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October 28, 2017 5:49 am

Medals Unveiled

Friday, February 13, 2015 @ 10:25 AM

medals silver

Prince George, B.C.- The medals that will be awarded  at the 2015 Canada Winter Games have been unveiled.

Designed by Lheidli T`enneh Councillor Jennifer Pighin, the medals were  produced by Teck .

Teck is the exclusive  metals supplier for the 2015 Games and for the next three Canada Games over the next 6 years.

Mark Edward, Teck spokesperson delivered a message from his company,  “These Games represent the dreams of all Canadians” said  Mark Edward, spokesperson, “All of us at Teck are proud to be the official metals supplier and  producer of the medals for the Games.”

Medal designer Jennifer Pighin  said  in designing the medal ,  there is a wolf print which signifies that like a wolf,  athletes   require a pack made of  team members, coaches and  supporters.  Below the paw print is the image of a dugout canoe,  which is representative of the many First Nations.  The medal also  features  mountains and trees which are  indicative of the region and B.C.

More than one thousand medals will be awarded during the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

The medals will be on display at the two Rivers Gallery  as of Saturday.


Well done..!


DON’T FORGET about us


Was hoping for more.. Not impressed..looks like a car on the bottom.. Is this really the best design???

P Val.. Maybe you could write the organziers or get in contact with the designer and tell them how they didnt meet your specifications.. Troll..

Like the colour on the background, gives some depth. Very nice Ms. Pighin!

I like the medal design. Looks good. I have a question though: why does everything have to be about the aboriginal culture when we have so many cultures in Canada. Should we not celebrate our diversity in culture?

Northman, name calling because you don’t like my opinion.. Let me guess, low self esteem, you weren’t hugged enough as a kid, still in therapy? If not you should seek some.. Will make you understand and realize people have different opinions.. Kind of makes the world go round.. Will make life easier to take for you.. And you are welcome.

Too funny! It does look like a car at the bottom. Interesting slogan too, “leave your tracks”. I prefer LNT myself.

Yeah… It does look like a car.. On the whole, personally, they could have made it unigue by making it all a native design and put PG on it too. Be the first of its kind then, since they are co sponsoring it and is on their land. I probably get blasted for this, but it would be different and a first

It probably won’t look so much like a car at the bottom from closer up. I suspect that that is an artifact of the distance and perspective in the photograph.

Dang I thought it was a rendition of a grizzly print at first, way off. Wolf makes more sense with 4 digits and they do have a pad which resembles a VW beetle. Mascot is a red fox so the medal would be a nice tie-in to the theme. Nanguz’s print is not much different from a wolf… just a bit smaller

Nice design idea, but I wonder what the wording is on the perimeter and the meaning of it?

English side on left says LEAVE YOUR TRACKS

I think they look great!

“Leave your tracks” in three different languages. “Laisser votre marque” is French for “leave your mark” and I assume the bottom is in Lheidli T`enneh

Yes, the bottom is in Lheidli dialect Carrier.

At the bottom it says: nahk’oh whunulhu’en. nahk’oh means “your (two or more) tracks/footprints”. whunulhu’en means “you (two or more) leave”.

ohhh kewllll nicest thing bout the metals

Hmmmm,I don’t see anything representing other races on the medal. Is it all about natives? No offence intended, just asking.

For people interested in the Lheidli language, there is an on-line dictionary, with audio for many of the entries: here.

I don’t think it’s “all about natives”. There is one element that is specifically Lheidli T’enneh, namely the Lheidli dialect text, and the dugout represents native people in general. The rest is about everybody. So, it is true that there is nothing specifically representing the French or English or Chinese or Sikhs, most of the elements are not specifically about native people.

Darn, thought we were gonna have Mr. PG on it, guess we can’t have everything.
It is beautiful and I am certainly glad one of our own locals designed it.
Jennifer Pighin, thankyou very much!
http://www.jenniferannaispighin.com/ very nice website.

Here’s a higher-resolution image of a medal: image.

I think it is ironic how the theme for these medals are wolf tracks, while our provincial…and I mean provincial…….government engages in a 5 year wolf slaughter program.

lol.. P Val.. I just trolled you. You took the bait hook, line and sinker. You got lots to learn young grasshopper..! 250 ain’t your game anymore..

PS medals still look awesome..!!

northman.. wow.. that makes you happy..good then I glad to help you with your self esteem, fyi, running down others to make you feel better isnt really a cure… but at least you are trying.. keep it up and good luck.. looks like it will be a very long road you are now on..

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