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Former Owner of Pinewood Rd Property Had Theories on Nicole Hoar Case

By 250 News

Sunday, August 30, 2009 04:50 PM

Prince George, B.C. -    The investigation into the disappearance of Nicole  Hoar picked up steam last week as police descended on a five acre parcel of land in the Isle Pierre region west of Prince George.
The mobile home and surrounding property that was front and center in the investigation, was formerly owned by Leland (Chuggie) Switzer who is serving a life sentence for the shooting death of his brother just two days after Nicole Hoar went missing.
On August 31st, 2004 police questioned Switzer at the  old Baldy Hughes site. During that interview, Switzer told investigators  he believed that a neighbour near the property Switzer occupied with his wife and family,  should be a prime suspect in Hoar's disappearance.
He also suggested to the investigators at the time that he believed the Jack family had been held captive by another man in the area.  
The yellow pick up that police examined at the unauthorized  dump (near the  5 acre property that was the subject of the  four day search) may have been similar to one  that had been owned by Switzer.  He was, as a matter of fact, driving a similar vehicle at the time he gave the interview to police in 2004, about one year before he was charged and later sentenced to life for the killing of his brother at his parents’ home.
Switzer said in that August 2004 interview that a neighbour had asked him to “shoot him for what he had done”, after Switzer says he suggested the man  and one of the  man's  friends may have been involved in the disappearance of “the Cunningham  girl”  1997.   Opinion 250 has not been able to find any “Cunningham” on the highway of tears list of missing people.
The neighbour who was 40 to 45 years old in 2004 would now be 50ish.  According  to Switzer, “he was like a brother to me”.
Whether the police have been doing part of their dig at the property formerly occupied by the neighbour is not known. Police at the time were told of his identity.  Opinion 250 has  withheld that information because it is only an accusation.
Switzer says  his wife and his daughter heard what they thought were screams and a gun going off at the neighbour’s home the night that Nicole Hoar disappeared.  Switzer  told investigators his wife told him  the screams and shot came from the “sugar shack” on a nearby property.
Switzer told police earlier that while they may find his DNA near where Nicole Hoar was last seen,  it would be as a result of him stopping to get out of his vehicle near the Mohawk at the western edge of the city to relieve himself.
Switzer told investigators in that 2004 interview, that during the time that Hoar went missing  he was attending a party on the Blackwater Road.
The police have over the years centered a great deal of their investigation on the trailers located at the end of Pinewood Rd past Isle Pierre  Mill.
Switzer is serving his sentence in the lower mainland of BC. It is not known what prompted this recent upsurge in the investigation of Nicole  Hoar’s disappearance.  It is known however that Switzer has been the subject of numerous visits.

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I believe the " Cunningham " girl he is referring to is Leigh Germaine found dead at Haldi Road School. Her mothers name was Cunningham
This is getting more convoluted by the minute. Sounds like a lot of alibis were being put forth during these interviews.
The mention of the Jack family, the Germaine/Cunningham girl,and Nicole Hoar it's all too awful to comprehend.
She also went by Alisha Cunningham. Leah (Alisha) was found on the grounds of Haldi Rd. School on December 8, 1994, not 1997.
Ronnie Jack (1989) called his sister from a pay phone in Bednesti to tell her he had gotten a job at a camp and was able to take his wife and two young sons with him. The family was never seen again.
Nicole Hoar was last seen at a gas station on Gauthier Rd. in 2002.
What is the common denominator here...Highway 16.
Yes, it's all too awful to comprehend. And there's more victims on the list besides the ones I have mentioned. And there are names that are not on the list. These murders and disappearances span over three decades.
Bridget, Locally we are quite aware of this information, or are you an outsider trying to self edify yourself for this knowledge. We are not proud of this fact of a predator, and copy cat criminals.