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October 28, 2017 5:53 am

Anyone For A Federal Election In June ?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

Will we have an election ahead of the set election date of October 19th in Canada. There is a distinct possibility of that given the situation in Canada. Prime Minister Harper knows that the price of a barrel of crude is not about to bounce back in a rapid increase over the next few months. As a matter of fact Citibank south of the border is predicting that oil could fall as low as $20 US a barrel which would throw this country into deficit budget within weeks.

But let’s not stop there.  Back before the New Year, the feds were asking that all nominations for the Conservatives  be done by early  in the new year, remember that’s the reason they gave us as to why  a local nomination meeting had to be held so quickly and why T.J. Grewal couldn’t qualify  because he didn’t have sufficient time in as a member in order to seek the nomination.

Why do you need the nominations done well in advance of the next federal election?  Well there is yet another  reason.

Mike Duffy is set to go to trial in April, if that doesn’t go well, and before a decision is made with respect to his dealings, a snap election would bury that.

The jump by Eve Adams, who by the way will not be missed by the Conservatives or for that matter the Liberals after she has been in their backroom for awhile, will not factor into the mix. The Conservatives are happy to see her go.

So do you go with a fixed election date, in spite of the fact that you have been saying that you are sticking with that date, or do you hope that Canada’s involvement in the war against ISIS  will be sufficient to portray Harper as a man that we want at the helm during these trying times?

Mid June sounds like a great time  to duck for cover, hold a snap election , try and retain your majority , then sit back and hunker down because you’ve got four more years to go, or do you stay around and take your chances?

I’m Meisner and that’s one man’s opinion.


As the wheels keep falling off Harpers bus, the election will be called as soon as possible to avoid letting his conservative supporters know exactly what the CP boys were up to in Ottawa and elsewhere. Revelations are now starting to surface in the National Post that Baird and his fey entourage were quite used to partying on the publics dime in exotic locations throughout the world, thanks to his position in External affairs. And while Eve Adams may not be the prize that Trudeau had hoped for, if she defeats Joe Oliver, she will be a heroine. Meanwhile her boyfriend Dmitri Soudas is the real catch, as the National Post puts, “he knows where all the bodies are buried”. Already he has threatened a Conservative MP via Twitter that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

The Duffy saga will serve to out more stories concerning Nigel Wright, Jason Kenney, and James Moore. The small c conservatives will be shocked, and might possibly have coronaries or stroke out. So yes an early election is in the cards.

Herbster….interesting comment and you’re probably on the money.

The talent pool Harper is drawing on is getting shallower and shallower, note the promotion of Pierre Poutine. If I was Harper I would want an election before the list of quotable quotes from that clown gets any longer.

PS….what I have to wonder about is your statement though “to avoid letting his conservative supporters know….” That is irrelevant, the die hard 30 some percent, haven’t figured Harper and his gong show out by now, they never will. I think he can bet on the never will.

Sooner the better, but the outcome will be the same.

you have a very good point Meisner. I think if Harper wants the helm for the next four years, the idea of a snap election earlier will be better than later.

Dmitri Soudas knowledge might already be in play. Although Eve Adams choice to run against Joe Oliver might seem quixotic, there may be more to the story, that gives her good reason to think she might actually win.


I think that an early election run on the failing economy and the need for strong leadership, is in order. June would be perfect.

The Liberals are so out of touch with reality that they would never be able to get ready for an election by June, plus they are still pouting from being kicked out of the official opposition position.

The NDP and Mulcair are on a merry go round and they don’t know how to get off. They owe Canadian Taxpayers some $2,75 Million because of misuse of funds, and each individual involved has been billed for this money. Average cost per MP involved, $30,000.00. Mulcair has been billed for $400,000.00 I sincerely doubt that the NDP MP’s have any surplus money to pay back the Government, and will have to get funds from the Party, which of course leaves less to spend on an election.

This election will be about the Liberals and NDP fighting for second place. I doubt if very many people in this Country really cares who comes in second. Certainly not the Conservatives as they are shooting for first.

Last election
Conservatives 166 Seats NDP 103 Seats (Mostly Que) Liberals 34 Seats.

Percentage of popular vote.

Conservatives 39.62, NDP 30.63 Liberals 18.91.

As far as Dimitri Soudas goes, the question has to be asked.

Who is Dmitri Soudas ?? and who cares. A few flakey politicians in Ontario will not have a huge effect on this election.

Polling completed in January, which included five national polls surveying over 10,000 Canadians, showed the Liberals leading in national voting intentions for the 22nd consecutive month. But with that lead at its narrowest, and polling at the tail end of the month turning sour, could this month have been the last in Justin Trudeau’s winning streak?


Even if Harper can up his vote, he is far off last elections results. Liberal minority.

You don’t know who dmitri soudas is or what position he held in the harper government ? Or the time frame involving his tenure ? He knows where all the bodies are buryed and little Stevie blunder is running scared .
But that means very little because ITS ABOUT THE ECONOMY STUPID !!!!!

Anybody know what kind of shampoo the shining pony uses?

Probably Berylcream. A little dab will do ya.

Dmitri Soudas falls under the category of **Here to-day gone tomorrow**.

If he and his girl friend are such louts, then I gladly gift them to the Liberals.

Funny how conservatives seem to imply that Trudeau is somehow effeminate. Read this article for a reality check.


Who said effeminate? Myself I was referring to his shallow mind. Hey even an interview on that bastion of journalistic honesty liberal supporting global news asked him about his shampoo.

Love it herbster . I wanted so badly to throw it in their faces . Wright is out . Ray Novak is in . I wonder if he’s still living in Steve’s garage ? It just gets weirder and weirder .

It reminds me of an episode of little Britain . Exept it’s number 10 downing and not 24 sussux .

Herbster , I think they must has read the gay mafia story and are now breathing into a paper bag . A good defence is to attack . That why they try to frame Justin the hetro as a pixxy . The girls know different . My wife knew the first time she saw them and knew which was which . Stupid me , I didn’t believe her . I’ve got lousy gadar .

Dmitri Soudas use to be Harper’s Director of Communications, and was also the Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada, does he have some “dirt” on Harper and the CPC? You betcha!!! Get that popcorn popping, this is going to be soooo entertaining.

Hey , did anyone see which way Baird ran?

Excellent posts Herbster. Right on the money IMO.

Palopu, seems to think moving up the election date would be great to undermine the democratic process in a partisan way. I guess if Harper does that then its just another broken election promise relating to our democracy and accountability.

I think most of what Harper has are shallow unthinking candidates like our local MP Bob (the bomb shelter) Zimmer who stopped in PG on his way to Ottawa to tell us that he thinks the planners are great planners and will come up with a good plan for our economy…insightful and as transparent as he is.

I just hope the ndp and the liberals don’t throw the election in our riding again like they have in the past with nobody dimwits as our appointed candidates.

I think its a given Harper will try to slant the vote in his favor any way he can and in all likelihood prior to the Mike Duffy trial, but not likely before having to face the music for a budget he can not delay until after an election… the longer he waits with the budget delay the worse it will reflect on his economic vision for Canada.

Also if I was Dmitri Soudas I would be thinking about good life insurance. He will likely need it with what he knows and how it could comes into play during the next election. If anything happens to him then that would be a huge red flag as to where this country is at with the Harper government.

Bob the bench warmer . BTBW . Has he ever said anything in the house ? If he did , it must have been riviting .

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