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October 28, 2017 6:08 am

Parliament Resumes Monday

Sunday, January 25, 2015 @ 4:30 AM
Prince George-Peace River Conservative MP Bob Zimmer - photo 250News

Prince George-Peace River Conservative MP Bob Zimmer – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The winter session of Parliament resumes in Ottawa tomorrow.

Prince George-Peace River Conservative MP Bob Zimmer expects the focus will be on the economy.

“Yes, absolutely. Oil prices are impacting a lot of us but we’re still committed to a balanced budget. I don’t think it’ll be very long before the price comes back up and hopefully we’ll be back to a point where it’s working for everybody.”

He dismisses criticisms from Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau that the government’s decision to delay the budget until April proves the government is running things “by the seat of their pants.”

“Hardly. We’re prepared for things like this. We don’t like them to happen but good planners always plan so that’s what we’re doing. It’s all stuff we’ve looked at and will weave into the budget.”


The gist of the Harper economic planning is interest rate cuts and monetary ponzi that hopefully floats until they are through another election cycle. No other government in Canadian history has enjoyed the stimulus of such record low interest rates, record high deficits, and record high fiat currency for trickle down economics from the 1%. Even a fool could look like an economic genius with these policies in the short run.. In the long run game though future generations will pay dearly for Harpers short term financial alchemy and monopoly capitalism focused solely on an oil economy.

Wow, Mr. Z. must be uber smart and a deep thinker. He must have dug really deep for his quote: “Good planners always plan”!! Really? The quoted last para says absolutely nothing.

LOL….yup. Looks like the Cons are going to weave some stuff.

I would like to Rename it “The Gong Show starts Monday again”.

I think it would be fair to say that the **gong** show was Dion, and Ignatieff, followed by Trudeau. I see that the great Canadian wannabe Prime Minister, Ignatieff, has gone back to teaching at Harvard,. Hmmmmm. So much for his great Canadian adventure.

You can knock Harper all you want, but when you look at the alternatives, you can see why he is in power.

Of course they will be focusing on the economy..it and environment are the political buzz words.. It’s means nothing of course..but sounds good. Time to get out the looms and start weaving..lol..pathetic

Harper inherited the reputation Preston Manning built for accountable fiscal policy, and that good will is what Harper counts on most at election time, but the facts now speak for themselves… partisan (globalist) interests always trump fiscal policy for Harper, and the only way his supporters can justify that is by claiming Harper as PM is the lesser of two evils.

Truth is the Harper regime would (some say have with the Chinese free investment treaty) sell this country out in a heart beat for a good life on easy street. I think at this point I’d be more inclined to support Mulclair just to get some fresher more accountable minds overseeing a return to the center for the sake of the middle class, democracy, and the rule of law for the elites.

You only have to look at Harpers foreign policy to see what his true colors are and the kind of future he envisions for Canada… a Ukrainian civil war, war crimes in Israel (enabled by the fear of paid tourism lobbyist like Bob the bomb shelter Zimmer), the rise of great terror in the Arab world supported by our policies goaded on by Harper and Bairds rhetoric… and ultimately using foreign wars on terror abroad to curtail Canadian rights and freedoms at home.

The opposite of the harper government is the canadian government . The harper government has no respect for canada or canadians . Bob , could you please ask steve to stop starving inuit children ? If you would like to help canada . You could install heat exchangers on the benches behind the front rows . That way you could have a useful source of heat energy . That way your time on our dime won’t be a complete waste of your time and our dime .

“I see that the great Canadian wannabe Prime Minister, Ignatieff, has gone back to teaching at Harvard,. Hmmmmm. So much for his great Canadian adventure”


Only in Palopu’s world could teaching at Harvard somehow be construed as bad, LOL.

Yes Pal he’s in power but the NDP almost zapped him. I wish you would keep track of Harper like you did City Hall.

Being qualified to teach at Harvard is a bad thing . Being qualified to work as a mailroom boy is a good thing . Getting in the ring and facing a punch in the face is lack of bravery ? Hiding in a broom closet leaving a guy in a wheel chair , woman and Zimmer on the front line is leadership ? Only in neoconland can that top spin .

Harper is selling our country to try anything to make it look like a balanced budget. Might as well call it a going out of business sale.

How much can we get for the used subs?

Hey maybe we can sell them to the guy who bought the fast ferries?

Why hartly, he in need of a few anchors…lol

The only reason Harper is there is because the other alternatives are worse.

If we have to work with a broken financial system that NONE of the current Parties in Parliament want to fix, the Conservatives are still the best by far when it comes to working with it.

Aside from that their other accomplishments are considerable. Taxes have been reduced and kept down. There is no effective separatist movement any more, in Quebec, the West, or even Newfoundland. We’ve finally got clear of witnessing the continuing surrender of our national sovereignty to the whims of various nebulously installed gurus at the United Nations, and its spin off organisations. Who’d bind us to mindless Treaties that would cost us dearly in additional taxes to comply with, when there isn’t even a shred of evidence that cost would be of any benefit to us or the world at all.

In my opinion, the various ‘Free Trade’ deals we’ve entered into will eventually be found wanting in the benefits they’re supposed to bring. But as long as ALL the Parties believe we have to import some other countries’ ‘money’ to live, and can somehow get rich by exporting more than we import, then the quicker we find out we can’t, the faster we’ll change to something better. And under Harper we may actually get something ‘better’. Under Trudeau of Mulcair? Never, it’ll go from bad to worse.

