have been probing further this afternoon. Police are also using two Search and Rescue dogs from Alberta trained in the detection and recovery of human remains. Police are continuing to rely on a ground penetrating radar being operated by a British Columbia geo-physicist to detect anomalies in the ground.

Anyone who may have any information about Nicole's disappearance or who may have seen or heard anything suspicious in the Isle Pierre area during the weekend of June 21-23, 2002 or asked to contact the "E" Division Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit tip line at 1-877-543-4822, Prince George RCMP at (250) 561-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

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I find it incredible that the rcmp have not released a photo of switzer ,so that people living on highway 6teen, can try to connect some dots . They have had since 2002 to put together a composite picture of this scare necked guy . Is it me or do they seem like amateurs . Seeing these guys pictures would surly wake so memories. This way of doing things is excluding our community.
Excellent observation Hp.

The publication of a file picture of Switzer is a great idea.
Surprise surprise, it's a white guy. Just like its always indians stumbling across streets downtown drunk, serial killers are usually white.
They did post his picture on the news. It's you
Howard_B_Stern is in the running for dumb comment of the year. Hope he wins!
Well after you've won the title for how many consecutive years MrPG, all streaks must come to an end.

*Cues up Queen's "We Are The Champions"

And a one and a two and a three......
The police don't release his picture because any good defense lawyer can use that to discount any witness information that comes forward after the picture is released.