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October 28, 2017 5:58 am

Winter Games Will Mean Parking Changes

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 @ 3:59 AM


Parking restrictions and road closures for the duration of the Games – image courtesy City of Prince George

Prince George, B.C. – The 2015 Canada Winter Games have been years in the planning,  and now residents of Prince George will have to plan where they would like park if they  are doing business or attending Games activities in the downtown area.

Looking at the  map  above,  ( click on image to enlarge it),  the  area that will  be considered the Athletes Village is outlined in the  bluish green,  roads that will be closed to vehicular traffic have been marked in yellow,   there will be parking restrictions along the  areas marked in orange and  three  parking lots (marked in blue)  that used to be open for public use, will be  specifically  set aside for Canada Winter Games Use.

P1- behind the  Wood Innovation and Design Centre, will be  used by Canada Winter Games folks

P2- on the east side of the old Days Inn, will be the transportation hub for the Canada Winter Games, so shuttle buses, pick up  and drop off  will be happening in that area.

P3- next to the Four  Seasons Pool,  will be closed to traffic so it can be used  in conjunction with  the Canada Games Plaza

There is another “blue block” behind the old  RCMP building that  will be used by  those  using the old RCMP building as part of the operations centre  for the Games.

About 14  regular monthly  parking  pass buyers had to be relocated from their regular  sites for the month of February and there are some other parking restrictions “Typically in front of hotels” says Heather Andreychuk, City of P.G. Supervisor of engineering Services.  Parking is also restricted  around the full  block of the  Days Inn  says Andreychuck, as well as  on  the east and west side of George Street in front of the Ramada “We will have signage up  saying no parking, bus only, so what it is,  is for all of the buses, motor pool and coaches  that are going to be transporting people back and forth”. And before  you think  the City will be all warm and fuzzy during the Games and will forgive  an indiscretion, bylaw services will be enforcing those  restrictions.



OH I can’t wait to read what all the whiners will have to say about this…..

Now this is a more detailed description of why the roads are closed and restricted. Unlike one other media in this town that only posts half the story which has caused some negative comments.

notice they consumed a section of Victoria street. isn’t that a provincial highway.

Consumed? Lol. It’s not closed so who cares.

doesn’t affect me at all… I avoid that area anyways…. so rock on Winter Games… build up your debt…

What does it mean for the area in blue to be considered the athlete’s village?

When do these parking restrictions and road closures come into effect?

He Spoke. Victoria St., is Highway 16 West. You will see the Hiway Logo in the upper left hand corner of the map. At the juncture of 4th and Victoria.

Victoria St. is only the boundary line of what they are calling the Athletes Village. There will be no restrictions on it.

The words under the map indicate that parking restrictions and road closures are in effect for the duration of the games….

The Canada Winter Games run from Feb 13 to Mar 01…. In Prince George

Athletes Village mean this area is set aside primarily for athletes and it is where they are going to live and hang out.
for the duration of the Games time they have more rights there than the citizens of PG do.

bcracer: “for the duration of the Games time they have more rights there than the citizens of PG do.”

What a completely bogus statement.

I guess the lesson here is simple. Don’t go downtown unless your visit somehow involves the games.

I hope all the downtown merchants are down with this plan ;)


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