We need someone who will stand up to the USA, not cower behind them. We are owed billions of dollars for unpaid energy. Make them pay or shut them down.. we own them.. without our water, energy, oil and gas they are done. time to swing the big stick and bow out of free trade..nothing free about it..just costing us as a country..

time for new blood..anyone is better than the conservative government.. wait forgot in harpers arrogance its now to be called the Harper government.

P Val. You should at least try and get some facts straight. Where do you get the number of billions for unpaid energy???

Without them buying our water, energy, oil and gas we are done. We have no other customers that can take all we produce.

If you swing the big stick at the Americans you are liable to get a shot in the nose,. We are like a flea on an elephants ass with rape on its mind. Very little chance of success.

So, lets start dealing with facts, rather than the first incorrect thought that enters your mind.

P Val …. who did you talk to this time to get the facts for that rant? And exactly what is this ‘big stick’ that you are going to swing? Did you consider who actually ‘owns’ the oil companies, the pipeline companies, the energy transmission utilities, etc.? Without foreign capital, is it actually possible to get Cdn resources to market? What about the millions of workers in Ontario and Quebec that might actually benefit from free trade and a dropping dollar. And as poorly as ‘free trade’ has been administered regarding dimension wood, how will increasing trade barriers assist the forestry industry of the local region? Or are you ‘just guessing’?

Oh, I apologize … I forgot the advice that I was given yesterday … Never let the facts hinder or confuse a speaking point or an opinion.

sorry to step on your post Pal .. I was taking my time composing when you posted .. didn’t see yours until after I hit Post Comment

Here be thy facts :). Jobs lost due nafta 398,837. Money owed bc hydro 265 million. The big stick is to cancel nafta. 6735 canadian companies bought out by usa since nafta.

P Val. Where’s the facts on the billions of dollars owed to us for unpaid energy.???

NMG. I never said there was anything wrong with teaching at Harvard.

My point was that Ignatieff was teaching at Harvard and was approached by the Liberals to run for them as Leader in the last election. He of course returned to Canada, and attempted to fill their wishes, and bless us with his presence in this Country.

After he lost the election, he was granted a teaching position at the University of Ottawa I believe (which is standard practice for opposition leaders, etc; who lose in an election) This position was only good for a year, and therefore, he then returned to Harvard from whence he came.

So even though he wanted to be a great Canadian Prime Minister he didn’t stay very long in Canada. Perhaps no one wanted to hire him.

And in other news, Greece is on the verge of electing a leftist government to get them out of bankruptcy. Lol.

Palopu, it was in the billions but it was overturned by a usa judge ( there’s a shock) and lowered to the 265 million which they refuse to pay to this day.

Closer but still not right P Val. PowerEx, BC Hydro’s power trading subsidiary, AGREED to pay the plaintiffs US$750 million (plus $50 Million in legal fees) to avoid a potential liability of $3.2 Billion.

PowerEx paid the $750 Million to avoid going to court, and face the possibility of paying $3.2 Billion. The US Federal Regulatory Commission found that PowerEx had committed 2,708 trading infractions during the California power crisis.

So pay a few millions to save paying billions was the BC Governments strategy.

The California Utility Company does owe something like $265 million from power it received from PowerEx, however they basically refuse to pay it because of the circumstances surrounding the price fixing with Enron etc;

PowerEx has sold another $3.5 Billion worth of electricity to California since the dispute began.

California is one of our biggest customers.

Eagle1:” I think at this point I’d be more inclined to support Mulclair just to get some fresher more accountable minds overseeing a return to the center for the sake of the middle class, democracy, and the rule of law for the elites.”

The leftist NDP represents the center? Since when? The center has always been and still is Liberal!

“So even though he wanted to be a great Canadian Prime Minister he didn’t stay very long in Canada. Perhaps no one wanted to hire him”


Or perhaps he recognized that teaching at Harvard is one hell of a gig, so why not continue to do it?

I didn’t particularly find him all that appealing as a politician, but it’s utterly absurd to slag the guy for teaching outside of Canada. He’s an academic and I’d suggest an incredibly successful one. He’s almost certainly at Harvard because he chose to be there. I don’t imagine they have a hard time finding qualified people to join their ranks, LOL.

The only thing left about the Liberals is they are always out in left field, God help us if they get in …

The Conservatives, after all the brouhaha of Mulcair and Trudeau, is still the only viable option, IMHO. Wish there was a viable option, but with the other two continually taking one foot out and putting the other one in…..

NMG. Its not about Harvard or him teaching there. Is about the Liberals enticing him to come back to Canada to lead the party, and him accepting.

Seems to me that’s shows a lot of ego to think he could pull it off.

P-Val your right on the money. The USA has bought every industry off any consequence in Canada. They are rolling in profit and we pay them price. To the point were a Canadian cannot buy a home in Vancouver or any other major city in Canada. Yeah and we need Site C to give our power to our friends to the south.

For every American buyer there had to be a Canadian seller. If those industries were so profitable why didn’t the Canadian sellers keep them? BTW, West Fraser, Canfor, and Interfor, have all been buying up US sawmills lately, lots of big ones in the Southeast, and others in the Pacific Northwest. Why didn’t the American sellers keep them, they were all profitable mills? Maybe to the sellers in both instances their businesses were profitable, but not profitable enough (to take a decent return out of, and still keep the plant up to date.)

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