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October 28, 2017 5:54 am

Goldfish Threatening Dragon Lake says Councillor

Sunday, February 8, 2015 @ 5:30 AM

Quesnel, B.C. – There’s something fishy going on in Quesnel and it has the potential to have a negative effect on the local economy.

City councillor John Brisco says it has to do with a recent increase in goldfish in Dragon Lake which he says he started noticing last season during his daily paddles around the lake.

Quesnel City Councillor John Brisco - photo courtesy City of Quesnel

Quesnel City Councillor John Brisco – photo courtesy City of Quesnel

“Actually on a couple of occasions I saw schools of what looked to be koi, like up to a pound, or maybe even bigger.”

He said it prompted him to do a little research and was startled by what he learned.

“The fact is they will eventually outcompete the rainbows (trout) in Dragon Lake for the food sources, not to mention the rainbows spawn and the carp will eat the baby rainbows and the rainbow eggs.”

Brisco fears that will eventually end “our incredibly important rainbow fishery” because the government will have to kill all the fish in the lake.

He says that’s likely a ways off but notes the impact of the rainbow trout fishery is big in the area.

“It’s a massive tourism resource. We have up to 20 pound fish in the lake. And part of the lake is within city boundaries.”

Brisco says the trout attract people from the United States right through to Europe which means they’re spending money on accommodations, food and gas.

Before the problem reaches epic proportions he says it’s important to get the word out about invasive species.

“You know fish aren’t pets, but people think of them as pets so they pour them into a lake. They’d be better off to give them back to the pet shop or just plain exterminate them but don’t put them in our native lakes.”

Brisco warns if people don’t listen their actions will have consequences.

“The size of fish in Dragon Lake will diminish. If they (tourists) keep coming and the size of the fish they’re catching is getting smaller and smaller and there’s fewer of them – they’re going to stop coming.”


Funny, people have to be educated even with the most simplistic things in life. Common sense isn’t very common.

The Koi were coy? :)

Too bad there is no cure for stupidity.

The Goldfish that ate the Dragon…

Anyone with a garden pond would pay for those koi. They are a carp so you should be able to fish for them.

Are there baits or lures that carp will go for that rainbows will ignore?


It seems that carp are sensitive to frequencies between 750 and 1500 Hz, which they dislike, while rainbow trout are not. It is therefore possible to drive carp selectively into nets.

I’ve seen the freshwater fisheries society pull hundreds of rainbow brood stock out of that lake in a single day, perhaps leaving the big breeders in the lake and establishing a maximum size limit for rainbows will help decimate the gold fish.

From what I understand colinkj the rainbows in Dragon do not reproduce. Am I wrong? I believe they are Pennask lake and Blackwater river rainbow that are GMO and called duploids or triploids, (unable to reproduce) if I’m not mistaken. Whoever released the goldfish should be locked up.

Trout, like people, are normally diploid, meaning that they have two copies of every chromosome. Triploid trout arguably have some advantages over diploid trout such as living longer and having lower post-spawn mortality, but the main thing is that they are unable to reproduce and so can’t contaminate the native gene pool.

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