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October 28, 2017 6:03 am

Stage Being Set for Federal Election

Friday, January 30, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Officially, the Federal election is still 9 months away, but the Federal New Democrats   are starting to roll out planks in their election platform.  This week, they announced their support for a 20% tax reduction for small business. Skeena- Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says the idea is supported by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

So if small business gets a tax break, who will pick up the difference? “Large profitable businesses like banks and oil companies that they will pay an interest rate higher than they are paying right now but still remain competitive against the United States or other competitors” says Cullen “We think everyone needs to pay their fair share.”

Cullen says small businesses create jobs “For a small business, a small, but significant drop in what they have to pay to the Federal Government would help a lot, help them hire new people, help them expand their businesses.”

While there has been speculation   a Federal election may be held this spring, ahead of the legislated October date, Cullen says he expects the Conservatives will hold to that legislation, but make no mistake, “it is game on”  as anyone would have noted if they watched question period this week “Clearly everyone is starting to stake out their territory.”

Cullen says other planks in the NDP platform  include, affordable $15 dollar a day childcare, $15 dollar federal minimum wage, investments in manufacturing and value added, help for small business, clean energy, and being supportive of the provinces and the healthcare systems.


The New Deception Party is at it again. Pretending it’s ‘for’ small business by offering a 20% tax reduction on incomes that are generally too small nowadays to pay any significant amount of tax on anyways. Why doesn’t he offer small business a Federal tax credit to offset the ever rising amount of property tax they’re being charged? That would be far more meaningful, but completely out-of-tune with the NDP’s ‘real’ agenda, which is the elimination of the independent producer. Socialism is no more than the epitome of big business. Monopoly state capitalism with continued control by finance.

Harper already Is spending our tax dollars posturing for the election with wasting 7 million on anti pot ads.

No more Jack Layton means a relegation to fringe party status for the NDP.

What needs to stop is the payment to the parties after the election. Not sure what the price is this time but as long as the party gets enough seats they get money from us for each vote they get. So we pay for the election twice with our taxes. How stupid a system is that.

Giving money per vote, supports parties that the big money doesn’t. I’m all formgetting rid of corporate donations and union donations. If you believe those with the bucks should call all the shots, monopoly capitalism will be the only party.

govsux, the big bucks already dictates what our government does. we have a dictatorship now.

along with getting rid of this pay for votes is “towing the party line” that negates the elected official voting for whats best for their voters. if they dont vote how they are told then their time in the party is as a back bencher with no chance for advancement in the party… that has ruined the true representation of the area.

Govsux but you are okay with NGO greenblob giving unaccountable donations?

I don’t have a small business, so there is nothing there that interests me. Although I will make sure the NDP don’t get my vote because Mulcair wants to bring back the gun registry.

Can anyone see Thomas Mulcair as the prime ministers of Canada ? I get annoyed as soon as he opens his mouth. He has no problem with shooting back when his butt is on the line but God forbid if our troops return fire in the battle field.

There was only one leader that the NDP had that may have had a shot of being the Prime Minister. That would be the late Jack Layton, he had charisma and the smarts.

What do I think of Trudeau, well, I see him not much different than his old man. He will be bad for the west. Justin will not want the west to thrive, he will do everything he can to starve us out, and Quebec and Ontario will be doing great.

Harper, I’m not a big fan of him, but he is the best of all evils. He may lie to us, but all politicians has to disappoint someone. He is not very charismatic, but he still gets reasonable respect on the world stage. He may be a bit of a bully, but I guess most repeat leaders kind of get cocky. The only thing he has got going for him is, everybody remembers Pierre, and we have too much debt to have the NDP in power.


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