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October 28, 2017 5:51 am

Justin Trudeau accepts Eve Adams and IKEA monkey into Liberal party

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 @ 9:24 AM

Moudakis February 11 2015


and they dig themselves deeper into a hole. No wonder Harper will likely win again.

Highly intelligent rendition!

Really says more about the type of people / politicians that are attracted to, and join, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Eva Adams and Dmitri Soudas parted company with the CPC because they weren’t willing to kiss as much a$$ as the rest of the Harper crowd does.

In my opinion, the CPC has always been a party for people with depth perception problems, which is the primary difference between brown nosers and a$$ kissers. ;)

So what else is new. We have monkeys for the past four years.

Well the real question is, is **Which one is the monkey**

Nice to see the Liberals picking up the Conservative cast off’s. Now if they could just talk Duffy into running for them in the next election.

Perhaps they should re visit the Gomery Commission, just to remind themselves why they are basically out of Government.

I’m with Cluestick, but still think it’s a bad move by Trudeau. I wouldn’t vote for him to begin with but now I question his judgment more than ever.

I don’t think it really hurts the Liberals to tell you the truth. She’s going to have to run to get the nomination, so if she wins, then it will be the members who give her the nod and thus she’ll have party support. If she loses, then Trudeau simply says “the people had their say” and they move on.

In the meantime, they get to acquire information about the Cons that can only help them in their campaign.

At least they acknowledge their scandals. CPC just lies, deflects, and finger points.

Its easy to acknowledge your scandals, when you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Had they not been caught there would be no acknowledgement,.

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