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October 28, 2017 5:59 am

Parking Changes at UNBC

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 @ 3:40 AM

Prince George, B.C – A more convenient parking system is coming to UNBC.

New dispensers will be located inside the school and will accept alternative methods of payment including cash, credit cards, and meter extensions via telephone (previously they only took cash).20150128_104000-1-1

The change comes as many of the parking meters are currently in need of repair which has led to the complete closure of the machines since November.

Though some of the meters are still functional, UNBC’s manager of security and risk management opted to shut them all down due to safety concerns.

“The safety reasons being that with the snow and bad weather I didn’t want people pulling up to one meter and then having to drive or walk to find another meter that was working, having people slip on the ice, causing traffic jams,” says Sarah Elliott.

She attributes the issue with the meters to wear and tear noting “the ability to purchase parts and to actually be able to repair them” are behind the problems.

Elliott admits closing all the meters has created “a revenue issue” for the school but adds “safety was the first regard” in the matter (she didn’t have an estimate on how much shutting the meters have cost UNBC).

She also admits closing the machines have caused a few headaches.

“There have been complaints because we have different parking up here for employees and students and people that have purchased passes versus those that obviously pay at the machines. So obviously there is some disparity which we’re looking to rectify.”

Elliott says paid parking will go back into effect (for the functional machines) next week and notes the new machines will be unveiled after the Canada Winter Games.


Sounds like they are lacking in the planning department.
Good thing they are not trying to operate a business which HAS to make a profit.


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