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October 28, 2017 5:57 am

Gas Spikes

Thursday, February 5, 2015 @ 1:00 PM

gas1099bPrince George, B.C. – While there are still several gas stations flirting  with  the price of  regular unleaded just  below the $1 a litre mark,  a significant number of stations have jumped  well over the psychological barrier and are offering a litre  of regular for nearly  $1.10.

Costco in Prince George  was offering it’s regular unleaded for 90.9 cents  a litre this  morning,  making it the  cheapest gas in the Province.

Interesting to note that  two  gas stations in Vanderhoof were offering  regular unleaded for  92.9 cents a litre.

A barrel of crude was  trading for about $51 dollars U.S. over the lunch hour, that’s up from the morning’s opening of  just over $48 dollars US.



People that don’t have a Costco card should get one. The cost of the card will be paid for in no time with the fuel savings.

The local stations have had enough of beating each other up trying to compete with Costco.

I think Costco is going to get a lot more busy.

Viva Costco gas!


wow, this is how badly we are getting gouged by the government and the oil companies.

Governments stated the drop in oil is costing them billions, so have a chat with oil companies and refineries smile and give the green light, you won’t hear a beep from us :)

costco diesel – any update?

I’m all for letting the oil companies charge whatever they want for their product. But I want to see all government subsidies ended beforehand.

Welcome to Gouger City. Gas 109

Quesnel 103
Ft St John 104
Smithers 98
Kelowna 104
Kamloops 102-104
Costco Kamloops 94.9
Merritt 104
Victoria 96-102.

HAHAHA – PG has had some of the lowest fuel prices in the province for awhile now and historically has been below provincial average (even before Costco) and one day it jumps up and we are “gouger city”?

I wonder if the whining would stop if it was free?
Probably not, its still such a bother to pull in and pump it.

There is still, no real legitimate reason for the gas prices to jump like they do here in Prince George. The fuel is not trucked up from Burnaby, where the oil comes in from Albert via the Trans Canada pipe line. So who cares that there are the possibilities of a strike in the US by oil workers? This is Canada not the US, the barrel prices haven’t jumped up that much to warrant this kind of gouging, and gouging is what it is nothing more nothing less. Prince George (regardless of what some people think) has from my observation, always gouged people days before holidays and long weekends. Nothing justifies a 14 cent increase in gas prices in 24 hours. It’s just thieft,hiding in plain sight and most of the local stations are guilty of committing it.

Thank you, COSTCO. We’ve been gouged on gas prices for years – it has been a pleasure to see the “other” gas stations actually competing for our custom – of course, there was never any unwritten agreement among gas companies over pricing – it was just coincidence that EVERY gas station in the city had exactly the same gas price – to the tenth of a cent. NOT!

The big oil companies have always gouged us here in Prince George, and now with the winter Games coming they probably thinbk that they can continue to gouge us even more. There is ZERO legitimate reason for this increase other than padding profits! In fact the wholesale price of gas on the futures market has remained pretty stable after hitting it’s lows in early January.
Here is what I have done personally to send a small message with my own gas dollars…I had noticed some years back that it seemed like Petro Canada which is owned by Husky, and in turn is owned by a Chinese Multi Billionaire, was always the first to bump their prices by significant amounts when prices were headed up, and they were always the laggard on the way down. I decided that I would never ever under any curcumstances buy gas from Petro Canada. Perhaps all of you can pick your own target and do the same thing. But if we all boycott Petro Canada they might finally get the message!
Oh, and be glad we have Costco Gas here…or we would have the highest prices in the Province today!

Amazing how prices drop 1 cent at a time but go up a dime or better at a time… I can see it back up above what is was before Costco, by Easter….
Mackenzie junction is selling gas for less than in PG (and I am not talking Costco)and it has to be trucked there, thus more cost…so yes I think there is some major skullduggery going on amongst the Gas companies….
could it be they are going to cash in on the Winter Games visitors?????

Interceptor, You have to go beyond the price at Costco to see the Gouging.

Prince George has historically been between 8 and 10 cents a litre higher than other areas in the Province. This even though there is significant less transportation costs involved.

Even as we speak with the exception of a few stations PG is trying to charge the highest prices ,.

Don’t use the Provincial average unless you are prepared to make allowances for transit taxes etc on the lower mainland, and take into account transportation costs.

More to gas prices than the price you see at the pump.

Gouger City it has always been, and Gouger City it is.

I am SO GLAD that Costco gas is here–what an eye opener. Really no excuse for it to be over $1.00!!!

I have to agree with Palopu, we used to be one of the high price leaders in the Province for gasoline BEFORE Costco started selling fuel.

Either Intercepter is relatively new to P.G. or he can’t remember what he ate for breakfast yesterday morning!

We used to have rallies to find out why prince George always had the highest gas prices, the refinery was right here so it was not the shipping cost. Peoples memories are so bad. Right on Costco we have had it stuck to us for too long not to forget what really happened here in pg.

Either Intercepter is relatively new to P.G. or he can’t remember what he ate for breakfast or lunch today.

We are not entitled to lower gas prices. We are also not the center of the universe. Gas prices have spiked throughout Canada.

Suck it up.

They are pumping so much fuel at Costco IMO that the hand fill nozzles are wearing out and will have to be replaced every week. Pass that on to Petro Canada.

Gas prices in Calgary has also jumped by about 20 cents over the last couple of weeks. There is no real reason for such a huge increase at the pumps. But then again, do the oil companies need any major reason to raise the prices? I believe, and so do others, that oil companies do not need any real reason to raise the prices. They raise it for a variety of reasons:
Cost of crude oil increased
Increased demand for gas
The Loonie lost value
The Loonie gained value
Fire at an oil refinery in Canada
Fire at an oil refinery in the US
The type of gas we sell at different times of the year
Turmoil somewhere in the Middle East
A strike may occur at some oil refinery
Need to recover losses they incurred
A hurricane or major storm anywhere
Volcano activity somewhere
Supply disruption somewhere
US oil reserves are increasing
Plus others that I cannot remember

Pick a reason they had stated over the last few years. Their reasons do not need to make sense since no holds them accountable for their price increases. People depend too much on their vehicles and will pay what ever they charge. There is no other product on the market where we are so held to price with nothing we ca do about it, other then drive less and buy more fuel efficient vehicles and the majority of the people refuse to do that.

There is only 1 thing we can do. Whine and pay the price.

There is only 1 thing we can do. Whine and pay the price.


Or, start using less of it.

I say we stop handing out the government subsidies and let the market sort itself out. Let those that use the most, pay the most.

I, for one, will go out of my way to fuel up at Costco. If not for Costco the gas prices would be much higher, so no matter what I will continue to fuel up at Costco and will only use one of the other gas stations in an emergency situation only.
They gouged us long enough!

Pansy, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you COSTCO and screw the rest, now it’s our turn!

Average price of gas in Calgary 93 cents a litre.

We are getting hosed in Prince George, that is pretty bloody obvious.

Considering that we paid $15 Million in taxes to put on the Winter Games and bring these people to town, one would think we would get a break, but no, they jack up the price of gas to nail the visitors, and of course we get caught up in the increase in prices. Same for any other business that raises its prices.

Welcome to the Winter Games.

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