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October 28, 2017 5:52 am

Northern Gateway Donates $250,000 for Online Learning at CNC

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 @ 12:00 PM
CNC president Henry Reiser & Catherine Pennington, senior manager of Community Benefits and Sustainable Development at Northern Gateway - photo 250News

CNC president Henry Reiser & Catherine Pennington, senior manager of Community Benefits and Sustainable Development at Northern Gateway – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Northern Gateway has provided a big boost to educational programming at the College of New Caledonia.

Announced this morning, a $250,000 donation will go towards CNC’s Digital Delivery Initiative (DDI) – a program which will allow students from rural, remote and Aboriginal communities take classes in their own northern communities.

“It’s not online learning, it’s synchronous, instructor led instruction where groups of students can be cobbled together and form a class in the province anywhere in the north, anywhere in the world,” says CNC president Henry Reiser.

“Our goal is to have six classrooms and have a presence on everyone one of our campuses.”

He says the project is going to take about three years to roll out which they’ll initially pilot with university transfer business type courses, followed by laboratories, practicums and finally trades training.

“This is a very exciting day for us announcing our support of your vision to enhance educational opportunities and really outcomes for rural, remote communities,” says¬†Catherine Pennington, senior manager of Community Benefits and Sustainable Development at Northern Gateway.

“Because at Northern Gateway we believe that our project is much more than moving oil from point A to point B. It’s about everything that happens in between. It’s about leveraging economic opportunities for communities of the north.”

Of the six classrooms CNC plans to install, Northern Gateway’s donation will effectively cover the cost of one of them.


3 cheers to Enbridge for this. Ms. Pennington is one smart cookie too and well spoken in regards the pipe project.

This donation is a positive development for education, but we should remember that whether Enbridge is a good corporate citizen in this respect has no bearing on whether the Northern Gateway pipeline is environmentally or economically wise.

While we cannot speak towards their motives for donating a quarter million to our intentionally underfunded public and post secondary education system, could this be just a public relations stunt?

Stock market traded corporations have one primary driving purpose; make money and provide a return on investment for it’s stock holders. Interesting how the Oil & Gas sector receives billions of dollars in government subsidies, then gives a pittance of that amount back in the form of a PR initiative. Get lost Enbridge, we don’t want your dirty oil money or your pipeline!!!


Next up; Petronas LNG providing child development funding as the government cuts back funding in that area.

This is grreat for edcation…
still sounds like a vote buying exercise however.

This donation is ****. CNC is paid for by the tax payers of BC and Enbridge should keep their dirty money. Not all tax payers support Enbridge and CNC accepting this money makes them look like they are accepting a bribe.

Edited for language

I say take anything northern gateway gives, it will be forced through anyways..might as well benifit. Our government is easily bought so let’s get while the getting is good .

Hey Noway but you are okay with unelected foreign funded ngo’s with no accountability doing end runs around our democratically elected government. That is where the dirty money lies from conflict oil interests such as Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia. Has nothing to do with the environment. Protesters, just useful idiots.

Good for Enbridge and CNC.

Much like the daycare money from the school strike I see there will be no shortage of people whining out one side of their mouth while holding their hands out.

Thank you enbridge! Keep on digging.

A donation from the “Keystone Kops”, thank you, just keep your proposed pipeline out of BC.

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